The First Division is the second highest class in Austrian football, after the National League, and is therefore in great demand with all bettors. We present the games of SV Mattersburg, FC Lieferung, and the LASK Linz in our odds comparison. We cover all matches of the 10 participating teams of the First Division. We deliver the odds of the best betting provider for every game day in a compact overview. We recommend a look at the detailed bets and odds history, so you can place better bets and notice immediately if the betting odds change at short notice.

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Are there odds comparisons for Sky Go First League?

Sky Go First League is pretty unfamiliar and probably only Austrian football fans know it. It's interesting though, that all over the world bets are being placed on matches of this league. The reason for that are probably very interesting odds. This fact also gives you an impression of a bookmakers betting portfolio. Many bookies even offer matches of youth teams now. Nowadays many tips are being placed without much expert knowledge about league or teams. Bettors rather rely statistics or are excited by high odds. You need some support though, if you want to play like that and you will find such support in masses online. Many sites advertise through such support for sports betting. As mentioned statistics and odds comparisons are particularly important. When it comes to odds comparisons you should pay attention to some points, however. Sometimes odds are not up-to-date. Additionally you should take a close look at which betting providers are being compared. If market greats like bet365 or William Hill are not represented the comparison isn't very significant. Of course you will also find odds comparisons for Sky Go First League matches. We at bettingformat also offer such an odds comparison. Our odds comparison is complemented by current statistics and supportive analyses.

What do you need to pay attention to at odds for Sky Go First League?

The fact that Sky Go First League is rather unfamiliar makes it particularly interesting for sports betting fans. This is mainly due to the fact that some bookies aren't as accurate with their odds for games of this league compared to matches of bigger leagues. With a little bit of luck this can result in very high odds from time to time. The wheat is separated from the chaff regarding special bets in particular. In order to find such odds you should consult a reliable odds comparison. In the best case such a comparison contains a big number of bookies. Especially regarding odds it's important to take some more time to analyze your betting tip beforehand. In the long run such minor details make the difference.

Which betting provider has good odds for Sky Go First League?

Austrian football plays a pretty small part in European comparison. One reason for that is the small size of the country, another reason are also some failures in the past. One could mention factors like infrastructure and youth programs. For some years now Red Bull Salzburg has been working much better in these areas and their success in the last couple of years justifies that. Now also some other clubs have started to work more professionally. Apart from Salzburg hardly any other Austrian team has been playing a big role in Europe Cup, however. It's even harder for the clubs of Sky Go First League in Austria. They lack powerful sponsors, media attention and the stadiums are also far from being filled. If you take a closer look at the league, you can still note a positive trend. Some traditional clubs have established in the league and make it more and more attractive. Additionally there will be an exciting league reform in 2018/2019. This makes Sky Go First League interesting for some betting providers, especially for those that focus on Austrian football. First of all the Austrian providers Interwetten and Bwin need to be mentioned. Both bookies score with a good program for Sky Go First League matches. Additionally both are top regarding odds for Austrian leagues. Another exciting betting provider for Sky Go First League is bet-at-home. This betting provider was founded in Wels in Upper Austria and they have a solid betting portfolio and above average odds. In order to keep an eye on all odds, you should always have an odds comparison at hand. We at bettingformat provide an extensive odds comparison for Sky Go First League. Additionally we publish the newest statistics and provide extensive analyses.

Which betting tips for Sky Go First League have especially attractive odds?

You can easily get dizzy when looking at the different betting opportunities. For top matches there are often a couple of hundred different betting possibilities. You need to be quite experienced if you want to be able to correctly evaluate all tips and odds. There is always the simple form of the 3-way-bet, however. Such betting forms are also the most popular ones for Sky Go First League. This is not only due to the simplicity, but another reason for that is the appeal of odds. You will also get very attractive odds for long term bets. This bet will become even more popular in 2018/2019. As mentioned a new playing mode will be implemented then, which will produce one promoted team, but three descending teams.

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