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In our extensive test of Bethard, which conducted as part of a comparison of betting providers, we present to you our personal experiences with this ambitious betting provider along with an evaluation which, as usual, takes a close look at several important criteria. “Winners Dare More”: This is the slogan of this comparatively young bookmaker, only established in 2014, since when it has forged to the head of the pack and even made a large number of its competitors look quite old in every sense of the word. Allow us to say up front: Our Bethard experiences attested to an outstanding complete package consisting of high odds, a broad betting program, modern live-betting opportunities as well as a lucrative bonus. According to this bookmaker’s website, which displays a very reputable EU license for sports betting, it is operated by Bethard Group Limited, which is headquartered in Malta. This betting provider has been represented on the German market since 2016. In the following Bethard test report, we provide a detailed analysis of this ambitious bookmaker’s strengths as well as the many different reasons it pays off to register with them.

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Our review and our experiences at
written by: BETTINGFORMAT, Review
82 / 100 Percent

Betting bonus details Bethard

Betting bonus details Bethard"
Bonus details
100% up to 100€
on the first deposit
Bonus code: WF125
All details
  • Minimum turnover: Bonus + deposit 8x
  • Minimum odds: 2.00
  • Validity: 30 days
  • Minimum deposit: 10€
  • Valid for: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finnland, Canada, Germany and Austria.
  • Bonus code: WF125
Get the bonus
Criteria Rating
Betting offer 19 / 20
Odds 18 / 20
Live betting 10 / 10
Betting bonus 8 / 10
Usability / 10
Methods of payment 8 / 10
Customer Service 9 / 10
Integrity 10 / 10

BETTING PRODUCTS – The Bethard test revealed a wealth of opportunities

Let us begin by pointing out that online bookmaker Bethard convinced us in every regard, reflected in the high score we awarded. As a rule, this betting provider carries 35 different sports in its program, a program which expands from one season to the next. In addition to the classic and better-known sports, which there is no need to mention here since they are offered by many other bookies, at Bethard you will also discover far more exotic sports. These include Futsal, trotting, martial arts, netball, Gaelic football, cricket and speedway. This betting provider also offers an extensive selection of E-sports. Based on our experience, it is fair to say that Bethard constantly strives to expand its betting program and most definitely does not rest on its laurels.

Naturally, the lion’s share of their betting program is focused on football. And in fact, this ambitious bookmaker manages to eclipse a number of well-established betting providers even when it comes to football. Within the framework of our Bethard test, we established that, in Germany and Austria, it is possible to place bets all the way down to the regional leagues. In England, too, numerous amateur divisions are covered. As for Europe in general, for the most part Bethard can be relied on to cover the second tier – even when it comes to those countries that generally garner less attention. Furthermore, you can bet on matches in Africa (e.g. Uganda) and Asia (e.g. South Korea), not necessarily the case with many other veteran bookmakers. In our test report, Bethard also managed to convince us when it came to betting markets. In football as well as a number of other sports, various sub-bets and detail bets are available, with their offer encompassing Asian handicap bets and even missed penalty shots. We also draw your attention to the large number of long-term bets possible through this young bookie.

Customers have much more to look forward to than just sports betting: Bethard also offers a casino with over 400 games, a live casino with more than 40 table games, card games as well as virtual sports. In summary: In this particular category, our evaluation of Bethard is practically perfect - other bookmakers can definitely take a leaf out of their book. In our test, we award them 19 out of 20 points

BETTING ODDS – Our experience with Bethard indicates a high payout rate

Bethard performs outstandingly in our test when we look at the important criterion of odds. Especially when it comes to the most important football leagues and sporting events, the odds offered by this bookmaker promise high returns and compare well with those of other bookies. Within the scope of our Bethard experience report, we were able to establish an average payout rate of 95-96%. Frequently, this number is even surpassed – especially when it comes to sports that are the focus of media attention. Customers will find the best odds on so-called “main bets”. When it comes to result bets and 3-way bets (1X2), our experience indicates that Bethard is the cream of the crop. With their long-term bets, too, this bookmaker convinces with excellent odds. As for sub-bets (over/under bets, handicap bets as well as double chance bets), this betting provider places in the upper third – though in this case, is more rarely able to offer top odds.

One of the most rewarding options, especially for sports tipsters who don’t shy away from rapid decisions, is to place a quick bet right after the betting markets have opened. It is frequently the case that odds on pre-match bets drop slightly over time, before rising again just before the actual start of the event. That said, when betting through Bethard, you should consider placing your bets either very quickly or very late. In evaluating this betting provider, we were especially impressed by their section known as “Price Boost”: Here, they tout sports bets that stand out due to climbing odds as well as a wide range of betting opportunities. Furthermore, Bethard provides an extremely lucrative booster for combo bets that shouldn’t be overlooked. In this category of our test, we award Bethard 18 out of 20 points.

LIVE BETS – Bethard is an excellent in-play betting provider

When it came to live betting, Bethard managed to convince us completely. Let us begin by looking at their opportunities: In addition to primary sports as football, basketball, tennis and ice hockey, for which Bethard operates a live program covering all important match-ups, you will also discover all kinds of more exotic sports, providing a welcome change of pace. Live bets on bowling, cricket, E-sports, snooker and darts are very much the rule, not the exception, thanks to this ambitious betting provider. When it comes to sub-bets, too, this betting provider leaves nothing to be desired. On average, they offer around 100 betting markets for any regular football match. Furthermore, the odds which are offered by Bethard are amongst the best. Over the course of the sporting event, their odds generally climb very rapidly, inviting you to place live bets – here, you need to be quick so as not to miss out on the best offers.

The visual appearance and layout of the Bethard live center: In fact, our test report revealed nothing to complain about in this regard. The design of the live betting area is like the rest of the website: clearly structured, not cluttered, easy to navigate. Which means, new customers quickly get their bearings at Bethard and users generally give their live-betting experiences top marks. Navigating the live center is simple, categorization into main- and subcategories making it easy to find the bets that work best for you. The live match animations as well as the live ticker also impressed us in every regard. Live streams are not offered. In addition, users are supplied with an immense amount of information and statistics, which also positively impacted our evaluation of Bethard in this aspect of our test. Here, we also wish to draw your attention to the cash-out function, which this bookie takes even one step further: With the help of a slide control, customers can decide what fraction of the cash-out value they wish to have paid out, continuing their betting activities with whatever amount remains. This means that you can receive a payout, while still having the prospect of adding to your winnings! For their absolutely successful live betting program, we give all 10 points to Bethard in our test report.

BETTING BONUS – Bethard offers a high bonus amount but a short betting deadline

Betting bonus details Bethard

Betting bonus details Bethard"
Bonus details
100% up to 100€
on the first deposit
Bonus code: WF125
All details
  • Minimum turnover: Bonus + deposit 8x
  • Minimum odds: 2.00
  • Validity: 30 days
  • Minimum deposit: 10€
  • Valid for: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finnland, Canada, Germany and Austria.
  • Bonus code: WF125
Get the bonus

USER-FRIENDLINESS – Bethard shines with its outstanding usability

When it came to user-friendliness, Bethard certainly managed to convince us within the scope of our experience report! The design and structure of their website is uncluttered – as a consequence, you can find everything you need very quickly. The visual appearance invites you to spend more time on the website – the colors black and yellow dominate the picture, giving this betting provider a modern, yet very calm look. This betting provider, like most, goes with a proven design: While the top menu bar presents the main categories (sports betting, live bets, casino, virtual sports etc.), the left-hand column allows you to select the various subcategories (sports, competitions etc.). The visual depiction of individual sports with the help of symbols appeals to us a lot. In the center, of course, we find the individual sporting events, with Bethard subdividing these into “live now”, “soon” and “highlights”.

The customer service area also features a very user-friendly structure and can be navigated without a problem. This also allows you to take care of deposits as well as payouts very quickly. Similarly, the terms of business as well as information about payment options and data privacy are not concealed either, easily selected using the lower portion of the page. Placing a bet is also very easy: Selected sports bets are basically kept in a temporary cache in a small box, and can be pulled up whenever you wish without having to leave the main page. Due to the logical structure, individual bets are quickly found! In the course of the Bethard test, we were particularly impressed by a number of additional features that added to the user-friendliness; especially the sections “results”, “statistics” and “betting rules” – providing users with all kinds of extra information useful in placing bets.

Mobile betting is equally as easy and hassle-free through Bethard. Various transactions and bets can be handled stress-free while you are on the road. The optimized mobile site is essentially identical to the standard website. However, in our Bethard test we did establish that the performance of the mobile site was somewhat lacking. Loading times were comparatively long, meaning that users occasionally have to exercise a degree of patience while the page finishes loading. For this reason, we are compelled to deduct a point. Otherwise, in this particular category there is nothing to complain about: 9/10 points.

PAYMENT OPTIONS – Our report indicates an easy-to-understand, high-quality offer

Of course, payment options are an important element in evaluating any online bookie. Based on our experience, deposits to and payouts from Bethard function flawlessly. However, when it comes to the number of payment options, we did detect a certain need for improvement. Available services for your transactions through this bookie include Visa, MasterCard, Sofort, Trustly and Klarna, as well as online payment providers Neteller, Skrill and paysafecards. At the time we conducted this test report, transfers by means of PayPal were not possible through Bethard. Regardless of your selected payment method, the required minimum payment of €10 is very low. We also had very positive experiences with Bethard in terms of their fees: In fact, there are no charges associated with deposits or payouts. If Bethard eventually expands its payment options, which we assume will happen, due to their already rapid, smooth service we can see them achieving a top ranking in this category. However, in our current evaluation of Bethard, we are compelled to deduct a couple of points: 8/10.

CUSTOMER SERVICE – Bethard provides a dedicated support team

In our experience, betting provider Bethard is focused on providing excellent customer support. We received a quick, thorough response to all of our questions and suggestions. Customers have several ways to communicate their concerns to this betting provider. By clicking on the menu item “customer service”, which is indicated by a headset symbol, you will be taken to the Bethard customer center. There, this bookmaker provides top-notch 24/7 service – with the support team available to assist either by email or live chat at any time. Their email address is support-de@bethard.com. We looked in vain for a contact email template as well as a hotline number. However, as we previously mentioned, this betting provider does offer round-the-clock live chat. For customers from the German-speaking world, a German live chat is operated between 8 AM and 5 PM – outside of these times, you will have to make use of English support. Additionally, Bethard provides a small FAQ area. One tip: This bookmaker can also be reached using Facebook Messenger and can be counted on to provide a quick response! In our test report, we award Bethard 9 out of 10 points for customer service

PROFESSIONALISM – Bethard is a trustworthy bookie and meets high standards

It goes practically without saying that Bethard is a very professional online bookie – otherwise, we would not have included them in our comparison with leading bookmakers. Bethard Group Limited is headquartered in Malta. The local authorities there granted this bookmaker and EU license for sports betting, obligating them to adhere to high standards. In addition, this betting provider is dedicated to responsible betting activities, which is clearly evident on the bookie’s webpage. In the lower section of the webpage, you can select a menu item that takes customers to a contact page for Game Care, providing help for gambling addiction. Needless to say, customer data is treated in confidence. In 2017, Bethard took home the EGR Operator Award for the best customer service. Ergo: They receive the full 10 points in this category.


In the event that customers from Germany receive winnings, Bethard will pass on a betting tax of 5%. Everything you need to know about betting taxes can be found here.

IN SUMMARY – Bethard offers one of the strongest complete packages on the betting market

In our comparison of online bookies, Bethard scored well in many regards. In both of the main categories, Betting Products and Betting Odds, as well as when it came to live betting, this ambitious bookmaker performed outstandingly, a fact reflected in our very positive overall rating: In total, Bethard earned a score of 91 points – a truly admirable score, especially when one considers that this bookie has only been represented on the betting market since 2014. In the face of Bethard’s competitive services, many established betting providers have felt compelled to recalibrate their own offers. Also when it comes to “subordinate” categories, if we may refer to them as such, Bethard does very well. Their dedicated customer service team is available 24/7 and was awarded a prestigious prize in 2017. The structure and optics of their website we also felt were very successful. The uncluttered, clear design is modern and absolutely user-friendly, while all kinds of information and statistics help customers develop their personal betting strategies. With regards to performance on mobile devices, however, there is some room for improvement. In our experience report, Bethard also showed itself to be a very trustworthy and reliable provider: deposit and payout of funds functions flawlessly and lightning fast – in addition, there are no additional transfer charges. Registering with Bethard and taking advantage of their exclusive betting bonus is absolutely worthwhile!

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