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€100 Betworld Bonus

100% up to € 100

Betworld is one of the younger betting providers on the market and is looking to draw the attention of new customers through exciting bonus offers. At first sight, the Betworld bonus appears to be a standard 100% offer based on your first payment, capped at a maximum amount of €100. However, this young bookie has also come up with a special twist: the bonus amount must first be unlocked through a maximum of 5 different steps. Aside from sports wagers, the online casino as well as various other forms of wager qualify towards meeting the wagering requirements – though each is weighted differently. One aspect of the Betworld bonus we particularly like is the fact that each of the 5 separate steps results in a payout of 1/5 of the bonus amount, while the low minimum odds of 1.70 also add to our positive impression. That said, once you have decided to participate in the Betworld bonus, you only have 14 days to meet the wagering conditions. Below, we take a closer look at how the Betworld bonus is structured and the various conditions including minimum wager, deadlines as well as wagering restrictions.

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Betting bonus details Betworld

Betting bonus details Betworld"
Bonus details
100% up to 100€
deposit bonus
All details
  • Minimum odds: 1.70
  • Minimum turn over: 5x
  • Valid period after first deposit: 10 days
  • Valid period for turn over: 14 days
  • per €100 bet amount there are €20 bonus up to a maximum of €100
  • Minimum deposit: 10€
  • Valid in: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Cyprus, Belgium, Italy, Turkey, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Slowenien, Monaco
  • System bets are not valid
  • more deposits possible
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Explained simply: how does the Betworld bonus work?

In order to participate in the bonus program offered by Betworld, you will first have to register as a first-time user on the website of this betting provider. Once you have registered, you have 10 days in which to deposit at least €10, which will then activate the bonus program. After this, you can unlock the Betworld bonus in 5 steps, after each of which you receive a payout of 1/5 of the bonus amount. It is up to you whether you complete each of these steps by means of sports wagers or casino games, though you must opt for one or the other and may not switch between sports wagers and online casino games during any given stage. Furthermore, this new-customer offer is capped at €100, up to which amount your initial deposit will be doubled. To receive the Betworld bonus, you must meet certain wagering conditions, which we have detailed for you below.

Amount of the wagering bonus in %

The Betworld bonus equates to 100% of your first payment, with this betting provider de facto doubling the amount of that first payment. If you decide to deposit the minimum amount of €10, you will then be credited an additional €10 as your bonus.

Maximum possible bonus amount

The Betworld bonus is capped at €100. If you decide you wish to receive the maximum amount, you will then find a total of €200 available on your wagering account.

How to receive your Betworld bonus

  • 1. Click on the link provided here to go to the Betworld website
  • 2. Register as a first-time user with this betting provider
  • 3. Make a qualifying first deposit within 10 days of registration
  • 4. Unlock the Betworld bonus by meeting the wagering requirements

Bonus conditions: what aspects of the Betworld bonus should you be aware of?

Within the framework of the Betworld bonus, there are a number of conditions you must meet before you can request a payout. You will have to bet the amount of your first deposit on multiple wagers through the bookmaker’s website, which may be in the form of sports wagers as well as casino bets. However, these two different wagering forms contribute differently to meeting the wagering conditions. If you wish to unlock the Betworld bonus with the aid of the online casino, you will have to bet the amount of your initial payment 30 times (each of the different games and slots is also weighted differently). If, however, you decide to go with sports wagers, you will only have to wager the amount of your first deposit 5 times at minimum odds of 1.70. System wagers as well as bets on multiple outcomes of one and the same event are likewise excluded from the Betworld bonus offer. This betting provider gives you 14 days to meet all of these conditions, within which time all of your wagers must have been made and resolved. In our analysis, we wish to draw your attention to the fact that the bonus is divided into 5 possible steps: after each step you will be able to unlock 1/5 of the bonus and receive a payout of your winnings. In contrast to other new customer offers that compel you to wager the full amount of your first payment, this absorbs some of the risk. Below, we describe the wagering conditions required by the Betworld bonus in detail, including wagering requirements, timelines and minimum odds.

Minimum buy-in
In order to qualify for the Betworld bonus, you will need to make an initial deposit to your account of €10. Payments below this amount will not qualify for this betting provider’s bonus offer.

Minimum wager

Depending on whether you prefer to meet the Betworld bonus conditions through sports wagers or the online casino, the required number of wagers will vary. If you decide to go with sports wagers, you will have to bet the amount of your first payment a total of 5 times. System wagers and bets on different outcomes of the same event are excluded from the Betworld bonus. If you decide to go with casino bets, however, you will have to wager the amount of your first payment 30 times, with the different slots and games weighted towards the wagering requirements as follows: slots, scratch cards, soft games: 100%; roulette: 25%; blackjack, baccarat: 15%; video poker, casino poker: 10%.

Minimum odds
The minimum odds for qualifying sports wagers are 1.70. Wagers below these odds, as well as system wagers and multiple bets on different outcomes of the same event are excluded from this bonus offer.

Time restrictions
You can unlock the bonus amounts offered through the Betworld bonus program within 14 days of receipt. After this time, the bonus is forfeited and you will no longer be able to place qualifying wagers or receive a payout.

Payment restrictions
During the course of our research into the Betworld bonus, we were unable to establish any restrictions with respect to payment methods. However, we wish to point out that Betworld does not payout on amounts less than €30.

Geographical restrictions
Within the German-speaking world, the Betworld bonus is available to customers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg.

Our evaluation of the Betworld bonus: what were the key factors?

This offer for new customers represents an interesting variation on typical bonus programs, giving you great flexibility in how you meet the wagering conditions. Because you can decide for yourself whether you use sports wagers or the online casino to meet the wagering requirements, you are in a position to develop your own strategy. Since you can receive a partial payout of your Betworld bonus after each of the 5 steps, you can determine for yourself how open you are to risk. We also draw your attention to the low minimum odds of 1.70 for sports wagers which, based on our experience, are comparatively low. However, you only have 14 days to meet all of the Betworld bonus conditions, which prompted a few deductions on our part. In summary, because of its aforementioned flexibility and the moderate wagering conditions (with the exception of the timeline), we find this offer attractive and therefore give it an above-average score.