How do I get £ 22 in free bets from 22bet?

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22bet BONUS

Bet £ 10 get £ 22 in free bets + 22 extra spins

Welcome to Bettingformat’s review of 22bet’s bonus offer for new customers. We’ve been increasingly impressed with this upstart operation since they got their start in 2018. In an effort to drum up new customers, 22bet is offering a wildly generous £ 22 in free bets and 22 extra spins in their casino for new customers against an initial deposit of just £ 10! Naturally, terms and conditions apply to this sweetheart deal. Let’s delve into the specifics to avoid any nasty surprises and get you on your way to this promising new betting provider.

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  • Betting bonus in percentage (%)
  • Minimum required deposit

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Betting bonus details 22bet

Betting bonus details 22bet"
Bonus details
bet £ 10 get £ 22 in free bets
for new customers only
All details
  • maximum possible bonus: £ 22
  • minimum buy-in: £ 10
  • time restriction: 7 days
  • only available to new players who are from or located in the mainland UK
  • Only a single bet can be chosen.
  • minimum odd for qualification bet: 1.01
Get the bonus

Step-by-step instructions to receive your 22bet bonus

22bet has streamlined their registration process making your enrolment fast and easy – here’s how:

  • 1. Click on the button in the box above. You will be redirected to 22bets registration page
  • 2. Click on the green button that says ‘Register Now’
  • 3. Provide the required information and make an opening deposit of at least £ 10
  • 4. Meet all of the wagering terms and conditions within 7 days

How exactly does the 22bet bonus work?

Sometimes you can win for losing. Before 22bet deposits £ 22 to your betting account, you must first risk a minimum £ 10 as a qualifying bet. You can stake your wager on any event offered by 22bet Sports. If you lose your qualifying bet, 22bet will credit your account the £ 22 within 48 hours. You will have 7 days from the time of your account being credited to use the free bets. Think of this bonus more as an insurance policy than the classic new customer offer.

Betting bonus in percentage (%)

22bet’s welcome bonus for new customers tips the scales at a whopping 220%! This is a generous percentage indeed. Keep in mind, this free bet bonus applies only to your first £ 10 on your opening deposit as a new player.

Maximum possible bonus (£)

New enrolees at 22bet will get £ 22 in free bets + 22 extra spins with an opening deposit of just £ 10!

Minimum opening deposit / buy-in requirement

22bet throws open their door and welcomes new players by requiring just £ 10 as an initial deposit. Players who wager this amount will get £ 22 in free bets if their qualifying bet loses.

New customers get £ 22 in free bets + 22 extra spins for just a £ 10 opening deposit!

Required minimum odds

Your bet must carry odds of at least 1.01. Per 22bet’s website, you can place your wager on any 22bet Sports event.


22bet’s free bet offer is a generous gesture indeed, however we feel that the 7-day deadline from when the £ 22 is credited to your account is a little tight. If you fail to utilise the free bet within that timeframe, the credit is forfeited.

Restriction on payments

Keep in mind that you’ll have to wager at least £ 10 to qualify for the £ 22 in free bets. It’s also important to note that per 22bet’s terms and conditions page, e-wallets such as PayPal, Skrill and NETELLER are not accepted methods for initial deposits.

Geographical restrictions

22bet’s literature is a bit ambiguous here. According to their site, the free bets are eligible only for “… new players who are from or located in the mainland UK …” We theorise the the offer is valid only in the UK.

Conclusion – 22bet scores points with this bonus program, but keep your eyes on the clock

In our estimation, we feel that 22bet has done a marvellous job of reaching out to potential new customers via their introductory offer. We were particularly impressed by their promise that just £ 10 earns new enrolees £ 22 in free bets. If we’re honest, we have to say we were a touch dismayed at the 7-day deadline required to utilise the free bets. On balance, we can only issue a glowing evaluation of this promising new betting provider.

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