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On this page, you will find betting tips for Coupe de France matches. You can also find out more about the opponents of a French football cup matches and read a forecast of the matches in our betting tips. The Coupe de France is next to the French championship one of the most important events in French men's football. Clubs from almost all leagues are allowed to participate. This club championship is also interesting for betting tips because in every match a winner must be determined. As a result, penalties may be more frequent than in other leagues. It is also possible that teams from the national league compete against first division teams, etc. Coupe de France is a very exciting league dating back to 1917. But before we explain the betting tips in more detail, you should know that all proposed betting variants refer to the regular match time. If we suggest a betting tip that goes beyond that, we explicitly mention it in our betting forecasts.

For French Football Cup currently no betting tips available.

Past betting tips

French Football Cup

12.05.2021 21:00 (CET)
HSC Montpellier
Paris Saint Germain
2 : 2

French Football Cup

21.04.2021 21:10 (CET)
Olympique Lyon
AS Monaco
0 : 2

French Football Cup

21.04.2021 18:45 (CET)
Paris Saint Germain
Angers SCO
5 : 0

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French Football Cup

08.04.2021 19:00 (CET)
Red Star Paris
Olympique Lyon
2 : 2

French Football Cup

06.04.2021 18:45 (CET)
AS Monaco
FC Metz
0 : 0

French Football Cup

17.03.2021 17:45 (CET)
Paris Saint Germain
OSC Lille
3 : 0

Content on this page

  • Creation of betting tips
  • Worth knowledge about the bet placement
  • Favorite teams
  • Betting options
  • Long-term bets
  • Handicap, Double Chance, Draw no bet
  • Special bets
  • Summary


Coupe de France Odds Comparison

Here you will find the most lucrative odds.

Betting school and betting strategies


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Creation of betting tips on bettingformat.com

Bettingformat.com experts deal with Coupe de France matches. They also know each other in the first and second French league, which is not insignificant (because teams like this will be also represented in Coupe de France). In most cases teams from Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 win. Before placing bet read our analysis. The competing teams will be compared. An analysis of both teams will be made by creating a betting tip. Factors such as derbies, previous direct duels, kind of match will be played, team strength and more we have to consider. From this amount of information, a betting forecast is made. After the odds comparison, the most lucrative betting tips for French Football Cup Matches will be listed for you.

What should be considered when placing a bet on the French Football Cup?

As mentioned in the introduction, teams from various leagues participate in this cup competition. The lower leagues are playing for victory in the first six rounds. From round seven teams from the first and second league take part. From this moment it starts to be really interesting. For a betting tip, of course, always the question arises, how important is the Coupe de France for the team? Many participants are also represented in the Champions League or Europa League. For example, some clubs are more focused on the Coupe de la Ligue. Of course, we will provide all this information in our Betting Tips. The next question is, with what eleven of players starts to play a first or second division team when playing against a regional league team? This is why the experience of our experts plays an important role. They also analyze previous matches and making research on how teams have played in previous encounters. It must always be clear, how strong is the team in the home or away matches and how does the team play in derbies? Then there are teams, for example, league leaders, are much stronger than the opponents, but they can’t win against one specific team for some reason. We also provide for you such information.

Französischer Fussballpokal Paris Saint Germain Wett Tipp Prognose Vorhersage Paris Saint Germain is a very successful team. So take a look at the odds. Photo: GEPA pictures/Panoramic/JB Autissier

With which Coupe de France teams we can almost always count in betting tips?

Basically, favorites are those teams that are represented in the first or second French league. We can tell that Paris-Saint-Germain has won the French Cup most often. They are closely followed by Olympique Marseille and OSC Lille and AS Saint-Etienne. AS Monaco Racing Paris, Olympique Lyon and Red Star Paris have also won the Coupe de France often. In any case, you can count on us to refer favorite teams in the betting tips or mention when a team actually stands on a paper as the stronger team.

Team Title Last Participation
Paris Saint Germain 12 2019
Olympique Marseille 10 2016
OSC Lille 6 2011
AS Monaco 5 2010
Olympique Lyon 5 2012
Girondins Bordeaux 4 2013
AJ Auxerre 4 2015
FC Nantes 3 2000
Stade Rennes 3 2019
Racing Strassbourg 3 2001
FC Sochaux 2 2007
CS Sedan 2 2005
EA Guingamp 2 2014
SC Bastia 1 2002
FC Lorient 1 2002
US Quevilly 2012
SCO Angers 2017
Calais RUFC 2000
SC Amiens 2001
LB Chateauroux 2004
FC Evian TG 2013
VF Les Herbiers 2018

Betting options recommended in a Betting Tips

If we write an analysis with a forecast for a Coupe de France match, we always try to suggest and recommend you around three-four betting variants. We also make sure that we do not let our personal feelings be included and to be objective all the time. If the feeling is included, you will read it in the betting tips. Of course, the number of recommended tips also depends on how many betting markets the bookmakers offer. As we wrote this text, there were between 3 and 101 betting options for a French football cup match. Normally we always try to determine which team will win, it means we always offer a Tip 1 or Tip 2. We also often advise an over/under bet - for example: Will be over 2.5 or under 3.5 goals scored? Which team wins which halftime? - it is also often a betting tip. Both teams score? – it is almost a classic betting variant. Sometimes, however, special bets or “double chance”, as well as a “draw no bet” are interesting, but we'll take a closer look at that in the following text.

What long-term bets on the French Football Cup are available?

Of course, a long-term bet can be made on the Coupe de France match. As a classic long-term bet, you should consider the possible cup winner bet. You will rarely read such a betting tip from us. But we would like to advise you that such longtime bet is best to place at the beginning of the season when the odds are the best. However, such a betting market, as we are describing it in this section, is also any bet placed on a pre-match. These are, of course, always possible and sometimes they are very lucrative, especially if they are connected with favorites.

Use longterm bets to win more

When is “Handicap”, “Double Chance” and “Draw no bet” offered?

We always only recommend these betting markets if either a team is much better or teams are equal. We do not exactly explain in details these betting markets on this page, because we have the betting school on bettingformat.com. First of all, you should know that a “double chance” or a “draw no bet” is only valid for the regular playing time.

  • Betting tip - Handicap bet
    A handicap bet is interesting for the French Football Cup when a team is clearly over or under. Because then starts the weaker team with one or more goals advantage, which is added to the final result. For example, if a match ends 1:2 and you have place handicap bet 1:0, the final score on the betting slip would be 2:2.
  • Betting tip - Double chance
    This betting market is really great. You can win both in a draw and a victory of your team (in regular playing time). If we guess for this betting tip, you can assume that both teams are equal, or we suspect an outsider victory.
  • Betting tip - Draw no bet
    As the name suggests, there is no bet on a draw. This means that if there is a draw, you will get your wager back and you only win if your team wins the match. We always recommend this betting type only if both teams play equally or if we suspect an outsider victory and the odds for the double chance are too lucrative in our opinion. Whereby such information you always find under the bet tips and forecasts of an analysis.

Are special bets profitable?

Of course, special bets are always exciting and lucrative. Usually when a team is clearly leading. A possible special bet would be: placement on the team that scored the last goal, who wins both halves of the match, a betting tip on the match's progress, a home win and cash back as well as away win and cash back. It is also a bet on which team scores more goals.

Summary - Betting tips explanation

The Coupe de France or French Cup is certainly a very exciting event. Betting Tips are probably interesting from the last 32 teams or from the sixteen-finals, as well as teams from the two strongest French leagues are getting involved. Further, there may be derbies in this competition, which otherwise would not exist. All in all, some betting tips are exciting in this cup competition, as it always comes back to outsider victories, when stronger league teams underestimate the weaker (on paper) team.

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