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Tonybet Bonus – Get £20 in Free Bets

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£ 20 in free bets

welcome gift of £ 20 in free bets

Thanks to the Tonybet bonus, you can secure yourself a free bet in the amount of £20 for use on this bookmaker’s website. All you have to do is open a new account with this betting provider, deposit at least £20 to that account, then bet the amount on a qualifying wager available at Tonybet. Note: Your first bet must be placed on Sportsbook In-Play betting markets. Tipsters who are or were already registered with this bookie are excluded from the Tonybet bonus. After having successfully completed the aforementioned steps, you will be credited 4 x £5 to your betting account at regular intervals. The first five euros will be transferred to your betting account within 48 hours of completing the first steps, while the remaining 3 x £5 will each be transferred to your account on the first day of the following 3 months. Ultimately, you will be able to receive a payout of the winnings generated by these free bets. Bear in mind that the Tonybet bonus and the free bets are subject to certain betting conditions that must be met, otherwise you will be excluded from this new-customer program. Below, we provide you with a detailed overview of all the conditions which the Tonybet bonus requires you to meet.

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Betting bonus details Tonybet

Betting bonus details Tonybet"
Bonus details

All details
  • maximum bonus amount: € 50
  • minimum buy-in: €20
  • turnover: 10x
  • minimum odds: 1.65
  • offer validity period: The first bet, which is required in order to receive the Tonybet bonus, must have been placed and resolved within 30 days
  • geographical restrictions: none apparent
  • payment restrictions: Neteller, Skrill, Paypal and Bitcoin are excluded
  • betting restrictions: the Tonybet bonus only permits in-play bets; odd/even bets, bets on multiple outcomes of the same event are not permitted within the scope of the free bet.
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Bonus conditions: what aspects of the Tonybet bonus should you be aware of?

In order to receive the Tonybet free bet, you must first meet certain conditions. If you fail to do so, you will forfeit any rights to this bonus offer as well as to the bonus credits and any winnings the bonus might have generated, which will then be deleted from your account. When placing your free bet, only individual bets with odds between 1.33 and 15.00 are permitted. Odd/even bets and bets on multiple outcomes of a single event are excluded from the Tonybet bonus offer. Your free credit must be bet within 7 days of receipt, and in each case the amount of 4 x £ 5 (= £20) must be bet in full. In the following sections, we take a closer look at all the details of the Tonybet bonus and special aspects of this new-customer offer.

Explained simply: how does the Tonybet bonus work?

In order to participate in the Tonybet bonus, you must first register as a new customer with this betting provider. You now have to deposit £20 to your account, then make a wager of at least £20 on a single in-play bet on Tonybet. This bet must be resolved within 30 days and must have been quoted odds of at least 2.00 (in contrast to the free wager, we were unable to determine any restrictions here with respect to betting markets). At this point, you will receive a free bet in the amount of £20 that will be divided up into 4 steps: The first £5 will be transferred to your betting account within 48 hours of resolving your first qualifying bet, while the remaining 3 x £5 will be deposited to your account on the first day of each of the following 3 months. Once you have been credited the free bet, the Tonybet bonus gives you 7 days to wager the amount completely. Further details about the conditions associated with this new-customer offer are explained for you in the different sections below.

Maximum possible bonus amount

Thanks to the Tonybet bonus, your first payment of £20 will be rewarded with a £20 free bet as well as an additional bet likewise worth at least £20.

How to receive your Tonybet bonus

1. The links on this page will take you quickly and easily to this bookie’s website
2. Open a new-customer account and deposit at least £20
3. Place a first bet of at least £20 (only in-play bets with minimum odds of 2.00 are permitted)
4. Place your free bet

Minimum buy-in
In order to qualify to receive the Tonybet bonus, the initial deposit to your account must be £20 or higher.

Minimum bet

Before you can be credited the free bet, once you have made your first deposit you will have to make an in-play bet of £20 or more. As soon as this has been resolved, within 48 hours your account will be credited the first £5 free bet.

Minimum odds
The required minimum odds for your first bet, which you have to place in order to qualify for the Tonybet bonus, are 2.00. On the other hand, wagers involving your free bets may range between 1.33 and 15.00. Both for your first bonus-qualifying bet as well as your wagers with the free bet, you may only consider in-play events. Odd/even bets and bets on multiple outcomes of a single event are excluded from the free bet.

Time restrictions

The first bet in order to qualify to participate in the Tonybet bonus must be resolved within 30 days of being placed. On the other hand, the amounts of the free bets are available for a period of 7 days subsequent to receipt. Within this time frame, they must be bet in full on qualifying wagers.

Payment restrictions
Payment providers Neteller, Skrill and Bitcoin are excluded from the Tonybet bonus offer.

Geographical restrictions

Our research did not reveal any geographical restrictions with respect to participation in the Tonybet bonus program.


Our evaluation of the Tonybet bonus: what were the key factors?

The Tonybet bonus rewards you with a £20 free bet after you have deposited £20 to your new account. In addition, after having registered and deposited this first amount, you must place a first bet also for at least £20. At this point, you will be credited a free bet which will come to you in 4 installments of £5 each. You will receive the first £5 within 48 hours of resolving your first bet, while the remaining 3 installments will be credited to you on the first day of each of the following 3 months. In our eyes, the major advantage is in the moderate minimum odds required for the free bet which, at 1.33, are quite low. However, you must first bet at least £20 at minimum odds of 2.00 in order to be entitled to receive the Tonybet bonus. In summary, we regard this new-customer offer from Tonybet as average, especially since your first bet at odds of 2.00 or above exposes you to a certain degree of risk before you are able to avail yourself of the free bet.

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