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How to secure the Betsson bonus?

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€ 75 Bonus

100% up to € 75

Fans of sports wagering, this is an offer you should definitely pay attention to: The new Betsson bonus, which is only available to new customers from Germany, packs quite a punch: in fact, you can double your first pay-in! This great welcome offer gives you a top-notch initial bonus in the amount of 100% up to a maximum of €75. In other words, if you pay in €75 to get started, you will secure yourself the maximum bonus sum and have a total of €150 available to you immediately on your newly opened wagering account. In order to receive a payout of the total amount, you will have to meet a few very reasonable wagering conditions: within 30 days of receiving your bonus credit, you must wager your bonus sum 10 times on qualifying sports wagers, while the required minimum odds are actually astonishingly low – only 1.50. Combo bets are permitted, though the system wagers offered by Betsson are excluded from the welcome bonus. All of the other bonus details, as well as a simple explanation of how you go about receiving the new-customer bonus offered by this Swedish bookmaker, are presented to you below.

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How to receive your Betsson bonus

1. First of all, you have to open a new wagering account with this Swedish bookie, which you can do quickly. One click on the link we have provided here at Wettformat will take you to the registration page!
2. In order for you to take advantage of the lucrative 100% Betsson bonus, your first payment must be at least €10. In addition, you must claim your bonus under “my account”. In other words, you must activate your welcome bonus before placing your first wager.
3. PLEASE NOTE: Payment services Skrill and Neteller are excluded from this bonus offer. So, use a different payment option to make your first deposit. After this, you may also make use of the aforementioned services if you wish to, of course.
4. From the time your account is credited the bonus sum, you have 30 days to meet the wagering conditions. Only when you have done so, can you receive a payout of the total sum (pay-in + bonus).
5. This offer is only valid for players who are not from any of the following countries:
Albania, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Israel, Japan, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Norway, Peru, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, UK and Ukraine.

Explained simply: how does the Betsson bonus work?

The Betsson bonus for potential new customers is quickly explained since the conditions are quite simple. This lucrative welcome bonus available through this Swedish betting provider represents a classic buy-in bonus: when you make your first deposit, the bookmaker will award you a top-notch bonus in the amount of 100% – this means that Betsson will contribute the amount of your own payment as a bonus – essentially doubling your buy-in! In total, you will be able to receive as much as €75. That said, your initial buy-in would be €75 in order to receive the maximum possible wagering credit. At the end of the day, you would have €150 on your newly registered wagering account. This amount is locked until you have met the wagering conditions required to receive the Betsson Bonus. At that point, the bonus amount can be paid out. In total, you must wager the bonus sum 10 times at low minimum odds of 1.50. Even combo wagers are included. On the other hand, system wagers are excluded from this offer. The bookmaker gives you 30 days from the time you are credited the bonus to meet its conditions. The minimum pay-in in order to take advantage of the Betsson bonus is €10. We provide all of the other details for you below.

Amount of the wagering bonus in %

The Betsson offer is a very high quality new-customer bonus in the amount of 100%. When you register for a new wagering account, the bookmaker rewards you with a bonus credit corresponding to twice the amount of your first deposit. In other words: Betsson will credit your wagering account with 3 times the amount of your first payment. If we assume that you decide to start out by depositing €25: in this case, you can count on receiving a bonus of €25 and would immediately have €50 to wager with.

Maximum possible Betsson bonus amount

The maximum possible bonus amount you can receive within the framework of this new-customer offer from Betsson is € 75. So: pay in € 75 and wager with €150 in your kitty! In essence, because of this lucrative 100% wager bonus, the amount of your initial payment will be doubled.

Bonus conditions: what is important to know about the Betsson bonus?

With respect to the Betsson bonus offer, there are a few conditions you should be aware of. Only when you have met all of the wagering conditions detailed below, will the total sum – consisting of your first pay-in and the bonus amount awarded to you by the betting provider – be converted into real money. Important information: The amount of your wager which qualifies towards meeting the conditions of the bonus offer is calculated on the basis of your wager minus a 5% betting tax. For example: if you place a wager of €10, a fee of € 0.50 is automatically deducted, leaving you with an effective wager of € 9.50, which then goes towards meeting the wagering conditions.

Minimum buy-in
Even with an initial deposit of just €10, you can take advantage of the Betsson welcome bonus. If you indeed decide to pay in this minimum amount as your first deposit, you will be credited €20 to your wagering account; as we have already mentioned, your buy-in is essentially doubled.

Minimum wager
As you consider the Betsson bonus, you should be clearly aware of the following point: the bonus amount (up to €75) and the required initial deposit to receive this bonus (up to €75) are both locked until you have met the wagering conditions in full. If your first deposit is higher than the required amount to receive the bonus (> € 75), the remainder of the buy-in bonus is unlocked and available for payout. Your wagering credit is used up in the following order: money available for payout, your locked credit, bonus money. In order for the initially locked wagering credit (buy-in + bonus) to be paid out, the bonus sum must be wagered 6 times on qualifying sports bets. If you wish to receive the maximum bonus possible, you will have to make sports wagers with a total value of €7550 (10 x € 75).

Minimum odds
One particular highlight of the Betsson bonus for new customers from Germany are the extremely low minimum odds of 1.50 which are required in order to meet wagering conditions. This becomes more attractive still because combo wagers are also accepted towards meeting the requirements for the bonus offer.

Time restrictions
In total, the betting provider gives you 30 days from when you received the initial bonus credit in order to meet all of the wagering conditions. If this does not happen, you will forfeit the bonus as well as all winnings which this bonus generated. The same applies if you cancel the bonus prematurely.

Payment restrictions
Please be aware that you may not make your first payment using Skrill or Neteller, since neither of these qualify towards the Betsson bonus offer. However, the bookmaker provides plenty of other payment options for you to choose from. These include PayPal, Paysafecard as well as transfers using SOFORT. Once you have met the offer’s conditions, you may also use the two payment services we mentioned above as well, of course.

Wagering restrictions
As previously mentioned, combo wagers are also accepted to meet the minimum odds requirement of 1.50 as well as to fulfill the wagering conditions in general. However, system wagers are fundamentally excluded from the Betsson bonus. The bonus money may only be bet on sports wagers, whereas casino offers etc. are not applicable towards the new-customer bonus. If you are someone who intends to apply a wagering strategy that involves covering all possible results of a specific sporting event, you should be forewarned: In this case, Betsson reserves the right to revoke the bonus offer completely. This would also affect all potential winnings that the bonus had generated to that point.

Geographical restrictions
This offer is only valid for players who are not from any of the following countries:
Albania, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Israel, Japan, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Norway, Peru, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, UK and Ukraine.

Our evaluation of the Betsson bonus: what were the key factors?

Bottom line: Betsson offers new customers a truly phenomenal bonus, highlighted by the fact that they essentially double the amount of your initial deposit. By doing so, they leave many of the welcome offers available through other bookies in the dust. A 100% bonus worth as much as €75 is not something you encounter every day, which is why new customers would be well advised to take advantage of it when they register with Betsson. In addition to the low minimum buy-in of €10, which is actually quite standard in many bonus offers, the very low minimum odds of 1.50 are also worthy of note. Another highlight: combo wagers are also accepted towards meeting the bonus conditions. In other words, the minimum odds should not be an issue at all for sports tipsters. The wagering conditions in general are very user-friendly and simple to meet. That said, a somewhat longer timeframe in which to meet the wagering conditions might have been desirable. Due to the 30-day deadline, you should seriously consider the amount of your initial deposit.

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