Basketball EuroLeague Odds Comparison

EuroLeague is one of the most important competitions in European basketball. The league itself was founded in 2000. Every year the men's basketball teams are playing for European Cup trophy. In the year of the foundation of the EuroLeague, 24 teams turned away from the FIBA Europe Cup and started in the newly founded Europe-wide league. For this reason, started to follow the EuroLeague and represents the best odds of each match. In the odds comparison, therefore, the various betting odds of each match are clearly listed, so you have a wide choice in the betting.

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Topics covered in this article:
  1. Creation of the odds comparison
  2. Displaying games
  3. Most interesting time for a odds comparison
  4. Especially decisive odds overview
  5. Importance of the odds comparison
  6. Best time for odds comparison
  7. Odds suggestion for long-time bets
  8. Summary with tip
EuroLeague Betting Tips Here you will find the best betting tips for the EuroLeague. Betting Tips

How is the odds comparison in the Basketball EuroLeague created?

This question is quite justified. On, the individual odds of a basketball EuroLeague game are compared. Bookmakers with the most lucrative odds are then displayed in the odds comparison. These odds can be found either on the comparison page of the matches or in the match analysis.

Which matches of EuroLeague are displayed on in odds comparison?

The odds comparison shows all basketball games of the EuroLeague. If it is possible, we try to pick the most interesting games to analyze the teams. In the course of this, a preview of the outcome of the game is displayed and you get information about the most lucrative betting variants. You can choose from 16 to 24 teams, depending on the season. That teams must first prove themselves in the group stage. So then only the best 8 in the Best-of-5 mode contest the playoffs. The four strongest teams then play the Final Four tournament during a weekend.

When is odds comparison of Basketball EuroLeague especially interesting?

The regular season starts in October and 30 rounds are played. The group stage ended in early April. Shortly after, the playoffs begin. The finals are played in mid-May. Of course, we try to add a Betting Tip to all playoff matches and finals, so you can get a better picture of opponents besides the odds comparison. Interesting for you are the odds of any playoff teams. Do not let anybody fool you. Just look at the other betting markets. The betting odds are usually different and you will bet more. Maybe an odd is suitable as an additional bet?

Team 1: Winner-Team Team 2: Runner-up
Panathinaikos Athen Maccabi Tel Aviv
Olympiakos Piräus ZSKA Moskau
Olympiakos Piräus Real Madrid
Maccabi Tel Aviv Real Madrid
Real Madrid Olympiakos Piräus
ZSKA Moskau Fenerbahce Istanbul
Fenerbahce Istanbul Olympiakos Piräus
Real Madrid Fenerbahce Istanbul

Are there any teams where odds comparison is especially important?

Before answering this question, let us tell you that the EuroLeague is a league with certain starting places fixed. FC Barcelona, Labora Kutxa Vitoria, Zalgiris Kaunas, and Olympiacos Piraeus, for example, have not missed a single season so far. The other starting places are awarded to teams with an A and B license as well as with wildcards. The sporting success on the national and international level is decisive, as well as the size of the sports hall and the media presentation of the club (the sponsor of the EuroLeague wants to make something out of it). For the question who is favourite in this league, we can only say that Panathinaikos Athens has won the most time. Close behind there are the clubs as Maccabi Tel Aviv and CSKA Moscow as well as FC Barcelona, Olympiacos Piraeus, and Real Madrid. The teams of Virtus Bologna and Fenerbahce Ülker have been the least successful teams of Euroleague. It may also be important information that clubs from Greece, Israel, Spain, and Russia belong to the most successful clubs in the EuroLeague. Odds calculation between favored teams is not easy and bookmakers do not always see the same team as winners. You can take advantage of this - how we explain in the following lines.

The agony of choice
As already mentioned, bookmakers are often disagreeing with opinion what teams will win a direct duel. Another time there is often the case that the odds are identical, logically, it is then difficult to find the right and profitable bookie. In odds comparison on, we offer you the overview of the bookmakers with the best odds. Consequently, you are spoiled for choice.

Basketball EuroLeague Panathinaikos Athen Quotenvergleich © GEPA pictures Basketball EuroLeague: Panathinaikos Athen. Out betting tips will also make you happier. Photo: GEPA pictures/Intime

Why is the odds comparison important in the EuroLeague?

So that you do not have to open every single bookmaker site in the internet browser to find the most lucrative odds of each basketball game. Now you have There you will find the best odds of the bookmakers in the odds comparison. Betting odds of over 75 bookies are compared and the most lucrative of them we list for you. Needless to say, that the odds of bookmakers are very different. Hardly anyone will bother comparing different bookies according to their odds. The placement of sports bets is also partly due to a bit of luck, so why should be placing bet a play with a fire? It is only plausible that you want to get something in case of a profit. According to this, the bets should be placed with the bookie, where the odds are the most lucrative. And then comes into play. With you can normally rely on the fact that the bookmakers with the most lucrative odds are always displayed.

When is the ideal time to look at the odds comparison?

The fact is that each participating team also participate in national competitions. Players may injure themselves or something can change in the club. Therefore, it is advisable, one day before match or on the same day of the match to look at the odds of the game again. Often odds are changing during a week. From experience we also know that especially in basketball a live betting offer can be quite lucrative. After all, this is a very fast sport, with many points and a result can change in the last few seconds. That's why it may sometimes be better to keep an eye on the odds during the game and only make a bet when the odds suit you. But if you are very sure that your team will win, we recommend you to place a bet immediately, because often the odds are lowest shortly before the start of the game.

How are the odds in long-term bets?

For long-term bets, we offer no odds comparison, despite all this, you should not despise by these odds. Of course, these odds are the most lucrative at the beginning of the season and changing accordingly during the season. Therefore, it is important to observe the odds for long-term bets or if necessary to place a bet before the game starts.

A conclusion with a tip to the odds comparison in the basketball EuroLeague

Here you are dealing with a tool that can’t be seen that often. The odds comparison makes betting in the EuroLeague a lot easier. You save a lot of time and often it pays off to look at the odds displayed here, to spontaneously place a bet once or to make an additional bet on scoring points or on a victory. The bookmaker market is very large and continues to grow steadily. Keeping the overview is very difficult. Especially the odds are very different. Therefore, we can only recommend you to visit and select the most lucrative odds for a sports bet.

Especially in duels at the same level, odds comparison is particularly interesting. We have often found that bookmakers do not always agree on such games and the odds are very different. In this case, you can place very lucrative bets, because on you can select the bookmakers who offer the best odds on every match.

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