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06.04.2017 18:30 (CET)
Platanias F.C.
AEK Athen
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06.04.2017 16:15 (CET)
Panathinaikos Athen
Panionios Athen
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Greece Super League Betting Tips

Griechenland Super League

We publish our professional advice in time for the next matchday for the first league in Greece, the Super League. We don’t miss a match. We always provide betting tips for each match of the best football teams in Greece. Our tips include tips for the matches of Olympiakos Piräus, Saloniki, Atromitos Athen, Asteras Tripolis, or AEL Kallonis. 18 teams compete in the Super League for the title. You are always well advised with our Greece Super League tips.


Our tips for the Greece Super League focus mainly on 3-way betting. A three-way bet describes the tip option on the victory of the home team, a draw as well as a tip on the victory of the visiting team. We also give you tips on so-called goal bets, if the team constellation is right. This would be a bet on whether more or less than 2.5 goals will be scored. This can be predicted quite well with statistical methods. Our tipsters, on the other hand, have an extensive knowledge in the field of sports betting and professional football. This combination gives us a high success rate for our daily betting tips.

Who are the most successful teams of the Greek Super League?

The best teams of Greece compete for the title since 1927. The top teams of the league definitely include teams like Olympiakos Piräus, PAOK Saloniki and Panathinaikos Athen. In 2013/14, Olympiakos Piräus dominated the league and took the title with only 4 defeats in the entire season. In total, 18 teams compete in this league. The best five teams may compete internationally in the upcoming season, but none of them gets a secured starting spot for Champions League or Europa League. Instead the Greek representatives need to start in qualification. At the other end of the table rank 14 means a relegation spot, while the last three ranked teams need to descend automatically. In this league we like to recommend a goal bet with over/under 2.5. When a top team plays against a potential relegation team, we are likely to even recommend over 3.5. We are the only place to give you the best Super League tips for every match in the highest football league of Greece.

How strong is the Greek Super League compared to other leagues?

Football is very popular in Greece and it got a real boost in 2004. Back then Greece sensationally won the European Championship title. They beat the host Portugal in the final. The German coach Otto Rehagel lead the Greek to the title. Euphoria was huge in Greece of course, but they never were able to be as successful again. The Greek people still love football and their league in particular. Unfortunately attendance in the stadiums went down in the last couple of years, but this is mainly due to Greece's bad economic state. Panathinaikos Athens, one of the league's top teams, had an attendance of more than 26.000 people per game in 2009/2010, now only about 6000 people come watch their home games. The attendance numbers of this club show, how much attendance numbers went down in the last couple of years in this league. The best attendance in 2016/2017 had Olympiakus Piräus. The club from the harbor city was able to attract about 18.000 fans per home game. About 12.000 people come watch the matches of PAOK Saloniki. There are still a lot of exciting matches to bet on for all betting fans. Additionally bookies sometimes offer their customers very high odds for top matches.

Which are the top temas of the Greek Super League?

Olympiakus Piräus is the non plus ultra of Greece's highest league. The club from the harbor city is the current record champion of the league and they were able to win an incredible 44 titles. They also were able to lift the trophy at the end of the 2016/2017 season and so they count as the favorite in all matches. The club is also almost a regular in UEFA Champions League. Usually Olympiakos doesn't make it out of the group stage though and fight for third place, which means keep competing in UEFA Europa League. In Super League one has to go through them in order to be successful, however. When Olympiakos is hosting a match, you can calmly bet on the record champion. Another club that ranks very high year after year, is PAOK Saloniki. Saloniki is currently the number two in Greece. Even though they only were able to win two championships in their history, they are still the number one challenger of Olympiakus Piräus. PAOK Saloniki almost competes every yaer in Europa League, but they never get really far in this competition. In Super League PAOK is one of the top teams though and they usually finish very high in the ranking. AEK Athens is also able to compete for the upper region spots in the ranking. The team from the capital was able to win 11 titles in the past, which is proof that they are a real traditional club in Greece's highest league. The last time they were able to lift the championship trophy was in 1994, however. Back then AEK had its' best years and won three championships in a row. The last club that is one of the favorites years after years is Panathinaikos Athens. The second club from the capital is also past their prime though. The won their last title in 2010. Additionally their stadium is pretty much empty nowadays, when they host a match. "Pana" still counts to Greece's top teams.

Should you place a bet on the total winner of the Greek Super League?

As mentioned the most formidable team in Greece's highest league is Olympiakos Piräus. This club was able to win the Greek title in the last seven years. This series is even more impressive, if you look at their record from the last 20 years. In these 20 years Olympiakos was able to win the title 18 times. This statistic clearly shows who is the number one in Greece. At the same time this means that the chances of Olympiakos becoming champion in the upcoming years are also pretty high. Therefore they get pretty low odds. You will probably not get better odds than 2,00 in the next couple of years for Piräus winning the title. Therefore it's not really recommended to place a long term bet on Olympiakos becoming the champion, only if you raise your stakes drastically. In this case this bet would pay off. Risky tippers should place long term bets on PAOK Saloniki or AEK Athens. The club from the capital has been competing for the championship for years, but they only have outside chances for winning the title. Therefore AEK Athens gets very good odds for winning the title. Fans of Athens can expect odds of more than 5,00. Whoever believes in a surprise in the Greek Super League, should place the bet before the season kicks off, because odds are highest then. It's pretty unlikely that Piräus doesn't win the championship though, since they have the best financial background. The championship season of Leicester in 2016 proved, however, that miracles are indeed possible in modern football. So why shouldn't such a surprise not also be possible in Greece. The national team also pulled off a big surprise, when they won the European Championship in 2004.

Should you play single tips in the Greek league?

When two equal teams of Greece's highest league play against each other, odds for a home win are often 2,00 or higher. For such matches odds for a draw or win by the visiting team are therefore even higher, which makes single tips recommendable. If you for example place a bet on the correct visiting win, you can expect odds of 3,00 or higher most of the time. At stakes of €20, betting providers would pay out €60. So this is a bet that definitely pays off. For Greek Super League top matches bookies sometimes offer their customers a higher pay out key than usual. As a betting fan you should keep your eyes open then. When teams from the upper third of the ranking play against each other, some betting providers allow you to make good money, when they give out odds of more than 2,00 for all three possible results, namely home win, draw or win by visiting team. In most cases a bet on the visiting team is a bit more lucrative. If you are absolutely sure that the visiting team will win a top match, then you should take the chance and put your money on this result. When a top team like Piräus, AEK Athens or Saloniki plays at home against an underdog, a single tip is not really recommended, since the odds for a win by the favorite are pretty low. If you believe that the underdog will be able to draw or even win in such a game, because of injuries or other insider tips, you should reinforce your expert knowledge with a tip on this result. Bookies usually reward such courageous tips with great odds.