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CAMPEONBET REVIEW - Our Experiences and Evaluation

Reading time: 6 Minutes

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In our review of Campeonbet presented to you here, we continue our series of reports on experiences with betting providers who might not immediately come to the mind of sports betting fans looking for a new bookie to add to their personal repertoire. As usual, we have focused on the most important categories to take into account when considering your betting strategies. Before we get into the precise details, here is a little basic information about our “test candidate”: Campeonbet works under a license from Curaçao, which is very much standard practice in the sports betting industry. In the last several years, this bookie has made quite a name for itself above all in the Latin American region, a fact that probably seems very logical to readers with a knack for languages. This bookie has only recently become available on the German-speaking market. Reason enough for us to subject them to a detailed analysis with respect to betting products, types of bets, live bets and customer service.

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BETTING PRODUCTS – Campeonbet review indicates an extensive portfolio

Translated literally, Campeon basically means “winner” or “champion” – especially when looking at their betting products, it is fair to claim this bookmaker manages to come very close to living up to this claim. In the course of our research, we were able to establish a total of 35 different sports, including a number of exotic outliers such as surfing. Needless to say, and especially when we consider the Latin American roots of this betting provider, their main focus is on football. Though let us not forget: Political and social bets as well as E-sports aren’t overlooked either, allowing us to give this betting provider a good rating in this field as well. The opportunities to bet on tennis are nothing to sneeze at either: with bets and tournaments from 14 different countries available for your wagering pleasure at the time of our review. With respect to handball, the Campeonbet repertoire was restricted to the most important European leagues in Germany, France and Spain. On the subject of leagues: Here, we put the wide selection of competitions in football under the microscope. And tipsters are indeed able to bet on practically everything imaginable: From women’s football in Iceland to the top two leagues in Estonia, you will find essentially whatever your heart desires. The depth of leagues in certain countries is particularly evident in England and Germany, where the top 4 tiers of competition are offered. Surprisingly, in Spain they are restricted purely to La Liga. The number of betting markets is essentially constant – regardless of the importance or quality of the league – at roughly 150. Whereas this is a very respectable number, it still doesn’t outshine the best betting providers. Competitions such as the Champions, Europa and Nations League are also represented at this bookmaker, of course. We award 17 out of 20 points in this category

BETTING ODDS – Campeonbet delivers attractive football odds

Since we noted in the above category that England and Germany are particularly well represented on this site, in this section on “Betting Odds” we also take a closer look at the payout rates in the highest leagues of both those nations. For a full day’s competition in England’s highest league, our analysis indicated a payout rate between 94.3 and 94.4 percent. These are numbers that customers can be thoroughly satisfied with, though they are not the absolute best on the market. We should stress, however, that this is definitely not the last word when it comes to their odds, since numbers can fluctuate on a day-to-day basis. In Germany, we encountered a similar scenario when looking at the Bundesliga. Here, too, the payout rates were barely above 94%, leading us to reach a similar conclusion as with their English counterparts – attractive, but not outstanding. Add to that the fact that, at the time we conducted our review, a number of the matches in Germany actually appeared twice in their selection – an error that just shouldn’t happen. Upon examining individual matches in the German and French second divisions, we noted a significant drop-off in payout rates down to barely above 90% – though fluctuations are normal and tolerable to a certain degree, such a drastic drop as this is, in our view, something negative. The same applies to sports across the board. Certain tennis tournaments boasted payout rates of over 92%, whereas in basketball that number dropped again to around 90. As a consequence, in this category we award 16 out of 20 points.

LIVE BETS – Flexible display options add to positive live experiences at Campeonbet

In this category, we focus on this bookmaker’s live center. It became clearly evident that this is something they attach great importance to: At the time of our research, a total of 13 different E- sports as well as “classic” sports were available live. With respect to men’s football, no fewer than 100 markets were being offered for events currently taking place, a very respectable number. With one click on the match you are interested in, Campeonbet provides you with live statistics along with a timeline, an H2H chart and a live table. Below that, you can browse the various available betting markets. The design of the live center is clear and easy to navigate, prominently displayed in the middle of the webpage. A mix of light and dark gray along with isolated colored elements ensures a pleasant live experience. Furthermore, thanks to the “Multiview” option you can follow several different events simultaneously in real time. A fact which we rate positively, of course. A live calendar is also part of this bookmaker’s repertoire, as are individual streaming services. At the time of our review, these were particularly apparent in the E-sports area. The payout rates offered for live games were somewhat over 90, and in some cases even more than 92 percent; definitely an attractive figure when looking at live bets. The only shortcoming in this category of our review: The live center frequently refreshed every few seconds, detracting from the overall user-friendliness. As a consequence, in this category we award 9 out of 10 points.

BETTING BONUS – Campeonbet review indicates a slightly above-average maximum amount

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  • time restriction: 30 days
  • System and Chain bets will not be counted
  • Excluded: Serbia, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Estonia, Indonesia, Belarus, Moldova, Armenia, Cyprus, Azerbaijan, Russia, FYROM, Republic of Korea, Ukraine, Greece, Croatia, Nigeria, Slovenia, Poland and Latvia.
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USER-FRIENDLINESS – classic structure with the occasional weakness

With respect to user-friendliness, we are somewhat ambivalent: On the one hand, this bookmaker does strive to present a “classic design”. But on the other, they don’t always succeed, which leads to slight problems when it comes to navigability. Let us begin with the fact that no fewer than 8 different categories are featured in the header area: in addition to the sports betting area, we also find the live center, live casino and generic casino area. Directly below that, you will see the multiview option, live calendar as well as the event view, with the selected element being displayed in the center of the screen. The orange color scheme of this area doesn’t quite correlate with the otherwise very classic black – gray – white overall appearance. The different sports and leagues are listed on the left-hand side of the website. However: If you select a league, a country or a sport, this will remain open until you click again on the button provided. Especially if you make multiple selections, this quickly leads to a cluttered display. If, instead, they would merely leave the most recent selection open, this would be far more user-friendly. On a positive note: The problem with the page continuously “refreshing” – as we noted above in our “Live Betting” category – was corrected just hours later, and from that point on didn’t occur again. Something that caught our eye and didn’t quite work for us: In the sports betting area, their casino bonuses were constantly mentioned, but not the welcome offer for their sports book. This might very well be the case with their mobile version. Here, the different sports are shown on the left-hand side of the display, though can also be accessed in the header area. You can also select hourly intervals in order to check on events that will be coming up in the near future. Less positive: The payment options and other additional information are totally absent in the mobile version, whereas the desktop version allows you to open them in the footer. Though in that case, they then cover the entire screen – neither circumstance is ideal. Also apparent: A number of translations are rather “rough” to say the least, while some sections were not translated at all. Occasionally long loading times also detracted from betting experiences as a whole. As a consequence, in this category we award 7 out of 10 points.

PAYMENT OPTIONS – slight deductions in our Campeonbet review

Also when it came to payment options, our experiences with this bookmaker were not entirely satisfactory. First of all, this was due to the fact that payment options were not presented in the FAQ area. Though not that unusual, this is not necessarily the best way of doing business. In terms of quantity, the selection of payment options left something to be desired. Users only have 14 different payment channels available to. In comparison: In this category, the best bookmakers offer way more than 100 different possibilities: Though not absolutely necessary, it does reflect an effort on their part to provide the perfect option for every single customer. Returning to this bookmaker, we note that Paypal is not represented. That fact led to occasional points deductions from their competitors as well.

On a positive note: Campeonbet does not appear to charge any fees on deposits or payouts. Furthermore, this bookie provides an overview of estimated processing times, which, in most cases, are just a few minutes. They also address minimum and maximum deposits, along with the highest possible payout amount in the payout area. Whereas we did note an “info button” accompanied each payment option, for the most part whenever we clicked on this we were only given the follow-up option of selecting “deposit”, with no trace of any additional information. However, we were able to select different currencies along with their respective minimum and maximum amounts. Overall, in this category we were able to award 7 out of 10 points.

CUSTOMER SERVICE – Missing translations tarnished our impression of Campeonbet

One problem that was also apparent in other categories – that is to say, missing or error-prone translations – also became an issue as we evaluated customer service. In this bookmaker’s FAQ area, basically only the area “payments” was translated, which, needless to say, didn’t contain a whole bunch of text. In general, customer support is only offered in English, which is not necessarily appealing to customers in the German-speaking world who are considering registering with Campeonbet. In addition, live chat appears not to be available around the clock, while only minimal information is provided about contact times. On a more positive note again, we did discover that our questions were answered quickly and competently. If this was not possible immediately, we were connected with a responsible person able to provide us with the information we needed immediately. In earlier research, we discovered this bookmaker did offer a call-back option at a time of day convenient to the user. We did not come across this option in our current review. With or without it: Our overall impression of customer service at Campobet was positive, though its breadth could certainly be improved, especially for the German-speaking market. We award 7 out of 10 points.

PROFESSIONALISM – established role in the Latin American market assures certainty

In this category, there are fewer reasons to deduct points. As previously mentioned, a Curaçao license suggests a professional approach and is typical of other providers. Furthermore, Campeonbet is known to have an extremely good reputation in Latin America, a reputation they are not likely to jeopardize in the German-speaking market as, in our opinion, they continue to expand their offer over the coming months and years. Regarding their license from Curaçao, we should also point out that the island requires bookmakers to provide evidence of safe handling practices with respect to their customers’ money as well as fraud protections. The power behind the sports betting offer from this bookmaker is, our research indicates, CW Marketing B.V., which also hosts a number of other betting providers. However: Corporate information about Campeonbet itself is hard to unearth. A circumstance which differentiates this bookie significantly from other – similarly young – competitors. That said, their relatively short history on the sports betting market does not constitute a valid excuse. Additionally, information about responsible gambling as well as addiction prevention should be offered or expanded. Overall, for their professionalism we award this company 8 out of 10 points.


For a number of years now, betting taxes have had to be collected in the German-speaking world. Bookmakers handle this process differently, either collecting the taxes from their customers in full or only if they happen to win. With respect to Campeonbet, they currently assume full responsibility for those taxes themselves

IN SUMMARY – Our review indicates need for improvement in several areas

Our review indicated a substantial discrepancy between different categories. On the one hand, our thorough research indicated very convincing betting products with a wide range of variety and depth. With respect to live bets, too, this bookmaker strives to offer its users a betting experience that is as pleasant as possible. Slight deductions were necessary for the bonus offer, odds and user-friendliness. Here, our review did not produce exclusively positive findings. We noted a need for improvement in “customer-specific” areas such as payment options as well as customer service in general. As a young bookmaker, especially, we feel that major effort should be invested in these categories, since user satisfaction as well as professionalism are the most valuable commodities on today’s sports betting market. Overall, we feel there is still room for improvement in a number of areas.

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