Odds Comparison for Austria's tipico Bundesliga

You’re here because you’re a fan of Austrian football. We’re here because we want to help you find and place the most lucrative bets possible. On this page, you’ll have an overview of all the current betting lines from up to 75 bookmakers accepting bets on Austria’s top football league. Austria’s Bundesliga – officially known as the tipico Bundesliga for licensing reasons – was established in 1974. As of the 2018/2019 season, the league has expanded from 10 to 12 teams. The top 12 teams face each other in a home and away format before being divided into two groups: the top 6 compete for the league title whilst the bottom 6 must fend off relegation to the second tier. In addition to the odds comparisons on this page, our in-house experts provide you with results predictions, betting tips and analyses for selected matchups. In the following sections we would like to explain how the odds comparison feature works, which games receive an odds comparison and when you should pay particular attention to the odds. Read on to learn how it all works.

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Topics covered in this article:
  1. How does Bettingformat generate an odds comparison for Austrian football matches?
  2. Which matches receive an odds comparison?
  3. Good times to check the odds
  4. Importance of an odds comparison
  5. The right time to strike
  6. Long-term bets
  7. Conclusion
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How does Bettingformat generate an odds comparison for Austrian football matches?

We collect data from bookmakers who accept wagers on the tipico Bundesliga. Depending on the allure of the match, there can be over 70 bookies offering betting lines. Our odds comparison feature automatically arranges the bookmakers’ offers according to the most lucrative odds for you. Our information is updated in real time, so you will always have an overview of the current best odds.

Every bookmaker on our site has undergone a rigorous vetting. Click the button below to see how they stack up side by side.

Which matches receive an odds comparison?

We provide an odds comparison for all matches between the 12 teams in the tipico Bundesliga. The first half of the season is a home and away round robin, so that’s 22 matchups to get the ball rolling. The league is then divided into two tables of 6 teams– an upper which competes for the league championship and UEFA Cup positioning and a lower table that fights tooth and nail to avoid the stigma of relegation. Whatever external factors are motivating a team, our odds comparison feature tracks betting lines with unblinking objectivity. When you couple our odds comparison feature with our expert analysis, you’ve got a one-two combination that’s an indisputable knockout.

When is the best time for an odds comparison in the tipico Bundesliga?

The hot phase in the Austrian Bundesliga kicks into gear when the 12 teams have been separated into their two divisions and the race to the championship begins in earnest. This final sprint typically happens in the middle or end of March. Betting on Austrian Bundesliga matches is almost always fun because the tipico league is quite small. With just 12 teams pressing for the title, the squads get to know each other and it’s often less than congenial. When it comes to grudge matches, bookmakers have a hard time settling on betting lines. That’s where our odds comparison will come in very handy – you’ll see the offers from up to 75 bookmakers. One of them will surely have odds that smile at you.

Red Bull Salzburg Fans Salzburg fans dare you to bet against them | GEPA pictures/ Christian Walgram

Why should I compare the odds for Austrian Bundesliga matches?

In a word: money. The number of sports betting providers has exploded in recent years. It can be difficult to find a good bookmaker in such a dense jungle. That’s why we’re here – we have vetted dozens of bookmakers on eight crucial points in order to ensure you a pleasant wagering experience. What is more, our odds comparison feature objectively presents the current best betting line front and centre for your convenience. If you are not fully satisfied with your current betting provider, we encourage you to follow the links below to help you find a new, happier arrangement.

When is an odds comparison for the tipico Bundesliga particularly worthwhile?

The best time to consult the odds is shortly before you place your bet. Many things can happen from the end of the previous game to the final few moments before the opening whistle blows. Perhaps injuries, illnesses or suspensions have afflicted one of the teams. When this happens, bookmakers will adjust their odds accordingly. Because our odds comparison feature updates in real-time, when a bookie changes their odds, it is immediately reflected here on our odds comparison page for the Austrian tipico Bundesliga.

Are the odds for long-term bets compared?

We love long-term bets here at Bettingformat. From outright bets such as eventual champion to puzzlers like top goalie, long-term bets add distinct flavour to a football season. However, due to technical reasons, we currently do not track and display bookmakers’ long-term betting odds. If you are interested in such wagers, we recommend you peruse several of the top bookmakers on our site. You’re sure to find something to your liking.

Conclusion – final thoughts on odds comparison for the Austrian Bundesliga:

Bettingformat provides you with a devastating one-two combination to help you achieve gambling success in the tipico Bundesliga. Your lightning-quick left jab comes in the form of our Bundesliga betting tips. Deliver the knockout right hook by finding the best odds here on the odds comparison page. Our reports are impartial, data-driven and wholly free of charge. As always, GOOD LUCK!

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