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Betser € 10 welcome bonus

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€ 10 bonus

Bet €20 get €10 bonus!

The structure of the Betser bonus is as simple as it is attractive: For the first bet of €20 or more made as a new customer on the website of this bookmaker, you will receive €10 in real money credited to your newly opened betting account. You will not have to meet any further conditions since the Betser bonus is not tied to any betting requirements. That said, all you have to do is make a first bet of at least €20, after which the bookmaker will automatically transfer another €10 to your account. You can use this amount either to make additional bets or have it paid out to you directly. While the bonus amount of 50% might not seem particularly exciting at first glance, the very fact alone that the Betser bonus is immediately available as real money and not tied to any betting conditions gives it a good rating in our eyes. Simply click on one of the buttons provided on this page and you will immediately be redirected to the Betser website, where all that’s left to do is register as a new customer and lay a first bet of at least €20.

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Betting bonus details Betser

Betting bonus details Betser"
Bonus details
€ 10 Bonus
for first € 20 bet
All details
  • maximum bonus amount: € 10
  • minimum bet: € 20 without wagering
  • payment restrictions: no restrictions apparent
  • geographical restrictions: available in Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Slovenia, Sweden and more (please refer to the detailed information provided below)
Get the bonus

How to receive your Betser bonus

  • 1. By clicking on one of the buttons provided on this page, you will immediately be transferred to this bookie’s website.
  • 2. Open a first-time customer account
  • 3. Make a first bet of at least €20

Explained simply: how does the Betser bonus work?

In order to take advantage of this welcome offer, you will first need to complete a first-time registration on this betting provider’s website. Tipsters who already have a betting account with Betser are excluded from this new-customer offer. At this point, all you have to do is make a bet of at least €20 and you will immediately receive the Betser bonus in the amount of €10. The great advantage of this particular welcome offer in comparison to other new-customer programs, is that the bonus amount is immediately available to you in real money without having to meet any betting conditions at all.

Amount of the betting bonus in %

Though the Betser bonus is not explicitly marketed as being 50%, this is essentially what it is: a minimum bet of €20 will be rewarded with a €10 bonus. However, the Betser bonus is limited to €10 and is not calculated in relation to the amount of your first bet. In other words, assuming that your first bet is €30, you will still only receive €10 as your bonus.

Maximum possible bonus amount

If you make a first bet of €20 or more, the new-customer offer will automatically award you a bonus of €10.

Bonus conditions: what aspects of the Betser bonus should you be aware of?

No betting conditions are associated with the Betser bonus. After you have registered successfully and made a minimum qualifying bet of €20, you will immediately be credited a €10 bonus. This is real money, available to you without having to meet any further betting conditions.

Minimum bet

In order to qualify to receive the Bet bonus, your first bet on this bookmaker’s website must be at least €20. As soon as this bet has been made, you will be credited the bonus amount of €10.

Payment restrictions
In the course of our research, we were unable to establish any payment restrictions. To the best of our knowledge, you will be able to make use of any of the electronic payment methods which are listed on this betting provider’s webpage.

Geographical restrictions

Customers from those countries which are accepted by this betting provider are welcome to participate in this welcome offer. This includes Australia, Brazil, Canada, Finland, Germany, Greenland, Iceland, Japan, Liechtenstein, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Slovenia, South Africa, Sweden and Switzerland. However, the Betser bonus is only available one time per household, IP address and/or credit card. Subject to the General Terms & Conditions of Betser.com.


Our evaluation of the Betser bonus: what were the key factors?

The Betser bonus rewards you with €10, which is transferred to your account in real money and not tied to any other betting conditions. In order to take advantage of this welcome offer, you must complete a first-time registration on the betting provider’s website and make a first bet of at least €20. Once this qualifying first bet has been made, Betser will immediately credit you the €10 bonus, which you can either have paid out or use to make other bets on this bookmaker’s website. In summary, we give the Betser bonus an average rating solidly in the mid-range. Even though the bonus is in real money, we regard the maximum possible amount of the welcome bonus – €10 – as being on the low side.

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