Compare combined bets and system bets now!

If you want to place not only one individual bet but a combined bet, our combined bet comparison offers the opportunity to find out the best odds for your choice. You just have to choose the placements you like from our assortment and immediately the bookmaker that offers the best odds for your respective combined bet is shown. Because with combined bets, the odds of the individual bets are being multiplied by each other, they are a very lucrative bet type, but they involve a certain risk as well, because all chosen bets have to be won. That´s why a comparison of combined bets can be essential for the maximization of your profit – in this way you can place your bet with the right bookmaker and don´t have to fear that a profit could slip through your fingers because of bad odds.

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Which advantages does our combined bet comparison offer?

The example mentioned above shows that a comparison of combined bets can ensure higher profits, even though it would mean a lot of work to research and calculate all the odds. For this reason, we developed our combined bet comparison., which not only shows the best odds for your combined bets automatically and without any loss of time, but also provides a link to the respective bookmaker. You save not only money, but time as well with our combined bet comparison! The handling is simple and intuitive and you can find out the ideal odds for your choice of placements without having to do tedious research and calculations. With the bettingformat combined bet comparison you are prepared for this bet type and spare yourselves a lot of anger about a loss of money because of low odds.

What can you expect from our combined bet comparison?

With the help of our combined bet comparison, you can compare the odds that the bookmakers offer for your chosen bets and you can search for the most lucrative odds quickly and easily. Our whole range of bet types and placement opportunities is on hand for our combined bet comparison, so you don´t have to fear any restrictions concerning the composition of your bets. After choosing the bets, the total odds for your combined bet are calculated from the best odds automatically and are presented clearly. Afterwards you can choose the bookmaker that offers the best odds for your choice and follow a link. With our combined bet comparison, you are able to place your bets with the bookmaker that promises the highest profits – quickly, easily and neatly arranged.

How can you use our combined bet comparison best?

Our combined bet comparison works as easily and simply as our comparison for individual bets. For a combined bet, several bets have to be chosen before the odds of the bookmakers can be compared, though. After you have chosen several bets, the best odds for the selected bets and the bookmakers that offer them are shown. Our whole range of betting opportunities is available for the choice of your placements - the number of possible combinations is huge. Our combined bet comparison helps you to keep an overview and to search for the best odds for your combined bet. Especially with combined bets, you could lose significant profits without reference values.

Why is an odds comparison so important especially with combined bets?

Because of the fact that with combined bets, odds of the individual bets are not added, but multiplied by each other, high odds are possible with this bet type. However, combined bets are riskier than individual bets, because each placement has to be won, otherwise the bet is lost. Because of the multiplication of the odds, the value of the individual odds is all the more important. Our combined bet comparison provides the most profitable total odds for every combination automatically within seconds. You only have to choose the individual bets on our site, and the most lucrative offers of the best bookmakers on the market are shown in our combined bet comparison. To clarify the meaning and importance of a combined bet comparison, we would like to give a fictitious example, where we compare two betting constellations with different odds. Our hypothetical combined bet amounts to €20.
Combined bet A
Bet 1 / odds 1.55
Bet 2 / odds 1.70
Bet 3 / odds 2.10
Total odds / 5.53
Wager / €20
Profit / €110.60
Combined bet B
Bet 1 / 1.65
Bet 2 / 1.80
Bet 3 / 2.25
Total odds / 6.68
Wager / €20
Profit / €133.60
Even though the odds only differ minimally in our example (with a wager of €20), the result is a difference of €23. Moreover, if the odds of the first bet of combined bet B were reduced by just 0.10 to 1.55, the total profit would only be €125.55. A considerable amount of €8.05 would be lost because of only marginally lower odds. As the profit margin can be relatively far apart with only minimally different odds, a comparison of combined bets is essential, if you want to make the best of your betting. With our combined bet comparison, you can find the best odds at one glance without having to calculate yourselves.
Combined bets are attractive for beginners at first because of the possibility of high profits, but on the downside, there are risks: if only one of your bets is lost, the whole combined bet is lost. For that reason, we advise you to place combined bets cautiously and not to let yourself be fooled by the high odds. If you want to learn more about combined bets, we prepared an article in our betting school, where we explain advantages and disadvantages of this bet type in detail.