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Nightrush test report – our experience and evaluation

Nightrush is a bookmaker whose name is still relatively unknown in the sports betting world, yet one who, as part of the renowned Bethard Group, is able to benefit from the experience of one of the absolute top companies in the betting industry. Along with Bethard and Betive, Nightrush completes the list of bookmakers in the Bethard Group, which is why, even now, we can reveal that our overall evaluation of Nightrush is very similar to those of its two sister companies, both of whom can also be found in our comparison of betting providers. Not least, this is because of significant overlaps when it comes to betting products, odds as well as user-friendliness, which are frequently very similar to one another or even identical. That said, we would not be performing our due diligence if we were not to assume that there would be at least small differences between the different bookmakers in the Bethard Group, which is why we subject Nightrush to a precise analysis based on various categories, compiling our experiences in a full report.

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Betting Products – Our test discovers a strong selection of available sports

In the “Betting Products” category of our Nightrush test, this bookmaker in the Bethard Group, just like its two sister companies, is able to deliver an impressive performance. With over 30 different sports available, Nightrush is clearly able to compete with the best, while football clearly dominates, as is the case with practically all bookmakers: aside from the top European tiers including the Premier League, La Liga and German Bundesliga, all of which are practically obligatory for any betting provider, at Nightrush we were also able to discover matches within less well-known football associations. For example, you can even bet on matches in Vietnam, Thailand as well as Rwanda. Beyond that, at Nightrush fans with a weakness for bets on amateur teams also get their money’s worth since bets on fixtures in the German Oberliga, the Austrian regional league as well as the Belgian First Amateur Division are all possible. Aside from football, we also came across a number of other sports popular with tipsters including ice hockey, basketball and tennis, as we did some very exotic creatures like Pesapallo (a Finnish version of baseball) and Racketlon (a combination of badminton, squash, tennis and table tennis). Trotting is one of those true classics in the world of betting, while their separate category for E-sports clearly indicates that Nightrush wishes to remain a cutting-edge company. Special bets on elections or social events, along with an online casino area, add the finishing touches to their betting opportunities. In addition to the breadth of sports, we also took a look at the depth of betting markets. In doing so, we noted the better part of 80 different types of bets for top international football matches, which, though this is not necessarily top value based on our experience, still represents a solid showing in the mid-range. Furthermore, in this context we positively underscore the fact that, even in smaller leagues such as the Austrian Bundesliga, a wide selection of betting markets continues to be available. As a consequence, in this category of our Nightrush test we award an excellent and well-earned 19/20 points.

Betting Odds – Nightrush has nothing to hide in our test

Along with betting products, the odds are one of the most important core areas for any bookmaker, which is why we devote appropriate attention to the subject in our Nightrush test. As a member of the Bethard Group, Nightrush is able to offer the same odds as Bethard and Betive, odds which compare strongly on the betting market. For the most part, the payout rate is around 95-96%, which represents a good average value, one which they even manage to outdo for select top events. Especially when it comes to important events in popular sports like football, their odds can quickly skyrocket. Looking at betting markets, we established that some of the most lucrative betting opportunities at Nightrush include results bets as well as three-way wagers. The specific time you place your bet may also have an influence on your winnings: In our Nightrush test report, the odds are especially high right after the first odds and betting markets have been posted. Over time, these odds frequently fall, before climbing strongly again just before the start of the event in question. In summary, it makes absolute sense to place your bets as soon or as late as possible. In their category “Price Boost”, this betting provider shares those current odds highlights with you that promise high winnings potential, which earns this bookie additional points in our Nightrush test. Bottom line: The outstanding odds offered by this bookmaker in the Bethard Group collect them a well-earned 18/20 points.

Live Bets – Our Nightrush experiences attest to a great live-betting area

In recent years, opportunities to place bets in real time on ongoing events have undergone a true boom: Which is why we also took a close look at this increasingly important form of betting in our Nightrush test. Our experiences with Nightrush indicated an extremely wide selection of events that users can bet on in real time. Aside from the most popular sports for tipsters – football, tennis and basketball – when conducting our research at Nightrush, we also came across more unconventional sports such as water polo, cricket and Racketlon. As for betting markets, Nightrush performed excellently here as well: For important events, it is not rare for this betting provider to open as many as 100 betting markets, while even for smaller leagues such as Belgian First Division A and the second Spanish league, around 80 kinds of bets give you a not inconsiderable selection to choose from. Similar to Bethard and Betive, the odds increase significantly the longer the match progresses. Likewise when it comes to design and functionality, we had little to complain about in our Nightrush test: Though the color scheme is not really our taste, especially when compared to the websites run by Bethard and Betive, this is purely subjective and thus does not impact our evaluation. The un-muddled, clearly designed structure allows for intuitive operability, changes in odds are impossible to miss thanks to small green or red arrows pointing up or down. A number of additional features are available for each match, including statistics as well as real-time visualization of the sporting action. As is also the case at Bethard and Betive, this third bookmaker in the Bethard Group offers a partial cash-out option, which we regard as a clear plus in our Nightrush test. In this way, you can receive a partial payout from your current live bets during the game, allowing you to personally determine your openness to risk. However, live streams are not offered, though this does not significantly diminish this betting provider’s otherwise flawless live betting features. As a consequence, in this category of our Nightrush test we award 10/10 points.

Betting Bonus – Tricky betting conditions marred our experiences with the Nightrush bonus

User-friendliness – Nightrush places its trust in the proven concept of the Bethard Group

As we analyze the concept and design of their web presence, it is impossible to deny that Nightrush is a member of the Bethard Group. Aside from the color scheme and a number of small features, the Nightrush website is virtually identical with those of Bethard and Betive, both of which managed to convince us in our betting provider test. Like those of its sister companies, the Nightrush website appealed to us with its understated elegance as well as a clear, uncluttered structure. In our test, we were immediately able to get our bearings and find the offers we were looking for in a matter of seconds. With the help of the menu bar in the header area, users can select between the main categories “Casino”, “Live Casino”, “Sports Bets”, “Live Bets” and “Specials”. If you decide to go to the sports betting area, a column will appear on the left-hand side with a selection of the sports featured on this bookmaker’s website. The category “Most Popular” also presents various top leagues in the world of elite international sport. When you click on one of these leagues, the middle of the page is used to display corresponding fixtures. However, by default the middle section of the webpage is used for live betting, which, with the help of various menu bars, can be subdivided to show various sports as well as times. We feel this is especially striking since it allows you to display a lot of content in a relatively small space. Directly above the live bets in the middle area, various matches can be highlighted. The right-hand side is used for the betting slip, “quick bets” as well as promotions. In the footer area, various links provide information about organizational matters including terms of business, payment options as well as a short profile of the company itself. You will also find the FAQ area here. The color scheme takes a little getting used to since they chose black and blue tones as the dominant colors. Despite this risky color selection, there is still plenty of contrast provided, meaning that the clarity of the website is not adversely affected as a consequence. On a more positive note: When viewed objectively, there is nothing to complain about in our Nightrush test in terms of the website’s structure and design. In contrast to sister company Bethard, whereas we did not discover a separate app, we felt that the mobile version was completely adequate, scoring points, just like the website, for its functionality and clarity. That said, in this category of our test report Nightrush manages to chalk up a very strong 9/10 points.

Payment Options – Our Nightrush test reveals a compact payment selection

When it came to payment options, our Nightrush test discovered a compact offer: thanks to Trustly, paysafecard, Skrill, Neteller, zimpler as well as credit cards VISA and MasterCard, this betting provider in the Bethard Group gives its customers a solid selection of transactions, not very different from their sister companies. The absence of industry leader PayPal was something we had to punish with a one-point deduction. Positive aspects of the site include the fact that this betting provider is very transparent with information about accepted forms of payment, while they also do not charge any fees. On a separate page, even customers who do not have a customer account can learn more about the various payment opportunities. We find this particularly praiseworthy, even though, when we look at their offer in general, the choices are not exactly extensive when compared with the rest of the betting market. As a consequence, as we look at payment options, we award Nightrush a respectable 8/10 points and thus a solid score in our betting provider test.

Customer Service – Nightrush falters significantly in this category of our test

When it comes to customer service, Nightrush lags somewhat behind its sister company Bethard: In the course of our betting provider test, we were only able to discover a live chat along with an email contact form. Further information about support is lacking completely, which leads to a significant points deduction. Similarly, this bookmaker is not represented on the social media, also resulting in deductions for Nightrush. In summary, we feel that Nightrush has the greatest room for improvement in this category of our test and therefore award only 7/10 points.

Professionalism – We note no compromises in our Nightrush test

As part of the Bethard Group, we work on the assumption that Nightrush is no less dedicated to professionalism than its two sister companies, Bethard and Betive. Licenses from the Malta Gaming Commission (mga) as well as the Caribbean island of Curaçao served to confirm that our assumption was correct. However, we did not come across any sponsoring partnerships or similar collaborations with well-known clubs within the scope of our test. While this is not an absolute “must” in our test, it is always a good sign when renowned and established clubs, who have a name and reputation they are not willing to damage, join forces with a betting provider. Nonetheless, Nightrush was more than able to convince us of it serious intentions, which is why, with an absolutely clear conscience, we award them full points in this category: 10/10 points.

Betting Taxes

For tipsters based in Germany, the question of betting taxes is always of great interest. Unfortunately, our Nightrush test has bad news for you: Based on our experience, this betting provider does withhold 5% of your gross winnings if you bet based in Germany. While some bookies even withhold the betting tax on the actual wager – which, based on our experiences, is the harshest variant of all when dealing with these taxes – others prefer not to pass on the betting taxes to customers at all. That said, while Nightrush finds a happy medium in dealing with betting taxes, we always like to see a betting provider absorbing those taxes completely for their customers in Germany.

In Summary – In our test, Nightrush benefits from the strong Bethard Group

As a member of the Bethard Group, Nightrush is able to draw on the experience of a major company, something which is clearly evident in our test. Similar to their sister companies Bethard and Betive, Nightrush performs outstandingly in essential areas such as betting products, odds and live bets. Only in customer service does Nightrush lag a little, though we assume they will make necessary improvements in this regard. Bottom line: Nightrush is able to field a very convincing total package, which is why we assume this betting provider will be able to establish itself in the hotly contested online bookie marketplace. As a consequence, Nightrush manages to earn itself a strong ranking in the upper mid-range.

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