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Past betting tips

ATP Acapulco

28.02.2020 03:00 (CET)
Stan Wawrinka
Grigor Dimitrov
0 : 2

ATP Acapulco

26.02.2020 23:00 (CET)
Rafael Nadal
Miomir Kecmanovic
2 : 0

ATP Acapulco

25.02.2020 23:00 (CET)
Jason Jung
Alexander Zverev
0 : 2

ATP Antalya

27.06.2019 14:00 (CET)
Lorenzo Sonego
Adrian Mannarino
2 : 1

ATP Antalya

26.06.2019 14:00 (CET)
Bernard Tomic
Peter Gojowczyk
2 : 0

ATP Antalya

26.06.2019 12:30 (CET)
Miomir Kecmanovic
Ugo Humbert
2 : 0

How do you best bet on ATP World Tour tennis matches?

On this page you can find current previews and forecasts of our tennis betting experts, who analyze select matches in detail and provide a compact betting analysis. Among those matches are the Grand Slams of course, as well as the World Tour Finals, but also certain other ATP tournaments.

How long has the ATP been around?

The abbreviation ATP stands for Association of Tennis Professionals and therefore is a federation of the professional tennis players of this world. This union was founded 35 years ago, namely in 1972 by Cliff Dysdale, Jack Kramer and Donald Dell. The ATP's headquarters are now in the English capital London, where the so-called "Finals" are played each year, which we will describe in more detail later. Tournament planning was up to the respective tournament directors at first and the ATP itself didn't have much saying. This changed with Jordan Hamilton in the course of the US Open in 1988, when the ATP Tour was called to life. Strategically this meant a quantum leap regarding marketing and player recruitment. Before that players kept boycotting due to tournament plans of the directors. In the first year of the ATP Tour they already got a broadcasting contract, which secured the broadcasting of a total of 19 tournaments. Today the tennis men's tour is known under the name ATP World Tour. It got the name back in 2009. The ATP World Tour consists of the 250, 500 as well as the Masters 1000 tournaments in the course of one year. The Grand Slams and the Davis Cup, which is conducted by the ITF are not part of the ATP World Tour. You can find out more about the different tournament categories and their value on this site as well.

Who were/are the most successful tennis players in history?

The fact that some still active players can be found in the best of rankings makes today's tennis circus particularly exciting. Regarding Grand Slam titles the now 36-year-old Roger Federer is the leader since the ATP World Tour was founded with a total of 19 Grand Slam titles. Rafael Nadal, who is also still playing, is ranked second with 16 titles. Novak Djokovic is also part of the top ten with 12 titles. You can also find such impressive names like Pete Sampras (14), Bjorn Borg (11), Andre Agassi (8), Ivan Lendl (8) or Jimmy Connors (8) in this ranking. In our opinion the accomplishments of the still active players have a slightly higher value, because in the younger past it hasn't been enough to beat your opponents with talent alone. Nowadays the possibilities regarding training, technique etc. seem to be endless and so the level of play is higher in total now. (So far) Jimmy Connors was able to win the most single titles when adding all tournament categories. He was able to celebrate 109 times. Roger Federer is ranked second (95) and so he still has the chance to take the lead, but it's not very likely. On ranks four to six you can find John McEnroe (77), Nadal (75) and Djokovic (67). The Serb is currently also the record winner of the Australian Open with 6 titles. Nadal holds that title for the French Open (10). Federer ranks first in Wimbledon (8) and the US Open (5), since the beginning of the Open era. This marks the time, when professional tennis players were admitted to the most important tournaments of the tour. This happened in the beginning of 1968.

Which ATP tournaments are there and what is their value?

Like we said earlier one needs to distinguish between the two supporting organizations ATP and ITF, which are responsible for different events in the course of the men's tennis calendar. The ITF is the federation, which is responsible for the Grand Slam tournaments as well as the Davis Cup. Regarding tennis betting tips the Davis Cup is an insider tip. You know which players will play a couple of days before and the competition is played over the course of three days, which makes it exciting. Unfortunately the Davis Cup dates often collide with other important ATP tournaments or the preparation for them and so top players often refuse to play Davis Cup. This makes it possible that nations like Belgium make it to the finals of this competition, even though they only have two top 100 players. The Grand Slams are actually also not part of the ATP World tour, but we still want to refer to them. In the course of a year four Grans Slam tournaments - the Australian Open (January), the French Open (May/June), Wimbledon (June/July) and the US Open (August) - are being played. Apart from Wimbledon in London the tournaments take place in Paris, New York and Melbourne. Our tennis betting tips mainly focus on those tournaments. Starting with the quarter finals you will find betting tips with well researched analyses and statistics for all men's tennis matches for Melbourne, Paris, New York and Wimbledon. In the preliminary rounds we usually provide select betting tips, but we are always working on broadening our ATP betting tip quota. The most important ATP tournaments are the ones of the so-called Masters Series, or also 1000 tournaments. We will provide betting tips for the most interesting and exciting matches. More than half of these events take place outside of Europe by the way. The Masters tournaments take place in Rome, Madrid, Monte Carlo, Paris-Bercy, Indian Wells, Miami, Montreal, Shanghai and Cincinnati. These tournaments have the highest price money of the ATP World Tour. Almost as important are the world ranking points, which leads us to the value of certain tournaments. The world ranking position of a player is the first indicator for everybody who wants to place a bet on an ATP tournament. The winner of a Masters-1000-tournament receives 1000 points for the world ranking, the loser of the final gets 500, the semifinalists 250 and so forth. The second highest category is the ATP-500-Series and the distribution of world ranking points is the same as for the Masters events. 500 tournaments are being played in Hamburg, Vienna or Rotterdam for example. The lowest category are 250 events like Kitzbühel, Metz or Gstad. So you will hardly see any ATP-Tour top stars on this level. They usually only play 500, 1000 or Grand Slam tournaments. The winner of a Grand Slam tournament receives 2000 world ranking points and the loser of the final gets 1000. The tournaments are played on different surfaces, namely hard court, sand or grass. The season can be divided into two hard court, one sand and one grass quarter. Therefore hard court tournaments are the biggest part of all tournaments. Each surface asks for different strengths of the players and so the performances of the players change according to surface. You will find information about the strengths and weaknesses of certain players on the different surfaces in our ATP betting tips and analyses. Rafael Nadal for example counts as the best player on sand of all time. The same counts for Roger Federer on grass. Hard court favors players with a strong service. As a consequence a bet on Nadal winning the French Open is a good idea. An interesting tip in this case would be a bet on a win without losing a set, which would boost odds. The preliminary stage of the ATP World Tour is the ATP Challenger Tour. Challenger tournaments are lower endowed. Usually players outside of the top 100 take part in those. The maximum endowment of these tournaments (sum of money given to all players) is 125.000 US dollars, the minimum is 40.000 US dollars.

How is the ATP world ranking built up?

There are two different world rankings for the ATP and the ITF. There is the actual world ranking and the so-called "Race", which is a cleared up yearly evaluation. We want to start with the explanation of the "Race". The "Race" contains the points that a player is able to score from January until November. This ranking is also called the race to London, because the ATP World Tour Finals take place in London each year. One could also talk about a yearly world championship of the best single and double players of a year. The best eight single players as well as the eight best doubles are invited and play for the "world championship title" in two groups of four. The two first ranked of each group make it to the semi finals. Since 2017 the ATP finals are part of our ATP betting tip program and you will find the most important information for the certain pairings in time before the match starts. The less meaningful world ranking, which adaptation or abolition has been discussed a couple of years ago, is also titled world ranking. It's no yearly ranking though, but it contains the results of the current as well as the past year. This means that if a player makes it to the French Open semifinal in 2017, he scored 500 points and he needs to defend them in the upcoming year. If he is being eliminated in Paris in the quarter finals in 2018, he won't receive 250 points for the world ranking, but he will lose 250, because he didn't get as far as in 2017. 1999 this form of ranking brought to light the curiosity of it in Wimbledon: Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras played against each other in the final. While Pete Sampras won the tournament, Andre Agassi was the number one in the world ranking in the following week, because Agassi didn't have to defend the final like Sampras, but only the second round of 1998 and therefore scored more points. In 2017 Rafael Nadal won the "Race to London" and also was number one in the world ranking, followed by Roger Federer and Alexander Zverev. The world ranking (not the Race) is the deciding factor for the placement for tournaments. When the number one and two of the world start in the same tournament, they will also be on the number one and two position for the respective tournament. If the number one can't take part due to injury or something like that, the world's number two will be the number one of the tournament and all following players will also be ranked one place higher in the tournament as a consequence. The placement of the players also indicate when which players could play against each other. The higher the placement the less likely it is to face a strong opponent in the early stages of a tournament. Regarding ATP betting tips it's a good idea to study the placing of a tournament before it kicks off in order to predict possible winners. ATP Grand Slam tournaments the 32 best ranked players of the world ranking get a fixed starting spot. The top 100 players avoid qualification for big tournaments and are directly part of the main event. Therefore a top 100 spot is important for a successful career, because participants of the main event receive launching awards. It's also important to mention that only 19 results of a player are being taken into account for the world ranking (not the Race), namely the results for the four Grand Slams, eight Masters tournaments (all with the exception of Monte Carlo), as well as the best six results from Monte Carlo, 500, 250 and challenger tournaments.

Which tennis bets are being recommended?

Tennis might not be the number one sport in the betting business, but there are still enough possibilities for betting fans. So-called long-term bets are particularly well suited for tennis. In this case you bet on the winner of a tournament. For tennis it also counts that information is key! Which player favors which surface, how fast is the surface of a certain tournament, which results did a player have in the last couple of weeks, does a player have a strong service, is he physically strong, which are his favorite strokes, which style of play does he not like. All of these are questions that you should ask yourself before placing a long-term bet. In addition you can of course also play a simple two way bet on the winner of a match. Tennis is well suited for special bets on the ATP/ITF level. You can bet on the winner of a set for example, or on the question, whether a set will go to tie-break, as well as on the number of aces and much more. Especially before and during Grand Slam tournaments we at bettingformat provide detailed betting tips and analyses. So whoever wants to bet on ATP and ITF tournaments after reading this introduction, is at the right address.

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