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XTip Bonus

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30% bonus

up to 30% of your winnings

XTip has come up with a quite unique welcome offer for new customers. As part of the XTip bonus you can get a bonus of up to 30% on your winnings. The special part of this offer lies within the fact that the amount of your bonus is calculated in relation to the number of bets placed in your betting slip. For example, if you combine 5 bets in your betting slip you will be granted a 5% bonus on your winnings. Since the XTip xTreme bonus is limited up to an amount of 30%, it would take a betting slip with 30 combined bets to receive the maximum bonus amount. In order claim this welcome offer, you have to sign-up at the webpage of XTip and make a first deposit of at least £ 10. If you want to take a deeper look into the XTip bonus, make sure to check out the various sections of our detailed review, which can be found below.

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7 / 10 Points

Betting bonus details XTip

Betting bonus details XTip"
Bonus details
bonus up to 30%
on your winnings
All details
  • maximum bonus amount: 30% of your winnings
  • minimal bonus amount: 3% of your winnings
  • minimum deposit: £ 10
  • minimum odds: higher than 1/2 (1.50)
  • betting restrictions: only betting combinations with numbers between 3-30 bets are eligible for this offer
Get the bonus

How to receive your XTip bonus

  • 1. A click on one of the buttons on this page will take you directly to XTip
  • 2. Register and make a deposit of £ 10 or higher
  • 3. Combine bets and collect bonus

Easily explained: how does the XTip bonus work?

First of all, you will have to sign-up at the website of XTip in order to claim the +30% xTreme bonus. Once you’ve completed your registration successfully, a first deposit of at least £ 10 is necessary. In a final step you will automatically be granted an xTreme bonus of up to 30% which gets added to your winnings of combined bets. The percentage of the bonus increases in relation to the combined bets in your betting slip (for example 5 combined bets equal a 5% bonus) between a total amount of 3-30%. In the following sections we will explain the terms and conditions of the XTip bonus in detail.

Bonus amount in %

The percentage of the XTip xTreme bonus is inferred from the number of combined bets in your betting slip. For example, 5 combined bets equal a 5% bonus. Since the welcome offer is limited between 3% - 30%, the amount of your combined bets has to match numbers between 3 and 30.

Bonus Conditions: what do you need to know about the XTip bonus?

After finishing your first registration and make a deposit of at least £ 10, the XTip xTreme bonus will be granted to you automatically. The percentage of the bonus depends on the number of bets in your betting slip, i.e. 5 combined bets will get you a 5% bonus. However, there are certain limitations to consider when taking advantage of the XTip bonus. First of all, your combined bets have to meet a minimum amount of at least 3 selections. Furthermore, combined bets with 3 or 4 selections have to contain at least on live bet. All bets in your betting slip have to meet odds higher than 1/2 (1.50). Odds below 1.51 are taken into account for the profit calculation, but do not contribute towards the bonus calculation. After your combined bets have been settled, the XTip xTreme bonus will give you additional amounts of up to 30% of the potential winnings made with your betting slip.

Minimum odds
Only bets with odds higher than 1/2 (1.50) are eligible for this offer. Nevertheless, you can add bets with odds below that limitation to your betting slip, but they will not contribute towards the calculation oft he XTip xTreme bonus (however, winnings made from these bets with lower odds lower than 1/2 (1.50) are still credited your account).

Betting restrictions
Only betting combinations with numbers between 3-30 bets are eligible for this offer. Also take into consideration that combined bets with 3 or 4 selections must involve at least one live bet.


Our evaluation of the XTip bonus: what were the key factors?

The XTip xTreme bonus is able to convince with an exciting concept, that we have not encountered in this form yet. Since it is possible to define the bonus amount to your personal preferences by taking more or less combined bets into your betting slip, you can manage your risks by claiming this offer individually. Moreover, the minimum odds (1/2 or higher) are quite generous. All in all, the XTip xTreme bonus can score a good result in our review by providing an exciting welcome offer packed in a creative and flexible design. XTip Terms & Conditions apply.

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