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The German Bundesliga is one of the world’s most prestigious and popular sports league. Accordingly, we here at Bettingformat proudly present you with our odds comparison feature. We continually compare the betting lines of 70+ reputable bookmakers and display the best price-to-payout ratio at the top of the list. You’ll never again have to click from website to website searching for the best offer. The Bundesliga has been delivering top soccer action since 1963 and this year looks to be no different. Eighteen teams compete for the title of league champion. For big names, FC Bayern Munich is the first name. This perennial powerhouse has won the league title an amazing 27 times and they don’t look they want to stop. Bayern has no time to rest on its laurels as longtime foes such as Borussia Dortmund, Schalke 04 and Borussia Monchengladbach look to overthrow the kings. What follows on this page is an overview of our odds comparison feature. Here you will find answers to some of the frequently asked questions about placing wagers on Bundesliga games, specifically how and when to use the odds comparison to your advantage.

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  1. How does Bettingformat generate the odds comparison feature?
  2. Which Bundesliga games are covered?
  3. When should I check the odds comparison page for Bundesliga games?
  4. Are there any teams whose odds I should really focus on?
  5. When should I use the odds comparison feature?
  6. Long-term bets
  7. Conclusion

How does Bettingformat generate the odds comparison feature?

Due to the popularity of the Bundeslinga, bookies don’t waste anytime offering a wide variety of betting markets. When you refer to our odds comparison page, you’ll know that the 70+ bookmakers listed have been thoroughly checked and are trustworthy operations. As soon as the bookies have published their odds, our odds comparison system continually arranges the results with the best price-to-payout options are clearly displayed at the top of the list. The betting lines are in a constant state of change, so be sure to check the latest bookie offers before placing your wager.

Which Bundesliga games enjoy the benefit of the odds comparison feature?

We have good news for the die-hard fan and the odds-savvy professionals alike. Our odds comparison feature extends to all games in the German Bundesliga. That’s right, 34 hard-fought matches from season-opener to the final contest, we are proud to give you access to the most-current betting lines on offer from over 70 reputable bookmakers. As the season nears its end and relegation takes its toll, you can bet we’ll keep a close eye on the exciting decision-match to see if the 16th place finisher can hold its place in the top-league or if the third-place team from the second-tier can unseat them and join the ranks of the top-league. There are literally millions of Euros on the line for this matchup, so be sure to watch the betting lines carefully to find your best price-to-payout option.

Renato Sanches FC Bayern Bundesliga Head up and eyes on the ball when it comes to Bettingformat's odds comparison. Photo GEPA pictures / Thomas Bachung

When should I check the odds comparison page for Bundesliga games?

We believe every time is the right time to refer to the current odds. The Bundesliga season kicks off in mid-August and rolls along until Christmastime to give everyone a little break. The action resumes in mid-January, and while the temperature outside is cold, the action and intrigue on the pitch are heating up. Welcome to the so-called Hot Phase. At this point in the season the top squads are jockeying for position in the Champions and Europa Leagues while lower ranked teams are doing their best to avoid relegation. While middle-of-the-pack doesn’t sound very exciting, from a sports-wagering perspective, lucrative bets remain a real possibility. By May, the field of 18 is once again set, opening the door for your long-term wagers and off we go again.

Are there any teams whose odds I should really focus on?

When it comes to the Bundesliga a lot of teams in the densely-packed middle are well worth monitoring through the lens of the odds comparison feature. It should come as no surprise that the world-beaters from Munich are generally heavily-favored at home and the odds reflect that. These are two perfect examples to demonstrate how our odds comparison feature can help you. If the margins on a Munich home-victory are so tight, doesn’t it make sense that you can easily find the bookmaker offering the best price-to-payout deals. It’s your money, make the most of it. We’ve seen the odds get interesting in games featuring Hoffenheim, RB Leipzig, Leverkusen and Gladbach.

When should I use the odds comparison feature?

Short answer - constantly. The odds comparison values are available to you at least a week before any given match begins. As such, we recommend you get in the habit of regularly monitoring the odds over the course of a week in order to gain an overall feel for the flow of odds-making. Keep in mind that over the span of a week, any number of factors will influence the bookies’ odds. When the time comes and you’re placing your bet, experience has shown us that the odds are most settled shortly before game time. The odds comparison is a perfect tool in conjunction with our analyses and predictions for featured games in the German Bundesliga. We feel that there are only upsides to having an overview of betting lines from over 70 bookies automatically arranged by best price-to-payout ratio.

Like you can see down below, FC Bayern is the most successful team:

  • FC Bayern: 27
  • Borussia Dortmund: 5
  • Gladbach: 5
  • Werder Bremen: 4
  • Hamburger SV: 3
  • Stuttgart: 3
  • Kaiserslautern: 2
  • Köln: 2

What about long-term bets for the Bundesliga?

As one would expect, there is an abundance of possible long-term bets available for the Bundesliga. The prophets among us can wager on the outright league victor, top goal-scorer, which teams will be relegated and so on. Owing to this overflow of long-term betting possibilities, we restrict our odds comparisons exclusively to the matches to enhance the reader’s enjoyment of our site. If you are determined to place long-term bets, we encourage you to read your favorite bookmakers to find options to your liking.

Kick-off times of a Bundesliga weekend:

  • Friday, 20.30 o'clock
  • Saturday, 15.30 o'clock
  • Saturday, 18.30 o'clock
  • Sunday, 15.30 o'clock
  • Sunday, 18.00 o'clock


Our odds comparison feature provides you with a comprehensive overview of the betting lines on offer from over 70 reputable bookmakers. The results are continually adjusted, automatically positioning the best price-to-payout option directly at the top of the list. We are fully independent and as such our analyses and odds comparisons are impartial. As always, GOOD LUCK!