Ladbrokes Bonus - £20 Free Bet Sports Promotion

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Free bet up to £20

Bet £5 Get £20 with this Promo Code: 20FREE

The Ladbrokes bonus for new customers, which offers a free bet up to the amount of £20 and exciting wagering conditions, further underscores the high quality of this established bookmaker with more than 100 years of experience in the sports betting business. Founded in London in 1886, this company is actually one of the oldest and biggest on the market, yet, with its attractive bonus program, is sending a clear signal that it is in no way resting on this long tradition and constantly wishes to appeal to new customers. After registering on the website of this bookmaker, the Ladbrokes bonus (4x £5 free bet) will be credited to you after making your first bet of £5. Winnings generated by the free bet can subsequently be paid out, though not the actual amount of the free bet itself. However, the Ladbrokes bonus does lay out certain conditions which must be met in order to receive the free bet as well as any potential winnings. These conditions include such factors as minimum odds, time restrictions and wagering deadlines, which we have detailed for you below in our evaluation of the Ladbrokes bonus.

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Betting bonus details Ladbrokes

Betting bonus details Ladbrokes"
Bonus details
Bet £ 5 Get £ 20
in Free Bets
bonus code: 20FREE
All details
  • maximum amount of the free bet: £ 20
  • minimum wager: £ 5
  • minimum odds: 1.50
  • offer validity period after registration: 14 days
  • validity period of the free bet: 4 days
  • bonus code: 20FREE
  • geographical restrictions: only for UK & Republic of Ireland residents
Get the bonus

How to receive your Ladbrokes bonus

  • 1. By clicking on the button we have provided, you will be transferred straight over to the Ladbrokes website
  • 2. While registering for your new account, you will have to enter the bonus code “20FREE”
  • 3. Your first wager must be an amount of £5 or higher
  • 4. After receiving your free bet, this remains valid for 4 days
Ladbrokes Bonus EN Get your Free Bets!

How do you take advantage of the Ladbrokes bonus offer?

First of all, you must register on the website of this betting provider in order to be able to take advantage of the Ladbrokes new-customer bonus. During the registration process, you will need to enter the bonus code “20FREE”, entitling you to receive the Ladbrokes bonus. At this point, you will have to deposit at least £5 into your wagering account, bearing in mind that this same minimum amount will have to be wagered on your first bet which must be made within a period of 14 days. The amount of your first wager will also determine the amount you receive for your free bet as part of the Ladbrokes bonus: in other words, 400% of the amount of your first wager will be credited to your account for a free bet. The maximum amount you can receive from Ladbrokes for a free bet as part of this bonus program is £20, assuming that you laid £5 on your initial wager. Winnings generated by your free bet can be paid out in real money, whereas you have no claim to the amount of the free bet itself.

Amount of the wagering bonus in %

Since the Ladbrokes bonus is not a classic deposit bonus, here we only address the amount of the free bet: £ 20 what is 4 times more than your first wager of £ 5 on a qualifying bet. Since this money is not paid out directly, but instead can only be used to make other bets under certain conditions.

Maximum possible bonus amount

The maximum amount you can get out of the Ladbrokes bonus depends on the outcome of your bets made with your free bet. Fundamentally, Ladbrokes grants you a free bet up to a maximum amount of £20 which, however, will not be paid out to you directly. This amount can be subsequently used for your personal wagers, though these must also meet certain conditions (details of which can be found below). Any winnings your free wagers generate will subsequently be available to you in real money.

What conditions must be met in order to receive the free bets bonus?

Before and after receiving the free bet, you must be aware of a number of bonus conditions that must be met in order to qualify for the Ladbrokes bonus and to receive a payout of any winnings it has generated. Due to the fact that this bonus is a little different from most of the standard offers, it will be worthwhile to study our explanation in detail. Below, we examine categories such as buy-in limits, minimum odds and time restrictions, so that you are fully aware of the conditions that must be met so as to take full advantage of the Ladbrokes bonus.

Minimum buy-in

In order to qualify for the Ladbrokes bonus, your first deposit into your wagering account must be an amount of at least £5. This same minimum limit applies to your first wager, which will then qualify you to receive the bonus.

Wagering requirements
Since the amount of the free bet is based on how much you bet on your first wager, the sum of your first wager and the free bet is essentially your minimum wagering requirement. In terms of real money, however, you only actually have to invest the amount of your first wager.

Minimum odds
The “Qualifying bet”, which activates the Ladbrokes bonus must be placed at odds of at least 1.50. Wagers that are made below these odds are excluded from the bonus program. In combo bets, each betting line must have odds of at least 1.50. Types of wagers that may be chosen within the framework of the Ladbrokes bonus include victory/each-way bets, combo bets, forecasts, and combinations. Excluded, however, are Ladbrokes Exchange, totes and special combo bets such as Lucky 15.

Time restrictions
Once you have received the free bet, it will remain valid for 4 days. Within this time period, the amount of the free bet must be used up completely or the Ladbrokes bonus offer will forfeit its validity. The Qualifying Bet must be made within 14 days of your account registration.

Payment restrictions
For deposits and payouts within the framework of the Ladbrokes bonus, a number of payment companies, which are otherwise available on the website of this bookmaker, are excluded. These include PayPal, Skrill (Moneybookers), Neteller and Paysafe. An overview of all payment services accepted by this British bookmaker can be found on the Ladbrokes website as well as in our Ladbrokes test report. Also, the cash-out function is not available.

Geographical restrictions

Please see the terms and conditions of Ladbrokes.


What is our evaluation of the Ladbrokes bonus?

The Ladbrokes bonus gives new customers an attractive reason to register on the webpage of this established bookmaker. The bonus appeals thanks to a free bet in the amount of £ 20 as reward on your first £ 5 wager, as it does with absolutely fair and doable wagering requirements. This includes extremely low minimum odds of 1.50, which applies to all wagers made within the framework of the bonus offer. Though the free bet cannot be paid out directly (the minimum wagering requirement in real money is de facto the amount of your first wager), within the 4-day period you have the potential to accumulate some significant winnings if Lady Luck is with you. In summary, the Ladbrokes bonus is a very promising offer for beginners, with the number of potential winnings to a great extent in your own hands – something which is not necessarily the case in every new-customer bonus offer.

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