Odds Assessment DEL-2 German Bundesliga Hockey

The fourteen teams that make up Germany’s second-tier professional hockey team have laced up their skates and are making their push to claim the title of champion. As one of the fastest team-sports, hockey viewership and associated betting have increased substantially. We’re here to help you get in on the action by giving you full access to our research and our odds comparison. We look at the data and provide betting recommendations for games. Whether it’s the Heilbronn Falcons facing-off against the Dresden Ice Lions or the Kassel Huskies going head-to-head with the Crimmitschau Ice Pirates, you can bet we’re going to compare the odds and present you with our recommendations RIGHT UP AT THE TOP. Each team plays 52 games during the regular season and as a result we get a heap of data we can compare. Read on and we’ll explain everything you need to know about our odds assessment feature, how it can work for you and what you should keep in mind as you place your bets.

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  1. Odds comparison and you
  2. Which games are covered?
  3. When to utilize odds comparison
  4. Teams to watch
  5. Advantages of odds comparison
  6. When to place a bet
  7. Long-term bets
  8. Conclusion
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How the odds comparison can improve your betting chances for DEL-2 games.

Odds comparisons derived from the DEL-2 are not only interesting, but also important for the well-informed bettor. A lot of money changes hands during the course of the season, and wouldn’t you prefer it to come your way? Before we issue an odds comparison for DEL-2, we compare the odds for individual games as well. We search through the betting lines and markets from over 70 bookmakers to find the most attractive wagering opportunities. We then present our findings to you in a clear graphic showing the bookies and their odds. From there, simply click and place your bet. Of course, if you’re not registered with that bookmaker, be sure to enroll and keep your eyes peeled for new customer bonus.

Which games undergo the odds assessment?

We do everything in our power to ensure that every game in the DEL-2 receives an odds comparison. During the regular season, that’s 52 games per team. At the conclusion of the regular season, the top 10 finishers move into the playoffs. The knockout round (seeds 7 through 10) play a best-of-three series. From the quarterfinals on, it’s all best-of-seven. That means you have potentially another 54 games to apply your skill. Owing to the sheer volume of games, it is impossible to provide a betting tip for every single game, but we will certainly provide you with a odds comparison to help you place the winning bet.

DEL 2 Wett Tipps Prognosen und Vorhersagen © GEPA pictures Here you can find all betting tips for the 2nd Bundesliga. Photo: GEPA pictures/M. Engelbrecht

When is the best time to utilize the odds comparison feature?

Well, since you’re asking us, we’d say always and forever. The more frequently you check back in with our odds comparisons and supplemental updates, the more familiar you’ll become with the betting lines. As the season moves into the playoffs, the data will continue to be refined and the betting differences will come into sharper focus. At the end of the day, the more you know, the smarter you are!

Which teams should I keep an eye on in the odds comparisons?

If you’re asking us to tip you off to who we think is going to win it all, we are sorry to disappoint you, but our crystal ball is in the repair shop. We could rattle off a list of all potential winners, but that would simply be all the teams who qualify for the playoffs. This is where the odds comparison comes in handy. As the playoffs hit their stride, bookmakers will often disagree with each other and set radically different odds. This is your chance to swoop in and find the best book.

season champion runner-up
2013/14 Fischtown Pinguins Bietigheim Steelers
2014/15 Bietigheim Steelers Fischtown Pinguins
2015/16 Kassel Huskies Bietigheim Steelers
2016/17 Löwen Frankfurt Bietigheim Steelers
2017/18 Bietigheim Steelers SC Riessersee
2018/19 Ravensburg Towerstars Löwen Frankfurt

What are the advantages of the odds comparison feature with respect to DEL-2 games?

What a wonderful rhetorical question! The upsides are things like knowing exactly which bookmaker is offering the best gaming odds on DEL-2 games, seeing the odds set forth by over 70 different bookies and knowing that the odds are unbiased the best results are automatically directed to the top of the listing. The downside? We’re having a hard time finding a downside to our free service.

How soon before a bet should I check the odds comparison?

Generally speaking, the earlier the better. In the world of sports betting, the best odds for the bettor usually come about very shortly after the bookmakers publish their opening salvo of odds. The stakes are adjusted again just before the game starts, and those changes tend to held the bookie, not the gamer. In the case of DEL-2, however, we don’t expect to see the betting line move too much. One can never discount eventualities such as injury or weather which could affect the gaming odds.

Can I place long-term bets on DEL-2 teams?

We looked high and low, but we just couldn’t find any bookies accepting long-term bets on DEL-2 teams. In our ‘Betting News’ articles we often suggest long-term bets as wells as the occasional prediction of an outright winner, but these forecasts are made without odds comparison. It almost goes without saying, but the earlier you play a long-term bet, the better the payout as the odds are adjusted during the course of the season.

Conclusion and Tips

Utilizing our odds comparisons of the DEL-2 can be a lucrative proposition. Our service is free and we deliver the most attractive betting lines front and center. Check back with us early and often to stay on top of the odds.
Tip: Keep your eyes on upcoming longshot bets. You’ll find bookies are offering very different odds. If you’re going to win on a longshot, wouldn’t you rather it pays out at 3.10 instead of 2.20? As always, we wish you GOOD LUCK!