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300% bis €30

300% bis €30, bonus code: bet30, betting requirement: 5x sum of the buy-in and bonus

Through this lucrative bonus offer, betting provider BetRedKings wants to spark the interest of new customers by tripling their first payment into their newly opened betting account. The 300% BetRedKings bonus is awarded upon a first transfer to your account of €10, which is the minimum payment. In other words, thanks to this new-customer offer you will be able to secure yourself a fixed bonus amount of €30 if you also enter bonus code “bet30” when making your first transfer. However, before you can receive a payout of the BetRedKings bonus, you will have to meet certain betting conditions which this welcome offer requires. For example, you will have to wager the total sum of your first payment and the bonus amount 5 times on qualifying bets using this bookmaker’s website, while the odds quoted on your bets must be at least 1.80. Furthermore, certain types of bet, such as long-term bets (on winners) as well as system wagers, are excluded from the BetRedKings bonus. This new-customer offer is only available to tipsters who live in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden and Norway, and who have never before placed bets on this bookmaker’s website. All of the other information you should be aware of in order to take advantage of this welcome offer is presented to you below in our detailed analysis of the BetRedKings bonus, including such factors as minimum wager, deadlines as well as geographical restrictions.

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Betting bonus details BetRedKings

Betting bonus details BetRedKings"
Bonus details

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How to receive your BetRedKings bonus

  • 1. A click on the button provided will transfer you quickly and conveniently to this betting provider’s own website
  • 2. Open your first-time customer account
  • 3. Make a qualifying first payment and enter the bonus code “bet30”
  • 4. Meet all of the betting conditions

Explained simply: how does the BetRedKings bonus work?

You can only take advantage of this new-customer offer if you have never previously opened a betting account with this bookmaker and are thus registering for a betting account with BetRedKings for the first time. After completing registration, you will have to deposit €10 to your new account, which will then be tripled thanks to the BetRedKings bonus. Important: When making your first transfer, you must enter the bonus code “bet30”, otherwise you will be denied participation in this new-customer offer. From the moment you have been credited the BetRedKings bonus, you have 30 days to meet certain conditions required by this welcome program. If, by the end of this time, you have been unable to fulfill the BetRedKings bonus conditions, the offer loses its validity and you will only be refunded the amount of your first payment. The precise details of this new-customer offer are presented to you in detail below.

Amount of the betting bonus in %

The new-customer program offered by BetRedKings involves a bonus equivalent to 300% of your initial buy-in. In other words, the amount of your first deposit to your betting account will be tripled.

Maximum possible bonus amount

The BetRedKings bonus is offered on first payments up to €10. This means that your maximum possible bonus amount will be €30.

Bonus conditions: what aspects of the BetRedKings bonus should you be aware of?

The BetRedKings bonus requires you to meet certain betting conditions before you will be eligible to receive a payout of the bonus (as well as any winnings it may have generated). Firstly, you must wager the sum of your initial buy-in plus the bonus amount on a total of 5 bets using the BetRedKings website at minimum odds of 1.80. Furthermore, certain betting markets and options do not contribute to meeting the BetRedKings bonus conditions. These include long-term bets (on winners), system bets, pre-post horse races and multiple bets on one and the same event. The maximum wager per bet may not exceed an amount of €20. The betting conditions must be met within 30 days of being credited the BetRedKings bonus, otherwise the bonus will be forfeited. In the following sections, we explain the various details of this new-customer offer, so that you are clearly aware of the precise conditions required by the BetRedKings bonus program.

Minimum buy-in
The BetRedKings bonus requires a minimum first payment of €10, which also represents the maximum amount allowed by this new-customer offer. If you deposit less than €10, you will be unable to take advantage of the bonus.

Minimum bet
Before you can receive a payout of the BetRedKings bonus in real money, you will have to bet the total sum of your buy-in plus the bonus 5 times using this bookmaker’s website, equating to a total amount of €200.
The maximum possible wager per bet is €20, while certain types of bets are excluded from the BetRedKings bonus program, explained to you in further detail in the next section.

Minimum odds
The BetRedKings bonus conditions require minimum odds of 1.80 on qualifying bets. Furthermore, long-term bets (on winners), system bets, pre-post horse races and several outcomes of the same event do not qualify towards meeting the bonus conditions.

Time restrictions
This betting provider gives you 30 days to meet all of the conditions of their welcome offer. If you do not manage to make the required bets within this timeframe, you will forfeit your rights to the BetRedKings bonus.

Payment restrictions
In the course of our research, we were unable to establish any restrictions in this regard. That said, to the best of our knowledge you may select any of the payment services listed on the BetRedKings website.

Geographical restrictions
The BetRedKings bonus is only available to new customers from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden and Norway.

Our evaluation of the BetRedKings bonus: what were the key factors?

By offering a 300% bonus worth as much as €30, BetRedKings has managed to create an attractive offer for new customers. Due to the moderate conditions, which include minimum odds of 1.80 and 30 days in which to place all qualifying bets, in our mind the BetRedKings is clearly upper mid-range. Only the minimum betting requirement, which entails betting the sum of your first deposit plus the bonus amount 5 times, we find to be a little demanding. In total, however, in virtually all of our evaluation categories we find the BetRedKings bonus to be satisfactory. Therefore, we recommend it without hesitation to tipsters who are not afraid of having to place slightly higher bets.