ODDS BOOSTS - elevated betting odds

We raise odds for you! We get the best odds offers of the betting providers for you. Therefore we state all currently available promotions of our top betting providers on this exclusive promotion site. Often they are even zero risk bets, which means, that you still get your stakes back, even though the bet is lost! All offers are for new customers only, that register with the respective betting provider via bettingformat!

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What are odds boosts?

Odds boosts are about raising the betting odds over the usual market value or the standard odds, that the respective betting provider has in his program. Sometimes the betting odds can be increased tenfold. Either the odds for Tip 1, Tip 2 or for both match outcome are being elevated. The betting odds for Tip X, a draw, are usually left untouched. such odds boosts are gladly combined with a zero risk bet, which means, that you get your stakes bet, even though the bet is lost.

Odds boosts - that's what you need to be aware of!

You need to watch out for whether the odds boost is a promotion for new customers or for existing customers. Often such promotions are only offered to new customers that haven't signed up with the respective betting provider. So you often are banned from the promotion as an existing customers. Sometimes there are also such odds bossts for existing customers though, so always read the promotion description carefully. Apart from this restriction there are usually further limitations, which often decide, whether an odds boost is interesting or not, namely stakes limits.

The stakes limit

In the first moment one might think - how can it be? - when a betting provider increases the odds for the favourite tenfold. The catch to it is often in the detail though. Usually such offers limit the stakes to 5, 10, 15, and rarely 20€. Despite these limits such promotions can be very interesting. Let's take the example of a past match from the EURO 2016, namely Germany versus Italy in the quarterfinal. One betting provider raised the odds on a German victory to 9.00 and limited the stakes to 5€. Additionally you goz your stakes back in the case of a loss. In the meantime we know, that this duel was decided after a penalty shoot out and so the result after 90 minutes was a draw (1:1). Would you have used the promotion, you would have gotten the stakes of 5€ back on your betting account. So nothing was lost. In addition you would have had the chance to win €45. Even though the stakes limit may often diminish the attraction of the promotion, it's still worth a try, since there is literally nothing to lose - only if "stakes back" isn't offered in the case of a loss. So always pay close attention to the details, or always visit bettingformat, because we summarize all relevant information in compact form for odds bossts.

Which betting providers offer odds boosts?

Currently odds boosts seem to be a new trend regarding promotions. There has been a couple of betting providers like Ladbrokes, or Paddypower, so mainly English bookies, that entered the market with such odds boosts. Soon it turned out that such promotions often trump classic deposit bonus offers and so odds boosts or price boosts, as they are called on the English betting market, got more and more popular and more and more common. Currently almost every big bookmaker has odds boosts. The best and most promotions you can find at William Hill, Netbet, Ladbrokes and Betvictor.