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MOBILEBET Review – Our Test and Experiences

We present our experiences with betting provider Mobilebet in the following review. Shoulder to shoulder with the big names in the sports betting market, more and more supposedly “small players” are drawing attention to themselves: Mobilebet is a prime example of this, making its betting portfolio available to interested users since 2014. As the name suggests, this bookie has specialized above all in mobile betting – betting, anytime and anywhere, is right at the top of this bookie’s agenda. In our Mobilebet test, we discovered that this online betting provider has Scandinavian roots – established by a team that had previously accumulated invaluable experience on the betting market with Betsson. Those attentive sports tipsters amongst you might well feel the Mobilebet betting program looks familiar. No wonder: The company behind the label is Co-Gaming Limited, also responsible for the success of ComeOn – a bookmaker that has already earned a good reputation in the betting community. Aside from the similar color scheme and use of the same program software, our test revealed that both Mobilebet as well as ComeOn are basically the same when it comes to betting products and betting odds. Our Mobilebet experiences also led us to look at other categories we will tell you more about in the course of this review – where we notice distinct differences to their “big brother”. This bookmaker holds a highly regarded EU license from Malta.

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Themen in diesem Artikel:
  1. Betting Products
  2. Betting Odds
  3. Live Betting
  4. Betting Bonus
  5. User-Friendliness
  6. Payment Options
  7. Customer Service
  8. Professionalism
  9. Summary
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BETTING PRODUCTS – Mobilebet presents an ambitious program

We had very positive experiences in our Mobilebet test when it came to betting products. The fact that this is a comparatively young bookmaker that still needs to establish itself in the tough sports-betting business, is something you barely notice in this category of our evaluation. From the very outset, they have pushed towards the front of the pack – though still with room for improvement. That said, a betting portfolio that features 30 different sports is nothing at all to be ashamed of. Aside from the classic sports such as football, ice hockey, tennis and basketball, interested users will also find betting opportunities for fringe sports such as horse racing, cricket and Futsal, to name but a few. Taking center stage, of course, is football, the main reason we focus on that sport in this section of our report. And it is fair to say, this young bookmaker does not disappoint – quite the contrary: Your football bets can be placed in countless leagues and competitions around the globe. Needless to say, Mobilebet’s primary focus is on the top European leagues and competitions. However, even the less well-known football leagues in South America, Africa and Asia as well as lower-level leagues and amateur divisions in England, Germany etc. aren’t in the slightest neglected within the ambitious betting portfolio of this bookie either. With respect to sub-wagers, too, we report positive experiences: Between 50 and 110 betting markets are opened by this sports betting provider per match. This doesn’t quite stand up to comparison with the leading online bookies, though it does cover all of the most important detail bets.

Our Mobilebet test indicated that this bookie’s program not only includes classic sports, but is also open to e-Sports and, above all, virtual sports, with a broad range of betting opportunities available. The transition from virtual sports to the casino offer is seamless, of course. In conclusion, we note that this bookie opens some 12,000 betting markets per week, consisting of over 200 different types of bet. As a consequence, in this category of our Mobilebet experience report we award their ambitious betting portfolio a very respectable 17 out of 20 points.

BETTING ODDS – Our test puts Mobilebet in the mid-range

For many fans of sports betting, in addition to the test category we looked at above, there is yet another very important criterion: the actual level of the odds. Naturally, we don’t intend to hold back on our experiences in this area either – and let us reveal one thing right up front: In contrast to its betting products, with respect to betting odds Mobilebet lags behind the best in the industry in some instances. But that’s no cause for concern: We are not talking about bad odds in the slightest, merely values that are in the mid-range, occasionally even a little better. For the top football leagues such as the Premier League and German Bundesliga, as a rule the payout rates are between 95 and 97%: impressive numbers for such a young bookmaker like Mobilebet. In isolated cases, we discovered payout rates that exceeded 97%. As for tennis and ice hockey, we calculated that the rates in this case are for the most part between 94 and 96%. That means: Tipsters interested in sports should definitely pay a visit to Mobilebet. However, it is rare to encounter absolute top odds from this bookmaker and that is clearly not the goal they are aiming at. Our review showed that this betting provider focused far more on a good payout rate and less so on top odds. In the course of our report, we did not encounter any particular outliers. Our score for Mobilebet in this category: 17/20 points.

Mobilbet Website EN Mobilebet does not only look good on mobile devices - also the website is convincing!

LIVE BETTING – Our Mobilebet experiences show continuous improvement

Live bets are becoming an increasingly important criterion in our comparison of betting providers – which reflects a trend towards in-play bets. Something Mobilebet has clearly recognized as an opportunity and intends not to miss out on. Our experiences with live betting through this online bookie are positive, not least because their offer is very extensive, not always the case with newcomers in the sports-betting industry. As we would expect from a bookmaker that has specialized in the European market, football bets are essentially offered around-the-clock. Top leagues and competitions are joined by youth leagues and less well-known associations from every corner of the globe. Our Mobilebet test indicates that football-crazy tipsters will be taken care of 24/7. Though the quantity of Mobilebet’s offer speaks volumes, the depth of their live betting opportunities isn’t always quite up to the same mark. Frequently, only between 15 and 40 betting markets are opened per match – a number that is definitely capable of improvement. If we ignore football for a moment, we note this dedicated bookmaker gives a number of other sports their dues as well: including live bets on tennis and basketball. Less automatic, which is why we draw your attention to it here, is the option to place live bets on e-Sports, table tennis, golf, water polo as well as beach volleyball, definitely not included in the live program of all betting providers. This constitutes a definite plus in this category of our Mobilebet report.

We also note our positive experiences with the live center which, especially in the mobile version, manages to outdo many of its more established competitors. In particular, we appreciated the option to switch between the classic live betting view and event view. Furthermore, Mobilebet provides a very clear and easy-to-operate live match schedule – guaranteeing that fans of sports betting will never miss an important event. With respect to odds, the in-play sector lies, just like their traditional odds, in the average range. Top values are in no way excluded. Rapid, fair changes in odds further attest to the seriousness of this provider. However, this online bookie does not yet provide live streams – that said, optically appealing visualizations, a live ticker and all other additional information as well as statistics are indeed offered. As a consequence, in our Mobilebet review we award a very worthwhile score of 8 out of 10 points.


Regarding to our Mobilebet review, this bookmaker offers new customers a very well known conditioned betting bonus, including a £ 10 free bet after registration. The only thing you need to do is depositing £ 10 and place your first bet 30 days after opening an account in Mobilebets sportsbook. In this case, a minimum of £ 10 has to be wagered. Afterwards, our Mobilebet experiences showed, that the bonus offer guarantees an additional £ 10 free bet, which you can use for your further betting on the Mobilebet sportsbook repertoire. Mind: Your qualifying bet must be placed with minimum odds of 1/1 (2.00) or higher. After this first bet is played, you will get your free bet one day in the framework of the offered Mobilebet Bonus. Our Mobilebet test also shows, that the free bet tokens are only valid up to 14 days after registration. After this period, if the £10 free bet token has not been redeemed they will become void. Additionally you should be aware of the following information: If you want to cash out your qualifying bet, the Mobilebet test bonus won´t be valid any more. To ensure yourself the best out of the Mobilebet welcome offer, we want to give you detailed information about it in our review.

USER-FRIENDLINESS – Mobilebet does absolute justice to its name in our test

Let’s face it, any provider who takes the field with a name like Mobilebet simply has to deliver! That said, we were especially critical as we took a look at this bookie’s mobile betting opportunities. Spoiler alert: Here, we have good news for all interested tipsters, since this online bookmaker’s fully functional, mobile-optimized versions guarantee first rate betting enjoyment both by smartphone and tablet. When it came to loading times, placing bets, making deposits and receiving payouts, as well as administering your account – here, everything runs like clockwork. For the time being, however, we wish to focus on the “classic” website within the framework of this category: The layout and design of the site makes complete sense and have been thoughtfully considered. In addition, due to the chosen color scheme (black, green, white) the design provides for clear, pleasant contrasts. The menus do not require a major explanation since they are very intuitive: The upper navigation bar is dedicated to the general categories sports betting, live bets, casino, promotions etc., while on the left-hand side of the page you can select from different sports, leagues, competitions, tournaments, or select the category “popular now” as well as a highly functional search function, allowing you to quickly locate individual bets, sports teams as well as players. Also in the left-hand column, you will find the sub-categories “betting rules”, “statistics”, “live results” and “results”, all of which we had great experiences with in the course of our review – here, sports tipsters truly do find all the information they need for their betting enjoyment. Customer service is a little hidden away in the header area behind a button in the form of a question-mark. Overall, the site makes a modern and innovative impression – furthermore, Mobilebet succeeds in transposing its betting offer to mobile devices. As you see, there is not much for us to complain about in this category. For this reason, we award Mobilebet a thoroughly well-deserved 8/10 points for user-friendliness.

mobilbet app en

PAYMENT OPTIONS – In our Mobilebet test, fees left a less-than-positive impression

In contrast to the other evaluation criteria we have mentioned until now, we find ourselves having to be harsher since our experiences in this category were not exclusively positive. Our first point of criticism: Information about payment options and transaction modalities (minimum amounts for deposits and payouts, processing time, processing fees etc.) is only available to logged-in customers. Prior information is unfortunately not available on this online bookmaker’s website – probably for good reason. On your behalf, we scoured for all of the pertinent information: While deposits by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro as well as Entropay Card) are possible, up to an amount of € 250 these are associated with a 2.5% fee. Transfers by means of online banking (Sofort or Trustly) are possible free of charge and instantaneously for deposits of € 10 or more. Transactions to your betting account involving so-called E-wallets Skrill and Neteller are subject to a 5% fee – a major disappointment in our Mobilebet test. On a positive note: PayPal can be used both for deposits and payouts, though transfers to your betting account are subject to those same 5% fees. Your selection of payment methods also includes paysafecard.

In principle, payouts are only possible to the accounts of credit cards, E-Wallets as well as regular banking accounts. Based on our experience, payouts to Skrill and Neteller are generally processed within 24 hours, transactions to credit cards and bank accounts in anywhere from 2 to 7 working days. The lowest possible payout amount is € 20. In summary, we note that we encountered fees that, in some cases, are far too high. Here, this young bookmaker demonstrates clear need for improvement if it wishes to achieve a better score in our test. Currently, these less-than-ideal payment conditions earn Mobilebet only 6/10 points.

CUSTOMER SERVICE – Our test of Mobilebet indicates solid, eager support

In our Mobilebet test, we now look at the category of customer service, which plays an important role whenever we wish to communicate our questions, wishes, complaints or suggestions to the bookmaker. As was the case in the previous evaluation category, we were compelled to make deductions in this area too, though not to the same degree. Let us begin by praising the fact that this betting provider offers a live chat feature, one that is also serviced in German from 10 AM until 9 PM. However, we must add that response times vary significantly, it sometimes taking quite some time until the – albeit very friendly and competent – service team pipes up. In the face of that, it is occasionally an advantage, especially if you have an urgent concern, to resort to English live chat support. In addition, customers of Mobilebet have a contact form available to them – the answer is then provided quite simply by means of an email message. That said, many matters can be dealt with easily by hunting through the FAQ area, with which we had nothing but positive experiences. Here, the various categories include questions about registration, bonus offers, payment methods etc. In our overall evaluation of customer service provided by Mobilebet, we award 8/10 points.

PROFESSIONALISM – Mobilebet is part of highly regarded Co-Gaming Limited

Holding a high-quality EU license from Malta, this online betting provider is operated by Co-Gaming Limited, their second label after ComeOn, which has also earned itself a good reputation in the betting industry. With respect to the betting provider at hand, we feel we don’t have to give data privacy or secure money transactions even a second thought – here, everything is as it should be, after all, the gaming license we mentioned requires this bookmaker to meet high standards. Furthermore, the Mobilebet website draws users’ attention to responsible gaming, while also redirecting at-risk users to the webpages of independent organizations. All in all, Mobilebet is a highly serious provider with whom we discovered no inconsistencies within the scope of our test. For this reason, we award Mobilebet all 10 points.


Mobilebet charges all customers from Germany a betting tax in the amount of 5%. Everything you need to know about the topic of betting taxes can be found here.

IN SUMMARY – Mobilebet belongs to the young guard but is advancing rapidly

In our test and experience report, Mobilebet managed to achieve a very respectable result. Above all, this young betting provider is able to convince with an attractive selection of betting products and great performance in the live betting arena. Furthermore, Mobilebet captivates users with a fully functional (mobile) site where you can have true betting fun. In addition, this bookmaker’s 400% bonus for new customers deserves praise – while the € 10 free bet is a special treat you shouldn’t pass up on either. We note a need for improvement with respect to payment options, not least because we feel that fees between 2.5 and 5% are a little overblown. As for German-language customer service – specifically, live chat – they could make the contact times a little more user-friendly. Otherwise, we feel this is a top-notch overall package – in our test, Mobilebet demonstrates countless strengths that certainly justify recommending you register with this online bookie.

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