Betfair Bonus – Get up to £ 100 in Free Bets

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£ 100 Free Bets

Up to £ 100 in Free Bets for new customers!

As a new customer, the Betfair bonus program gives you the opportunity to earn an additional £100 in wagering credit. To do so, you must first register as a first-time user and enter the bonus code “ZBBC01”, then meet certain conditions to unlock your bonus. Betfair has come up with something quite special since this is not a classic 100% bonus like those available through most bookmakers: The Betfair bonus consists of a maximum of 5 free bets each in the amount of £20, each of which will be credited to you when you meet certain criteria. This then puts a maximum bonus amount of £100 at your disposal for further wagers on the Betfair website. In order to receive these 5 free bets, you must first place 5 wagers with a minimum stake of £10. Since you are eligible for a maximum of 5 free wagers, in order to receive the full bonus amount you would have to make a total of 25 wagers, placing at least £10 in each case, corresponding to a total of £250. The individual wagers as well as the resulting free bets are subject to certain conditions you should be aware of. For example, qualifying bets which are not quoted minimum odds of 1/2 (1.50) are excluded from the Betfair bonus. The bookmaker gives you 30 days to meet all of the bonus conditions, during which time the wagers must be placed and resolved. Once you have received the free bets, these are also valid for 30 days. Below, we explain in detail the Betfair bonus as well as the wagering conditions, so that you are clearly aware of how you can take full advantage of this offer.

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Betting bonus details Betfair

Betting bonus details Betfair"
Bonus details
£100 Bonus in Free Bets
Bonus code: ZBBC01
All details
  • bonus code: ZBBC01
  • wagering bonus: £ 100 in Free Bets
  • maximum bonus amount: £ 100
  • minimum buy-in: £ 10
  • minimum odds: 1.60 for qualifying bets
  • free bet validity: 30 days
  • geographical restrictions: only available to residents of the U.K. and the Republic of Ireland
Get the bonus

How to receive your Betfair bonus

  • 1. Click on the link above, which will take you to the Betfair website
  • 2. Register as a new user and enter bonus code ZBBC01
  • 3. Wager to unlock the bonus

Explained simply: how does the Betfair bonus work?

If you wish to take advantage of the Betfair bonus, you will first have to register as a new user on the website of this betting provider. During the registration process, you will need to enter bonus code ZBBC01, which will then entitle you to participate in the Betfair bonus. After this, you will be eligible for a total of 5 free bets in the amount of £20 each, which you unlock by meeting certain conditions. Here is the short version: Place 5 x £10 (or more) single bets on the Sportsbook each at min odds 1/2 (1.50). You can stake more than £10 but it will only count as one qualifying bet. After your 5 qualifying bets have been settled, you will receive a £20 free bet. The process can be repeated up to 5 times. The max bonus available is £100 (5 x £20 free bets).

Maximum possible bonus amount

Since you will be able to unlock a total of 5 free bets worth £ 20 each, you have the potential to receive the maximum bonus amount of £ 100. To do so, you will have to place 25 wagers on this bookmaker’s website, each of which must be worth at least £ 10.


Bonus conditions: what aspects of the Betfair bonus should you be aware of?

The Betfair bonus gives you the opportunity to earn 5 free bets worth £20 each if you meet certain conditions. In order to receive a free wager, you will have to place 5 qualifying bets of at least £10 at minimum odds of 1/2 (1.50). Combo wagers as well as individual wagers which are part of combo wagers are excluded from this offer (this also applies to multiple wagers on one and the same event). After receiving a free bet, you may use this for subsequent wagers on the website of this betting provider. Betfair gives you 30 days to meet the bonus requirements. Once you have received the free bets, these are also valid for 30 days. Note that free bets will be awarded within 24 hours of you completing the qualifying requirement.

Minimum buy-in
Since 5 qualifying bets of at least £10 each are required to receive the first free bet, your minimum buy-in would be £50.

Minimum wager
The minimum wager for each free bet is £50. The Betfair bonus gives you an opportunity to earn 5 free bets. If you wish to take advantage of the full bonus offer, you will have to invest a total of £250.

Minimum odds
For those individual wagers (=qualifying bets) required in order to earn the free bet, the minimum odds are 1/2 (1.50). Wagers which are quoted odds below this amount do not count towards the wagering requirements. The free bets you have earned are no subject to minimum odds.

Betting offer restrictions
As far as valid bets are concerned, special attention is paid to this Betfair sports bonus program. The most important rule: Bets placed on the same selection or market do not qualify for this promotion. Cashed Out and voided bets also do not qualify. Bets placed using free bets as the stake (in full or in part) will not allowed. Only one bet per event qualifies. Multiple bets are excluded and any single bets in multiple bets are also excluded.

Time restrictions
Bets placed and settled within the first 30 days of account opening qualify for this special Betfair bonus. Free bets are valid for 30 days as well.

Payment restrictions
Please note that deposits made via Skrill or Neteller are not valid for this bonus. The valid payment methods can be found in the terms of use.

Geographical restrictions
The Betfair bonus is intended for new customers from the U.K. and the Republic of Ireland. Tipsters from other countries as well as customers with existing wagering accounts are excluded from participation in this bonus program.

Our evaluation of the Betfair bonus: what were the key factors?

The Betfair bonus model is exciting in comparison to many of the other new-customer offers on the wagering market today. If you wish to take advantage of the Betfair bonus program, you merely have to open a new wagering account and enter bonus code ZBBC01. At this stage, the betting provider gives you the opportunity to earn a total of 5 free bets in the amount of £20 each, unlocked by meeting certain conditions. To receive these free wagering credits, you must place 5 individual wagers worth at least £10 each using the Betfair website. The minimum odds for these wagers are 1.50 which, based on our experience, are absolutely fair. Combo wagers as well as individual lines of combo wagers are excluded from the Betfair bonus, as are multiple wagers on the same event. After you have unlocked one or more of the 5 free bets in this way, you can use your free wagering credit for bets on the Betfair website. Any winnings you earn from these wagers can then be paid out in real money. In total, the bookmaker gives you 30 days to meet all of the bonus conditions, which, in our mind, and especially when we take into account the low minimum odds, is plenty of time. Overall, this bonus program earned high points from us, in particular because of the reasonable wagering conditions. Since the bonus is divided into 5 free bets which, depending on your openness to risk, can be unlocked either partially or in full, we believe the flexibility of the Betfair bonus is ideal for new customers, who can then go ahead and decide for themselves how much of their own money they wish to invest as they take their first steps in the world of sports wagering.

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