Serie B

For Serie B currently no betting tips available.

Past betting tips

Serie B

16.04.2021 21:00 (CET)
SPAL Ferrara
Ascoli Calcio
1 : 2

Serie B

13.04.2021 16:00 (CET)
US Cremonese
FC Empoli
2 : 2

Serie B

02.04.2021 17:00 (CET)
Delfino Pescara 1936
AC Pisa
3 : 1

Serie B

14.12.2020 21:00 (CET)
Reggina Calcio 1914
FC Venedig
1 : 2

Serie B

20.08.2020 21:15 (CET)
Spezia Calcio
Frosinone Calcio
0 : 1

Serie B

16.08.2020 21:15 (CET)
Frosinone Calcio
Spezia Calcio
0 : 1

Serie B Betting Tips

You will find all betting tips for the Second Football League of Italy in our tip section for Italy Series B. Teams like US Palermo, FC Empoli, AC Siena, US Latina, AS Bari, AC Cesena, or FC Modena compete for the title. We publish our betting tips for every matchday and every single match of the Italy Series B. These are analyzed and bet by our sports betting experts. Each week you will therefore find 11 Italy Serie B tips in this section.

What's th playing mode in Serie B?

Found back in 1929 Italian Serie B is the second highest league in Italian football. 22 teams fight for promotion to Serie A. So it provides enough potential for exciting Italy Serie B tips, which we will present to you through some examples. The first two ranked teams ascend to Italy's first league and the last three ranked teams need to say goodbye to Serie B. The teams ranked 3-6 play in relegation for Serie A. And number 18 and 19 need to play relegation in order to stay in the league.

What kind sof bets can you place in Serie B?

In Serie B a couple of teams are always on pretty much the same level quality wise and so there are opportunities for exciting betting tips. In this league it's often a good idea to bet on both teams scoring a goal, since a lot of teams are equally strong in Serie B. The first three teams are usually closer together in the rankings than in the first league and there are also being scored more goals than in Serie A. Unlike in many other second leagues the lower ranked teams also score more goals. Our authors and tipping experts pack all this information as well as other sports knowledge in the best Italy Serie B betting tips.

What does Serie B have to offer to their fans?

A lot of different sports are popular with the Italian people. But one sport outshines them all. We are of course talking about king football. Italy is one of the most football crazy countries in the world. The first league, Serie A, is packed with top teams and huge arenas, that are very well attended for all matches. The second league, Serie B, is also very popular. It's common in Italy that you support your local football club. Therefore the second league is also very important in Italy. The clubs of many big Italian cities compete in Serie B and so it's no surprise that the Serie B top teams have an average attendance of 20.000 people per match. Traditional teams like A.C. Parma, US Palermo, Brescia Calcio and FC Bari 1908 are now the core of the league. As a consequence the level of play is pretty high in Serie B. All betting fans that haven't come in touch with Italy's second league yet should take a look at it. There hardly ever is a real favorite and so odds are usually more than decent. Additionally there are a lot of even matches, that are extremely exciting. Every match day the league offers great games featuring traditional clubs. In 2016/2017 the number 11 ranked team only had a 20 point deficit on number 2. The champion only had a four point lead on rank three. This proves how exciting the league is and it should persuade all tipping fans to add Serie B to their betting program.

Should you place a bet on the total winner of Serie B?

Different from Serie A, where absolute top teams compete, that are above all remaining teams financially and athletically, Serie B is still pretty even in that regard. Of course there are also teams in this league that are better situated financially than others. But the scissors are not as big as in Serie A. This makes Serie B so exciting and interesting. There are no absolute favorites. Of course you can make out a couple of teams that will play for promotion before the season, but it is not as easy as in Serie A. If you want to place a long term bet on the Serie B champion, this works in your favor, since the odds for these bets are pretty high and you won't find odds like these in the first league. Bookies usually offer odds of 5,00 - 6,00 for the top favorite. So a long term bet can definitely pay off in this case. The next couple of teams often already get odds of 7,00 - 9,00, which would mean a pay out of 500 - 800 € at a deposit of € 100. Therefore we can recommend a bet on the Serie B champion. If you spend some time researching Serie B and the strengths and weaknesses of the teams it is safe to place a bet of this category. Additionally you can read forecast for the upcoming season in order t gather more opinions. If you are able to correctly predict the champion or promoted team, it definitely pays off. Every Serie B fan should add this tip to his program. You should place the bet before the season kicks off, because then odds are usually the highest.

Is a single game bet recommended for Serie B?

As mentioned Serie B is a very even league, which makes for a lot of duels on eye level. When two equally strong teams play against each other in Italy's second highest league odds for a home win are often higher than 2,20. Therefore odds on a draw or a win by the visiting team are even higher, which is why we definitely recommend placing single game tips. If you place a correct bet on a win by the visiting team for example, you can often get odds of 3,00 or higher. At stakes of € 20, you would get € 60, so such a bet really pays off. At top matches of the Italian second league bookies often offer their customers a higher pay out key than usual. As a betting fan you should keep your eyes open. Betting providers often have great offers, when two teams of the first third of the ranking play against each other. For games like these odds are usually higher than 2,00 for all three possible outcomes, namely home win, draw and win by visiting team. Most of the time a bet on a win by the visiting team is the most lucrative one. So if you are sure that a visiting team will win, you should take the chance and bet on it. We also recommend single game bets, when an absolute top team hosts an underdog, because the odds for the favorite are often higher than in other leagues. If you happen to know that the favorite needs to play without some key players and therefore believe that the underdog will be able to draw or even win, you should reinforce your expertise with a tip. In such cases bookies usually offer odds of 1,80 or higher for a win by the favorite and the odds for a draw are about 3,20. A win by the visiting team even gets odds of 4,50 or more.

Should you place combination bets in Serie B?

Due to the balance of the league there are as mentioned only a few matches with a real favorite. The odds for games between two equal teams are very high in the second Italian league. So if you place a combination bet with three home wins and the home teams all have odds higher than 2,50, you will get an odds total of 15,63 which makes a pay out of € 156,30 at stakes of € 10. If you add a win by the visiting team to the betting slip the odds grow accordingly and so does the possible profit. You should also add a home win by a favorite to such a combination bet, so that the odds get higher, but you still remain on the safe side. Italian Serie B offer eleven matches to bet on each game day. This means that there are enough matches each week to place a decent combination bet, because there are always some favorite tips and games between two equal teams. If you want to place a bet that gives you good odds, you should definitely consider a combination bet in Italian Serie B. Of course the risk is higher than at a single game bet, but the possible profit grows accordingly as well.

What else is tehre to bet on in Serie B?

If you take a look at the statistics and notice that two particular teams keep finishing matches with the same result, a bet on the exact result is the way to go. The odds are always very high for a result bet, which has a positive effect on profit as well. If you have a premonition in Serie B for the correct result of a certain match, you should follow it and place a result bet. Another possibility is a halftime/end result bet. For favorite matches it's recommended to place a bet on the favorite leading at half time and also winning the second half. If for example the Serie B leader plays at home against a team from the bottom of the ranking you can safely bet on the favorite leading at half time with one or more goals difference and also keeping the lead until the end of the game. In detail: Team X plays at home against Team Y. You bet on the home team leading at half time. The second half starts with a fictitious 0:0 and the home team is again able to win the half. Another possibility is the so-called over bet. If you believe that there will be scored more than 2,5 goals in a certain match, you place an over bet. AN over bet is always a good idea in Serie B, because a lot of goals are being scored in Italy's second league.The opposite is the under bet. When two teams play against each other, that are both known for not scoring many goals, you can place an under bet. You for example bet on it, that there will be scored fewer than 2,5 goals in this particular match.

What can be said in summary about betting in Serie B?

All fans that like betting and haven't added Serie B to their standard program, should do so asap. This league has a lot of duels on eye level that get good odds from bookies. We at bettingformat offer a lot of insider tips, so that it shouldn't be a problem to add some correct Serie B tips to your betting slip.

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