Primera Division

Primera Division

16.05.2021 18:30 (CET)
FC Barcelona
Celta Vigo
both teams to score - yes

Primera Division

16.05.2021 18:30 (CET)
Athletic Bilbao
Real Madrid
over 2.5 goals

Primera Division

16.05.2021 18:30 (CET)
Atletico Madrid
CA Osasuna
win to nil tip 1

Spain Primera Division Betting Tipps (LA LIGA)

In the tip section for the Primera Division, you will find the latest betting tips for La Liga, the highest league in Spanish football. Thus, it represents the 1st league. With clubs like Atletico Madrid, FC Barcelona, Real Madrid or FC Sevilla, betting and betting tips for the Primera Division are in high demand. At each betting provider, you will find a comprehensive range of detail bets and betting options. You will find our new expert tips before the upcoming game day here, usually just after the last match of the last game day has ended. Analyzed and published by our best tippers, you benefit from years of know-how and experience on the betting market. We don't leave out any games. Thus, you can find our prediction for every Spanish match. In addition, the highest odds for those matches are automatically displayed.

What do I need to know about betting on La Liga?

The Spanish first league, Primera Division, which is also called "LA Liga", is the highest league in Spanish football. The Spanish teams are also among the favorites of betting fans, Therefore we have a special tipping site just for this league. The league was founded in the year 1928 and back then it was called Liga Nacional de Fútbol professional or LFO in short. The playing mode is similar to other football leagues. There is a first round and a retour round. In total 20 teams fight for the Spanish title. A team gets awarded three points for a win, each team gets one point in the case of a draw and the loser of a ´match doesn't get a point at all. In our betting bonus section you will find answers to the questions, which betting provider is the best for Primera Division or which bookie has the best bonus.

Which meaning does the ranking have in La Liga?

1st to 3rd place - these teams automatically start in the kings' class, the UEFA Champions League. The first ranked team at the end of the season is titled "Spanish Champion"
4th place - this team may start in the UEFA Champion League qualification
5th and 6th place - means the direct qualification for UEFA Europa League
At the end of the season the last three ranked teams need to go down to the second league, the Segunda Division. 

Which tips can be recommended for Spanish top teams?

La Liga. this name was actually only a nickname for Spain's highest football league. In 2016 Primera Divison officially became La Liga though. Next to the English Premier League the Spanish first league turned into the best league of the world in the last couple of years. This daring statement can be backed with the results of Spanish clubs in international competitions, however. From 2011 to 2017 a Spanish team took part in the Champions League final five times and they always left the field as the winner. The statistics are similar in Europa League, the small brother of Champions League. From 2011 to 2017 a Spanish was part of the final match up four times and also became champion all four times. So when a Spanish team participates in an international club competition final, they are very likely to win it too. So you shouldn't hesitate on putting your money on the Spanish team, since the statistics of the last couple of years prove that Spaniards are more than able to win titles. The two evergreens in Spain's highest league are without a doubt Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. These two teams usually fight for the La Liga title. Both have a very big budget and the best players. Year in and year out they sign international top stars. So it's recommended to bet on a home win by Barca or Real. Statistics show that home wins by these two teams are a sure bet. A bet on such a win has one disadvantage though. The odds on home wins by Real or Barca are traditionally very low. The odds are rarely higher than 1,30. In order to still make decent profit you need to invest accordingly. If you put in €100 for example, you will win €30 at odds of 1,30. There are a few more possibilities to make more profit on Barcelona or Madrid games however. Both teams usually score many goals. The white ballet, how Real is also called, was able to score 106 goals last season. This means they scored 2,8 goals on average per game in 2016/2017. Since they score more than 2,5 goals per game an "over bet" would be a good idea. The same goes for Fc Barcelona. The Catalans, who finished second last season, even scored 116 goals in 2016/2017, which makes 3,1 goals per game. Simultaneously both teams receive very few goals. Real's goalie only had to reach behind him 1,1 times per game last season. Barcelona only received 1 goal per game. This shows that you can't only bet on a win for Real or Barca, but that a handicap is also at hand. This means that a team is able to turn around a fictitious 1:0 lead by the opponent. Regarding long term bets the case is a similar one. Barcelona and Reach traditionally receive very low odds for winning the title each year. If you bet on a different team to win the championship, the chances of making a lot of profit aren't bad. For a couple of years now Atletico Madrid has been getting in the picture. In 2014 they pulled off a surprise and even won La Liga. Atletico hasn't only been successful in the Spainsh league, but they also played well in Champions League in the last couple of years. Real and Barca will always remain the two favorites for winning the La Liga title, but the team in red and white from Madrid shouldn't be written off either. They are able to play a surprise season again. If you bet on Atletico to win the Spanish title, most bookies offer odds of more than 30,00. So this bet would be a pretty lucrative one. The second club from Madrid already proved that they are able to win the Spanish championship. Therefore it's not unrealistic to win when betting on Atletico becoming champion. When Atletico Madrid plays against Real or Barca the odds on all three possible outcomes are usually above 2,00. So you can make good profit on Atletico matches, if you have the right feeling in these games.

What kinds of bets are recommended for El Clasico?

When Real Madrid and FC Barcelona play against each other, the match is called "El Clasico". That's when the two best and most popular teams of Spain face each other. The two clubs don't only have a great athletic rivalry, but it's also a political one. The Madridista show their loyalty to the Spanish royal family and the Catalans, whose biggest club FC Barcelona is, have been fighting for their independence for years now. Only a couple of players dared to transfer to the other club in the past. Therefore these duels are always extremely intense on the football field. The odds on home win, draw and win by visiting team are traditionally high, since there never is a real favorite for an El Clasico. So it pays off in any case to fill out a betting slip for matches between Real and Barca. Traditionally there are also a lot of goals being scored, when Real and Barca play against each other, since both offensive lines are full of top stars. So it can also be recommended to play an over bet at a "Clasico", because it's pretty unlikely that there will be scored fewer than three goals. These matches aren't only characterized by technical masterstrokes and offensive power though. Due to the everlasting rivalry between the two clubs, the games are always played very aggressively and passionately. In addition there is the Southern temper, that permanently leads to hard, if not brutal fouls. There have been a couple of hard fights in the past, in which some superstars already lost their temper. In situations like these it's important for the referees to not let the game slip away and therefore they need to show some yellow and red cards. Experienced bettors know that it's a good idea to bet that there will be one or more red cards in such a heated match. Additionally one can bet on it that there will be more than 5,5 yellow cards. So with a little bit of creativity you can get good odds for bets on "El Clasico".

Which tips are generally recommended for La Liga?

Since the remaining teams in la Liga are equally strong, the odds for Spanish league matches are very attractive. When two middle class teams play against each other, odds are traditionally very high. It can generally be said that you will receive odds of more than 2,00, whether you bet on a win by the home team, on a draw or on a win by the visiting team. If you consider the statistics and the current form of the teams in Spain's highest league, you can get high odds by placing a combination bet, in which you only play 1, X, 2. A lot of goals are being scored each round in the world's strongest league, so it also pays off to bet on more than 2,5 goals per match.

Is it possible to bet on goal scorers in La Liga?

It's always a special attraction to bet on the best scorer in a game and it makes a match even more exciting. Messi and Ronaldo have been in top form for years now and they both have great hit rates. Therefore you won't get high odds from bookies, if you want to bet on one of these two players scoring a goal. But it's not seldom the case that they score two or even three goals in a single game. If you put your money on that happening, it's quite possible that you will get odds of 2,00 or higher. So whoever is bored with simple, 1,X, 2 tips can shake things up with a scorer bet.

What can be said in summary about betting on La Liga?

The Spanish first league is one of high class, fast, intense and technically high quality football, which makes fans all over the world happy. It's a very offensive-oriented style of play and therefore one can see a lot of goals. The league is a pretty equal one with the exception of the teams from Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Atletico Madrid. The remaining teams also play on a very high level though, so surprises are always possible. All in all La Liga is definitely one of the most interesting options week in and week out for tipping fans.

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