The bettingformat live score – what advantages does it bring?

Bettingformat enlarges its offer and from now on provides a live score apart from the usual features. The advantage for you: information about the progress, the profit or loss of your bets is available every minute. With one glance at our live score it´s possible to respond to the current developments of your chosen bets, to place further bets and to get profits cash. In the following we would like to go into the advantages and further important information about our live score offer.

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Why should you use the bettingformat live score?

Who hasn´t experienced the insecurity about the profit or the result of one´s bets? We are able to ease this fear at least a little bit with our brand-new live score. You are now able to follow our entries on the individual games at any time and adapt your bets accordingly. With our live score you can find out at once if one of your placed bets can´t be won anymore and you can balance the suffered loss with another bet on the same match. All in all, our live results give you the chance to take an even closer part in the matches. Even when you are on the road you are capable of staying on top of things at all times. The biggest advantage: a registration is not necessary, therefore everyone can take a look at this offer without limitations. Our brand-new live score is a feature that gives you the opportunity to follow your bets live and to get information on the most important facts of the games that you chose for your betting tickets. No matter if it´s goals, assists or ejections, the offered live score provides important information for betting fans around the world. You won´t miss any important developments of the individual games. Of course, those live results are very interesting for betting strategies that one or the other uses for sure. For example, if you place a bet on a goal scorer in a soccer game, from now on you can check immediately on bettingformat, if your favourite scored and if your bet succeeded. You can spare yourself a lot of thrill and can relax, even before the final whistle sounds and the last rally has been played. For special bets on the number of yellow and red cards and for all bets on goals, as well, our live score is the best way to get information about the success of a betting ticket. In the following we have summarized more information about the most important bets which are applicable extraordinarily well in connection with our live score. Basically, the number of events for the live score is equivalent to those leagues and events that are available in our odds comparison. Naturally, the “Big four” of European soccer - the highest leagues from England, Germany, Spain and Italy – and many other leagues are among those that you can follow live from now on.

We created an extra live score page, where you will be able to see all matches on which we offer live results. Another big advantage: you won´t have to rely on the often dysfunctional live streams but will be able to follow the most important developments of your favourite games on bettingformat. This is not only possible for one event, but for many matches and events, which is the big difference to a live stream. In our betting tips section, you can find a button leading to the live scores of the respective matches, beside a check of shape and a recommendation for your bets, immediately after kick off.

For which betting types can a look at our live score be recommended?

The number of betting types for which you can use our live score is almost endless. Our live score can be helpful for each of your bets. It´s especially useful for betting on one or more goal scorers, as you can see immediately who scored. Special bets on the number of cards or ejections can be verified quickly as well with our live score.
To the same extent this is the case with betting on early or late goals, because you can not only see the score, but also in which minute the goals were scored. Our live score can also be linked easily with a bookmaker´s live center. Live bets on the first or last goal scorer can be viewed and checked quickly with our bettingformat live score. With the help of our offer you get information about substitutions as well, so you know if the player on whom you placed your bet, who is not in the starting line-up, though, has still the chance to score a goal as a sub. All in all, we offer a feature that will increase your pleasure in betting many times over and give you more flexibility concerning the games you choose.