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CAMPOBET REVIEW - Our Experiences and Evaluation

In our comprehensive Campobet review, we describe our experiences with a betting provider who is relatively new on the market. This business has been offering sports betting since spring 2018. Campobet is headquartered in Curaçao and holds a sports betting license from Cyprus. As a consequence, the company is subject to the strict regulations of the European Union. Campobet works with various partners in the gambling and sports betting industry, including Amatic and ISoftBet. In addition to sports betting, Campobet offers a casino and live casino. We took a close look to see if this young bookie was able to keep pace with its more established competitors in the industry with respect to betting products, betting odds, live bets etc.

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Themen in diesem Artikel:
  1. Betting products
  2. Betting odds
  3. Live bets
  4. Betting bonus
  5. User-friendliness
  6. Payment options
  7. Customer service
  8. Professionalism
  9. In summary
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BETTING PRODUCTS – Our Campobet experiences indicate betting products lag a little

It became apparent that this bookie does not yet feature the same kind of broad betting program offered by the more established players in the industry. At first inspection, we noted approximately 20 different sports. Football was, of course, at the top of the list. The big leagues are well represented – though many of the smaller ones are absent. However, with respect to the most important leagues, there is indeed a depth to their betting products. In the course of our research, we discovered betting opportunities in England all the way down to the fourth-tier division, while the betting program for Germany also included competition in the Oberliga and regional leagues. Unfortunately, in Austria and Switzerland, for example, you can only bet on matches in the top division. Tennis is well represented in the form of the ATP, WTA, Challenger and ITF. Other sports are not quite as well represented. Of the more “exotic” sports, Campobet does in fact feature the likes of badminton, cricket and bowls, though there is barely any depth in any of those sports. To a degree, this bookie compensates for its lack of depth as well as missing leagues and competitions with its long-range bets. For example, in virtually every sport you can bet on the next national champion or overall winner. With respect to the social bets which are becoming increasingly popular, here Campobet lags behind the other providers. At this point, we wish to draw your attention to their own internal tournaments. Here, users are able to go head-to-head in a bid to win additional prizes. This bookie’s betting markets are also impressive. In international football matches, the German Bundesliga and the English Premier League, but also in numerous lower-tier matches as well as youth leagues, in our experience more than 450 betting options are far from a rarity. In this regard, there are essentially no limits to potential combinations available to you. Campobet’s program also includes Asian handicap as well as Asian over/under. As for E-sports, our review established that this bookmaker is able to put out a very good product. In virtual match-ups, you can place bets on football, tennis, basketball as well as horse racing. Visually, everything is displayed in an appealing way, live streams run for every match and race. In this category, we award 16 out of 20 points.

BETTING ODDS – Campobet Test fluctuates greatly

When examining the betting odds offered by Campobet, our review indicated that this bookmaker finds itself very much in the middle of the pack. Based on our experience, the payout rate for the most attractive betting markets and those that are the subject of media attention, such as games in the UEFA Champions League and ATP matches, is roughly 94% – a solid number that certainly bears comparison with other betting providers. Our review indicated similar percentages when looking at basketball. In less popular sports and games, in our experience the betting odds at Campobet can occasionally drop below the 90% mark. This is something we have to deduct points for. Needless to say, the payout rate for live bets is somewhat lower, though that is very much standard practice in the industry and cannot be held against this particular bookie. In the category of Betting Odds, we award 16 out of 20 possible points.

LIVE BETS – a live center is absent at Campobet

This bookie’s opportunities for live betting are very reasonable. The various sports are clearly listed. Our review indicated that this bookmaker offers live betting on all sports that are included in their program as a whole. Under “Event”, you can click through the various games, each of which is shown in attractive graphics. Additional information also assists tipsters in following the ebb and flow of games. Though a live-streaming offer is not provided, due to the usual legal reasons.

The live statistics are helpful for professional bettors and newcomers alike. Nonetheless, we would have appreciated a statistics center – indicating this new bookie still has some ground to make up. We did not manage to find a separate statistics page. In our review, we noted many betting options even for lower-tier games, which meant that betting markets were correspondingly quite large. In the “Overview”, you indeed have a good overview of all games in progress as well as upcoming matches. In the “Multiview” area, you can follow as many as 4 games simultaneously. For their live-betting program, we award this betting provider 7/10 points.

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USER-FRIENDLINESS – Campobet test revealed untidy translations

Our review indicated that this bookie’s website did have a number of shortcomings. On a positive note, however, when you enter the site you are not distracted by blinking banners and gaudy advertising – allowing you to concentrate on the essentials. However, everything comes across as rather “loveless”. This new player could certainly have tried harder in terms of color scheme and design. The optics evoke those of the company’s casino and live casino. But as we said, for our taste this bookie could have dipped into the paint pot just a little more, for example as a way to highlight sports that have just been clicked on. The same applies to the messy translations. A button at the top right of the page immediately caught our eye, labeled “Registriren”. The section “Get help” looked as if it had been machine-translated. The live calendar is given a prominent position – a great feature. But here, too, we discovered a menu item labeled “tomorrow-after tomorrow”. That notwithstanding, the live calendar is well structured. As you probe a little deeper into the website, you come across even more poor translations. This proves to be particularly annoying when reading the Terms of Business and FAQs. The structure of the website, however, is for the most part quite logical. They dispense with unnecessary frills. Also of positive note: Betting is easy to access – you don’t have to go through a series of annoying detours before you can place your bets, something which is not uncommon with other bookies. As for betting markets, this bookie is virtually unrivaled. You can recognize the different betting options available to you at once. In the upper area of the website, users can quickly take a jaunt over to the casino and live casino areas. Menu items Live Betting and E-Sports are also displayed prominently on the website. The reduced optics come to better effect on a mobile device than on a PC. Even when on the road, users can quickly navigate the website. The mobile site operates so simply, you might almost think it was an app. Our research indicated that an app for Android and iOS is indeed in the works, though not currently available. However, the mobile website functions flawlessly, meaning we can continue to live without an app quite easily. Loading times – just as on the big screen – are virtually nonexistent. Yet another big plus. Overall, 7/10 points

PAYMENT OPTIONS – Campobet offers a wide variety of payment options

Tipsters can utilize a wide selection of payment options whenever they need to top up their account. Our experience indicated that this bookie accepts credit card payments (Visa, Mastercard) as well as Skrill, Neteller, Paysafe Card and direct bank transfers, Klarna, Multibanco and Boleto. However, in order to see what payment method is available in what country, you first have to be registered. Campobet features different VIP levels. Our review indicated that beginners have a monthly payout limit of €10,000 at 0 % cashback, whereas “Legends” are given the following conditions: monthly payout limit €50,000 with 15% cashback. Our rating in this category is 8 out of 10 points.

CUSTOMER SERVICE – Campobet review indicates accommodating customer service

Our extensive review indicated that this provider offers quality customer service. They accept inquiries by telephone, email and live chat. However, charges do apply if you need to use the international hotline. Campobet claims that they will respond to email inquiries within 45 minutes. Questions in the live chat can also be asked in German. Our experience also indicated that answers are provided quickly and competently. You certainly feel you are dealing with a real person. Unlike other places, the answers do not come merely in the form of rote text building blocks. Most questions have already been answered in the FAQ. The Terms of Business are very extensive, though – as previously mentioned – the translations stumble on occasion. This carelessness is evident throughout the website, which doesn’t exactly add to the professional impression. This new bookie certainly has room for improvement in this regard. Overall, for their obliging service we do award them a very solid 8 out of 10 points.

PROFESSIONALISM – Our Campobet experiences indicate a reliable betting provider

Our review suggested that this company takes professionalism very seriously. This young bookmaker is headquartered in Curaçao and operates under a Cypriot sports betting license. Which means that its business is subject to strict EU regulations. Campobet goes out of its way to emphasize its data privacy policy on the website. The parent company operates several gambling sites – something which we believe Campobet also benefits from. We also note positively: Warnings with respect to responsible gambling and betting practices are given a prominent place on the website. If users have problems or are dealing with addiction, the company offers help. For all questions, this bookie offers around-the-clock customer service. Taken as a whole, this gives us little reason to deduct points in this category: 9/10 points


Good news for all tipsters in Germany: This company eats the 5% betting tax on your behalf. Which means, tipsters in Germany do not have to put up with deductions from their winnings.

IN SUMMARY – New customers and beginners will be more than satisfied with Campobet

If you are hunting for a clearly structured betting provider, you will definitely find what you are looking for at Campobet, though this bookie’s offer is not (yet) as broad as it might be. Bear in mind, however, that this website has only been online for a few months and is certainly still in its growth stage. Football is well represented, with an enormous depth of opportunities and betting markets. In E-sports, this bookie also boasts an attractive offer. In the main markets and big leagues, tipsters are quoted very fair odds. Though you will have to overlook the sloppy translations you do encounter in some areas. Here, too, we can imagine that this young bookie will continue to make improvements. The website is logically structured, while the mobile site also functions flawlessly. Loading times are kept to a minimum, not least due to the reduced optics. Our review indicates that this bookmaker is worthy of a look-see from beginners especially, since you are not immediately accosted by blinking advertising banners etc. New customers can also look forward to a generous welcome offer.

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