For Ekstraklasa currently no betting tips available.

Past betting tips


09.11.2020 18:00 (CET)
Pogon Szczecin
Podbeskidzie Bielsko-Biala
1 : 1


28.08.2020 20:30 (CET)
FKS Stal Mielec
Gornik Zabrze
0 : 2


21.08.2020 18:00 (CET)
Zaglebie Lubin
Lech Poznan
2 : 1


11.07.2020 17:30 (CET)
Legia Warsaw
KS Cracovia Krakow
2 : 0


03.07.2020 18:00 (CET)
LKS Lodz
Wisla Krakow
1 : 2


07.06.2020 17:30 (CET)
Wisla Krakow
Legia Warsaw
1 : 3

Where can you find the best betting tips for Polish Ekstraklasa?

Not too long ago we added a new European football league to our portfolio. Now our users can bet on Polish Ekstraklasa. Following is some information that you should read in this regard.

What do you need to know about Ekstraklasa?

Football is the number one sport in Poland. One reason why it's stull growing is the EURO in France. Why is Ekstraclasa interesting? Players like Lewandowski, Pszcek or Kamil Glik started their career in this league. Young talents from the EURO host of 2012 keep making it to Europe's big leagues. The playing style in Ekstraklasa is a rare hybrid of playing skills and physical strength. Ekstraklasa was found in 1927 and currently 16 teams fight for the championship. The playing mode of Poland's highest league is pretty interesting. The mentioned 16 teams play against each other twice in the regular season, which makes for variety for betting fans. Every week you can bet on underdogs as well as on clear favorites. After the regular season the first eight ranked teams play for the title, while the lower eight teams need to play against descending. Every team plays against the other teams once and so one team will have played 37 matches at the end of the season. Regarding scoring in Poland the scored points will be divided by two after the regular season and half points are being rounded up. One example for that: Biatystok had 59 points after 30 matches in 2016/2017 and so they started the playoffs with 30 points. Interesting: The system favors the leader in this case, because the second ranked team Legia Warsaw only had a one point deficit after the regular season with 58 points, but after the division of points the deficit was two points.

Which teams compete in Ekstraklasa?

No worries, what follows won't be a list of all 16 clubs of Poland's highest league. We rather want to focus on the most successful clubs of the younger past, that will probably be of interest for betting fans. First of all one needs to mention Legia Warsaw of course. The club from the capital even made it to the Champions League in 2016/2017 and they were able to draw 3:3 at home against Real Madrid. The fact that Warsaw won the title, but only ranked 10th after 12 rounds shows how exciting and therefore interesting the league is for betting fans. Other interesting teams are the current Supercup winner Lech Posen and the traditional clubs Wisla Krakaw or Gornik Zabrze. Ruch Chorcow won't compete anymore this season. This team is proof for how fast things can change in Polish football. Just a couple of years ago they were competing in Europe Cup, but they had do descend after the 2016/2017 season.

Which team should you bet on in Ekstraklasa?

What to bet on in Ekstraklasa? It's currently still hard to make any redictions for the 2017/2018 season, because the clubs are still in preparation and therefore it's possible that they become stronger or weaker with time. A pretty safe bank is Champions League starter Legia Warsaw. This team has been shaping Polish football in the last couple of years and decades. Whoever is a fan of underdogs should consider betting on clubs like Legia Gdansk or Lech Posen. Posen has been the last team to beat the club from the capital in the fight for the title, when they won the championship in 2015 for the eighth time in club history. Legia Gdansk hasn't been so successful yet, but they are the team with the most potential in the league. Back in 2016/2017 they have been leading the league for ten match days. If they are able to perform well more consistently they are likely to finish on one of the top spots in 2017/2018. Wisla Krakaw could be the proverbial phoenix from the ashes. The club's management won't tolerate another such weak season as last year and so one should count with Wisla again this season. Another reason why you should consider betting on Ekstraklasa is as simple as obvious. The Polish championship already started on July 14 2017, when Europe's big leagues were still in summer break. Therefore betting fans can use the Polish league to fill the so-called "summer hole".

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