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The Basketball Champions League belongs with the EuroLeague to the group of the most important European basketball competition for clubs. It is organized by the FIBA, while the EuroLeague is organized by the ULEB. 30 nations with 32 - 40 teams play to get the title of the Champions League. For bettingformat.com there have never been even doubts about including the basketball Champions League to the odds comparison. The best teams from all over Europe are facing each other. Consequently, the odds of each duel are particularly interesting. There can be large fluctuations in betting odds, especially because the league is still very young. The first basketball Champions League tournament was held in 2016/17. Therefore, the experience with this league is not that big, which makes a Champions League odds comparison even more interesting. On this page you can learn how you can benefit from the Basketball Champions League odds comparison, which matches are even displayed on a page with odds comparison, when is the best time for a odds comparison etc.

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Topics covered in this article:
  1. Creation of the odds comparison
  2. Displaying games of BCL
  3. Most interesting time for an odds comparison
  4. Favourised teams BCL
  5. Importance of the odds comparison
  6. Najlepší čas na porovnanie kurzov
  7. Odds suggestion for long-time bets
  8. Summary
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Basketball Champions League Odds Comparison - how is it working?

This question is basically answered very quickly. The bettingformat.com automatically compares the odds of the bookmakers of matches of the basketball Champions league. The bookmakers, with the most lucrative odds, are then presented in the odds comparison. You only have to decide with which betting provider you place a bet.

Are all matches in the Basketball Champions League shown in odds comparison?

Let's say this: We will try to display all matches of the Basketball Champions League (BCL) with odds on the comparison page. Unfortunately, we cannot promise it, because we are also depended on the bookmakers and their creation of the betting odds for a Champions League matches. In most cases, it works. The BCL season is relatively long and played from October to early May. In total, 56 games per group will be played in the regular season. The teams are divided into four groups. After 14 games we know the playoff candidates firmly. For each group, the four strongest teams will continue. You can count on that we will display all play-off matches in odds comparison. The round of the top 16 teams will be played in play-off match with replay match. The Final Four matches will then take place on a weekend. Which makes it easier for the players as well as for fans. All these games are supported by a odds comparison, so you end up spoiled for choice.

Is there a time in the BCL when an odds comparison is particularly important?

Comparing the odds of bookmakers with each other should always be important. After all, you want to get something from your money. Of course, an odds comparison at the end of a regular season is particularly crucial, especially if the strongest teams in a group play against each other or it is still about the getting into the playoff. The odds of the bookmakers in the final clashes are always particularly exciting. Often, the bookmakers disagree with the opinion who has the favourite role or how many points total fall. Especially, in this case, it is worth of a odds comparison, because it makes a difference if you win with odd 1.70 or 2.00, doesn’t it?

Basketball Champions League Spanien Quotenvergleich © GEPA pictures Basketball Champions League. The best betting tips here! Photo: GEPA pictures/Panaramic/Gwendoline Le Goff

Which teams will be preferred in the BCL odds comparison?

This can not be said straight. First of all, we have to mention that many national champions from European countries participate in the Basketball Champions League. 26 teams are directly qualified for their regular season because of their sporting successes. Six more teams join them after the qualifying rounds. This means that 30 teams will be fighting for the remaining six places. Which teams belong to the so-called eternal favorites is hard to say, after all, the league started the first season in 2016/17. From experience, we know, however, that Greek teams as AEK Athens or Spanish Iberostar Tenerife are often in the top ranks. Turkish teams as Banvit Banirma should also not be underestimated. We should also count with French teams. And we, in fact, can go on forever, because the Russians also have strong teams etc. The fact is: checking the odds comparison is always worth it.

So, if we had to answer the question, we would say that as soon as teams from the mentioned countries play against each other, bookmakers' odds could be very different. That is why the odds comparison is particularly worthwhile.

For what reason is a odds comparison in the Basketball Champions League so important?

As we have mentioned many times before, the bookmakers often disagree who wins in the BCL. Consequently, the odds are very different. For example, a bookie offers odds of 1.80 on a tip 1 and another bookmaker offers 2.10 on the same tip. Exactly such differences can be seen in the odds comparison on bettingformat.com. If you want to bet, you just have to pick the right bookmaker and place your bets afterward. There is also the possibility that different betting markets are displayed in the odds comparison if they are provided. If that is not the case, what unfortunately can happen sometimes, we will mention the most lucrative betting variants in our betting tips. Whether an odds comparison will be available or not, you can determine when the analysis appears. We automatically compare the odds of the bookmakers and you can save time. This makes betting much easier. Would you bother yourself to make research, if the bookmakers with the best odds are standing directly in front of you?

When is the odds comparison worthwhile?

Odd comparison always makes sense. The odds of bookmakers are always changing and are probably the lowest before a match. That's because most teams play in other leagues as well. For example, if a player is injured, the initial situation can be quite different, which of course affects the odds. Therefore, we advise you to check the odds shortly before placing a bet or before the start of the game. Odds are lucrative probably at the beginning of a basketball Champions League match. That's why it keeps you entertained and you'll get a sense of how the odds in a BCL are developing, whether they're going up or down, or stagnating until the kickoff.

Are long-term bets for BCL matches displayed on bettingformat.com?

We have to answer this question negative - with “no”. On bettingformat.com you will find no odds of long-term bets. If you mean by long-term bets bet tips on the possible champion, group winners etc., the answer is no. Because betting on all pre-games is also considered as long-term bets. However, we can tell you that in long-term bets the odds of bookmakers are usually very similar.

How does our summary of the odds comparison of the Basketball Champions League look like?

As we know from experience, this tool (odds comparison) is almost unique. Rarely you will find on websites somebody who can provide such a clear odds comparison of over 70 bookmakers. All bookmakers represented in the BCL's odds comparison have been previously reviewed. The results of this can be found in the review pages. We can recommend the odds comparison to every user. It makes the betting enormously easier and you can be almost sure that to have selected the most lucrative bookmaker.

Should derbies be played in the Basketball Champions League or equal teams face each other, it is worth to compare odds. Similarly, a odds comparison on possible outsider betting is very beneficial. Take the chance, compare the odds of a Basketball Champions League matches and you will see that you will really fall in love with this feature.

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