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What do you have to know?

The current Cashpoint bonus, which is directed at new customers with a primary residence in Germany, Austria or Switzerland, is truly unique: it is a welcome offer in the form of a 100% buy-in bonus with a maximum bonus amount of €100. In other words: your first deposit is doubled thanks to this bonus offer – pay in €100 and have €200 available to wager with! The Cashpoint new customer bonus does not require a bonus code or other data – registering for a new wagering account is all it takes. Even with a minimum buy-in of €10, you can take full advantage of this welcome bonus. In order to convert your bonus credit into real money, you must meet certain wagering requirements, which are, however, quite moderate. The total sum (pay-in + bonus) must be bet a total of 3 times on sports wagers within a period of 90 days. One special aspect of the Cashpoint bonus: Only combo wagers (at least 2-bet combos) count towards meeting the offer requirements, while the odds being offered on each wager must be at least 1.50. Complete bonus details, a comprehensive explanation of how the offer works as well as some basic instructions on how to redeem the bonus are provided for you, as usual, below.

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Cashpoint Bonus Bonus amount of €100 100% up to €100 Sign up now!

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How to receive your Cashpoint bonus

  • 1. Firstly, you have to register as a new customer with this betting provider and open a new wagering account – which is, naturally, free of charge.
  • 2. You can take advantage of the Cashpoint welcome bonus with a minimum buy-in of just €10.
  • 3. Cashpoint grants you 90 days from the time of your first deposit to meet their wagering conditions. These conditions must be met in order to be able to convert your bonus credit into real money.

Explained simply: how does the Cashpoint bonus work?

The welcome bonus offered by Cashpoint is a traditional buy-in bonus. This means, your first deposit to the wagering account you have just opened decides the amount of your bonus. In the case of Cashpoint, we are talking about a top-notch bonus of 100% – in other words, your first buy-in is doubled. Within the framework of this new customer bonus, the maximum bonus amount you can receive is € 100. That is to say: deposit €100 and wager with a maximum of €200! For the wagering credit to be paid out, you must meet the general conditions as described here: the total sum, consisting of your first buy-in + bonus credit (€200 maximum), must be wagered 3 times. These bets must be combo wagers exclusively (at least 2-bet combinations), with each wager quoted odds of at least 1.50. The bonus conditions must be met within 90 days of depositing your initial buy-in. You will find all bonus details you should be aware of below.

Amount of the wagering bonus in %

The Cashpoint bonus is very lucrative and amounts to 100%. In other words: the amount of your first deposit to your new wagering account is doubled by this betting provider! So, if you decide to transfer €50, you will be rewarded with a total wagering credit of €100!

Maximum possible bonus amount

The new-customer bonus offered by bookmaker Cashpoint certainly isn’t stingy when it comes to the maximum bonus amount possible! In total, you can guarantee yourself an extra wagering credit of €100 if you register for a new account and take advantage of the bonus offer. In order to receive the maximum bonus, your first buy-in will have to be €100. If you do this, your budget for sports wagers will then be an outstanding €200.

What are the Cashpoint wagering conditions?

Every new-customer bonus – including the Cashpoint Bonus – is subject to certain conditions pertaining to the volume of wagers. These conditions must be met for you to receive a payout of your winnings! Below, we take a detailed look at the conditions associated with this attractive bonus offer.

Our evaluation of the Cashpoint bonus: what were the key factors?

The Cashpoint bonus is a top-quality offer aimed at new customers: above all, the high 100% as well as the generous additional wagering credit of € 100 bears comparison with its competition. With respect to the wagering requirement, we are in two minds: on the one hand, we find the long timeframe of 90 days very customer-friendly, while on the other we feel it is regrettable that individual wagers do not count towards meeting the bonus conditions. The risk for users wishing to take advantage of the welcome bonus is correspondingly higher. Finally, the minimum odds of 1.50 do not apply to the entire betting slip, but rather to each separate bet within the combo wager. On the other hand, having to wager the bonus sum only 3 times is, in our mind, very reasonable. All in all, this is a very interesting and extremely lucrative bonus, one which, for many sports tipsters, represents an attractive option.

Minimum buy-in
Even with an initial deposit of just €10, you can take advantage of the Cashpoint bonus, which is aimed at new customers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. If you do indeed decide to pay in this minimum amount, the credit you would have available for wagering would be doubled to €20.

Minimum wager
For your bonus credit to actually be paid out, the Cashpoint bonus requires you to wager the total sum (your first deposit + bonus) on a total of 3 qualifying combo wagers. If you decide to receive the maximum possible bonus amount of €100, you will need to wager a total amount of €600 (3 x €200). Also important to know: per wager, only the amount of your first buy-in and the associated bonus (€100 in each case) is credited. Of course, you are welcome to place higher wagers – though anything over the amount of the bonus will not be counted towards meeting the minimum wagering conditions.

Restrictions on the types of wagers
With respect to the Cashpoint bonus, you should note that there are several restrictions when it comes to the types of wagers. In order to meet the bonus conditions, only combo wagers are taken into consideration. The actual extent of those combo wagers does not play a major role – however, it must involve at least a two-wager combination, which is the simplest form of this kind of wager. Important: if two or more wagers are made on different possible outcomes of the same sporting event, then the bonus is forfeited. Furthermore, long-term wagers, the outcome of which will not be decided within the 90-day bonus period, do not count towards meeting the bonus conditions.

Minimum odds
The Cashpoint bonus requires minimum odds of 1.50 – but it is important to note: this means the minimum odds per wager in the combo wager! Based on this, the “actual” minimum odds would be – if we assume the aforementioned 2-wager combo– 2.25 (= 1.50 x 1.50). If we were talking about a 3-wager combo, then the odds would increase to a considerable 3.375. For this reason, we recommend mainly putting smaller combinations on your betting slips.

Time restrictions
in total, Cashpoint gives you 90 days to meet their wagering requirements – actually, an extremely generous timeframe. Once the bonus deadline has passed, the bonus money is forfeited along with all winnings generated – unless all of the bonus requirements have been met. You should also bear in mind that, as soon as all open wagers involving the bonus money have been factored in, and the bonus credit has dropped to an amount of € 0.00, the bonus will be canceled. Remember: initially, the amount you personally paid in will be applied to wagers, and only then your bonus money – in other words, always be sure that you have enough wagering money in your account and you don’t have to fall back on your bonus amount too soon.

Payment restrictions
Cashpoint has announced no restrictions with respect to the payment methods they are willing to accept towards their current bonus offer. However, we must point out that initial deposits by means of Skrill and Neteller can sometimes lead to complications.

Geographical restrictions
The Cashpoint new-customer bonus is valid for those potential customers whose primary residence is in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This promotion is expected to continue until 31.12.2018.