Odds Comparison 2019 IIHF Mens's Hockey World Championship

Welcome to Bettingformat’s Odds Comparison page for the 2019 IIHF Hockey World Championship! In this article we will explain everything you need to know about finessing the odds and finding the best bets for the upcoming World Championship. Before we get down to the brass tacks, let’s get a few practical details sorted out. The 2019 IIHF Men’s Ice Hockey World Championship takes place in two Slovakian venues starting May 10th and ending on May 26th. Sixteen teams (14 European and 2 North American) are divided into two groups of eight with the top four finishers from each group advancing to the quarterfinals. The pace of this tournament is breakneck both on and off the ice, so let’s get going!

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Topics covered in this article:
  1. What is Bettingformat’s odds comparison feature?
  2. Which games are covered?
  3. When to start watching the odds
  4. Best betting opportunities
  5. Advantages of odds comparisons
  6. When is the perfect time to compare the odds?
  7. Conclusion
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What is Bettingformat’s odds comparison feature?

We compile the betting-lines offered by all bookies in our portfolio who are accepting bets on the IIHF Hockey World Championship (up to 74 bookmakers). With so many participating bookies, their odds are sure to differ. That’s where our odds comparison feature comes in and saves the day. At any given time, you will always find the bookmaker offering the most lucrative odds. Our listings are updated in real-time so you’ll know when to pounce on the best offer. Along with our odds comparison, we offer free expert predictions and betting tips, particularly when the tournament reaches the quarterfinals stage. If you see a betting provider you’re interested in but not yet a customer with, you can read our detailed reviews of that bookmaker (usually along with attractive new-customer bonuses).

Eishockey Weltmeisterschaft 2019 Deutschland gegen Kanada Quotenvergleich © GEPA pictures GER vs. CAN May 18 2019 - don't miss it! Get your best betting tips from Bettingformat! Photo: GEPA pictures/US Presswire/Kyle Terada

Which IIHF Hockey World Championship games will receive an odds comparison?

Short answer – ALL of them. Our diligent odds comparison feature will evaluate the betting-lines on offer for all 64 games. From the opening face-off in the preliminary games right up to the gold medal game, you’ll never have to jump from bookmaker to bookmaker looking for the most profitable betting odds. Below you will find a Table listing the two groups and their respective venues. Even a cursory glance at the list and one can already see potential betting fireworks. After the 28 games in the prelims, the top four finishers from each group move to the quarterfinals (4 games), then the semifinals (2 games) and finally the medal round (2 games). Add it all up and you’ve got 64 potential nail-biters to wager on!

Group A - Event location: Kosice Group B - Event location: Bratislava
Canada Sweden
USA Russia
Finland Czech Republic
Germany Switzerland
Slovakia Norway
Denmark Latvia
France Austria
Great Britain Italy

When is the best time to start comparing the odds for the World Championships?

Well, since you’re here now, why not scroll up a bit and give the odds a quick look? Any time is the right time to check out the odds comparisons. The odds can and do change like fashion, so you’ll only be doing yourself a favor by staying on top of the latest developments in the betting arena. Just so you don’t lose track, we can tell you the quarterfinals get started on May 23rd at 16:15 and 20:15 Central European Time (CET). The semis drop the puck at 15:15 and 19:15 CET on May 25th. The bronze medal game starts May 26th at 15:45 CET. As for the crowning jewel – the gold medal game – the opening faceoff begins May 26th at 20:15 CET. Place your bets!

  • Quarterfinals: May 23rd 2019 (4 games)
    1A vs. 4B
    2B vs. 3A
    1B vs. 4A
    2A vs. 3B
  • Semifinals: May 25th 2019 (2 games)
    Winner of A1 / B4 vs. Winner B2 / A3
    Winner of B1 / A4 vs. Winner A2 / B3
  • Gold Medal Game: May 26th
    Winners of Semifinals
  • Bronze Medal Game: May 26th
    Losers of Semifinals

Which games promise to be the most exciting?

Whistles. That’s a tough one. There are so many high-caliber teams taking the ice that you could argue that the bookies are going to have a difficult time setting odds for these matchups. We are particularly intrigued to see how Austria will fare this time around. For a nation that bleeds Red Bull, we are expecting a stronger showing from them than they’ve shown in years past. Sweden won gold last year and they’re always a force to be reckoned with. The North American contingent of Canada and the USA reached last year’s semifinals and are poised for another deep run. Of particular betting interest, we think you should know that Switzerland does not run the risk of relegation this year as they are hosting next year’s World Championship. The Table below shows each team’s medal count in the 82-season history of the event. Russia’s 27 gold medals can easily dazzle the eyes, but remember 22 of those came during the Soviet Union era.

Rank Country Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 Russia / Soviet Union 27 10 9 46
2 Canada 26 14 9 49
3 Czech Republic 12 13 21 46
4 Sweden 11 19 17 47
5 USA 2 9 8 19
6 Finland 2 8 3 13
7 Great Britain 1 2 2 5
8 Slovakia 1 2 1 4
9 Switzerland - 3 8 11
10 Germany - 2 2 4
11 Austria - - 2 2

What are the advantages of Bettingformat’s odds comparison feature?

The most distinct advantage our odds comparison feature offers is the ability to see the betting odds that offer you the best price-to-payout ratio available at any given time. Our service continuously monitors and organizes the odds supplied by all bookmakers in our portfolio (74 and counting). The numbers provided by the bookmakers say a lot, but our in-house experts take it one step further by writing analyses, predicting match outcomes and suggesting lucrative betting options independent of any particular bookie. We are beholden to none; we simply present you with the biggest bang for your puck (so to speak). Feel free to jump over to our Betting Tips and read the experts’ take on the IIHF World Championships.

When is the perfect time to compare the odds?

Needless to say, we recommend you check the bookmakers’ odds one last time immediately before placing your bet. The odds can very well change right up until the last second before the puck drops, so stay on your toes. Currently, Bettingformat does not offer live-betting odds comparison, as we feel that would impair the reader’s enjoyment of our content. Because the tournament is quite a short one (only 16 days), don’t expect too much in the way of soccer-style team drama, but injuries and sickness can happen which could dramatically alter a team’s chance for claiming the gold.


In the final analysis, we heartily recommend that you get in the habit of regularly checking the odds here on Bettingformat. It’s your money, so why would you place a bet with odds of 1.70 when you can plainly see another bookmaker offer 2.10? We urge you to spend a little time and investigate the many resources available to you here at Bettingformat. Our years of experience in both sports-betting and reviewing betting providers has provided us with a powerful one-two punch that we cheerfully pass along to you! Don’t forget to check our bookmaker reviews and bonus reviews when you’re in the market for a new bookie or two. As always, GOOD LUCK!

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