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On this webpage, you will find the betting tips for the FA Cup, the English Football Cup. This competition has been held for more than 120 years and is one of the oldest football competitions in the world. All members of the English Football Association are allowed to attend the FA Cup - up to 763 teams are competing for this trophy. Of course, the Premier League teams are in the role of favourites in terms of winning the title. But motivated teams from lower leagues often are making troubles to the big teams. It makes this contest so interesting. Due to the prestige of the FA Cup, we included this competition to Bettingformat program. We provide an analysis of the teams, their form and a prediction of the game outcome. Here you can find out Betting Tips with prognosis and our recommendations.

FA Cup

15.05.2021 18:15 (CET)
FC Chelsea
Leicester City
under 2.5 goals

Past betting tips

FA Cup

18.04.2021 19:30 (CET)
Leicester City
FC Southampton
1 : 0

FA Cup

17.04.2021 18:30 (CET)
FC Chelsea
Manchester City
1 : 0

FA Cup

21.03.2021 18:00 (CET)
Leicester City
Manchester United
3 : 1

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FA Cup

21.03.2021 14:30 (CET)
FC Chelsea
Sheffield United
2 : 0

FA Cup

20.03.2021 18:30 (CET)
FC Everton
Manchester City
0 : 2

FA Cup

20.03.2021 13:15 (CET)
AFC Bournemouth
FC Southampton
0 : 3

Content on this page

  • Creation of forecasts and betting tips
  • Worth knowledge about the bet placement
  • Favourite teams
  • Betting markets in the FA Cup
  • Long-term bets in the FA Cup
  • Handicap, Double Chance, Draw no bet
  • Special bets in FA Cup
  • Conclusion

FA Cup Odds Comparison

On bettingformat.com you will find the best odds for the FA Cup

To the Odds for the FA Cup

How are betting tips and predictions for the FA Cup at Bettingformat.com created?

Our editors - proven professionals in this league and betting - will provide you free extensive analysis of selected FA Cup matches. In our analyses we discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the two teams, we try to predict the result of upcoming match based on the form of teams and give you the most lucrative betting options. We look at how the two teams play at home and away, if many goals can be scored in this match and who will win.

What do you need to know before placing a bet on the FA Cup matches?

The Football Association Challenge Cup - FA Cup for short - is the English Football Cup, the oldest club competition in the world. All members of the Football Association are eligible to play. In the record season, up to 763 teams were represented in this competition. Even the smallest amateur clubs can hope to get to the final. The final – same as the semifinals - are held every year at Wembley Stadium. The final of the FA Cup is watched by fan far beyond the island. Even in our latitudes, the matches of the English Cup are closely followed. If you have bet, it is more exciting. The big teams - Premier League teams - will enter the competition later. Shortly after the turn of the year, the situation for "big ones" of English football will become serious. At the latest then we provide you betting tips and comprehensive analysis of the individual matches. If the first match ends with a draw, there is a replay with reversed home rights. Only if in a second match there is after the regular time again draw, there is an extension and possibly of a penalty kick.

Are there favourites that are interesting for a betting tip in the FA Cup?

The circle of favourites in the FA Cup is traditionally big. Again, and again underclass clubs make to one of the big club troubles. Especially if the team is enjoying "small" home advantage and support of frenetic fans. Premier League clubs can lose or draw only if their players do not give 100 %. A replay in one of the biggest and modern arenas of the Premier League is an extra motivation for any amateur or sub-standard player. However, winners of the FA Cup are traditionally the biggest clubs like Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea or Liverpool. These clubs, same as strong Premier League clubs - Tottenham and Manchester City – belong each year among the biggest favourites of this competition.

To the odds for the FA Cup

What betting variants do you have in the FA Cup?

We have the interesting betting markets in the program for you, which you will also find at every bookie. We will discuss this separately in our betting tips for the FA Cup. Of course, you can make a 3-way winning bet - 1, 2 or X. Due to its easy handling, this betting type is especially popular. In a clear win, you can increase this betting odds by tapping on a half time victory or to "Win both halves". Especially in the FA Cup matches favourites meet absolute outsiders. In this case, you can also bet on "Win to Zero" and look forward to higher winnings for your betting tips. With us you will also find the over/under variants, so whether in a match more or less than 2.5, 3.5 or 4.5 goals fall. This betting variant is also very popular. We also offer the betting type "Both teams to score - yes/no", the so-called BTTS bet.

Teams Titles
Chelsea 6
Arsenal 6
Liverpool 2
ManUtd 2
Man CIty 1
Wigan 1
Portsmouth 1

Are long-term bets in the FA Cup offered?

Most bookies have the FA Cup in their betting program. This event is so interesting to many people around the world that the bookies do not want to give up their bets on this competition. Of course, you will also find a long-term bet on the FA Cup, so you can bet on the team what will win the title. You can bet on it before the competition has started. Clearly, the profits you can make are highest here. But even after each round, in which perhaps one or the other favourite is out, you can again bet on the overall winner. The probability of winning for each team will change depending on the of the stage of the competition.

When are Handicap, Double Chance bet and Draw No Bet interesting?

In our betting tips, we often deal separately with a handicap, double chance bets and Draw no bets. With these betting variants, the odds - and subsequently the profit - can be increased in especially tight matches or matches of favourite teams. In our Betting school, what you can find here on bettingformat.com, you can find more about different types of bets.

Handicap bet
You can place a handicap bet if one team is much better than the other and probability of their win is very high. In this case, the outsider team gets one or even two goals advantage before the match starts. You win your betting tip if the favorite makes it through also with a disadvantage. Handicap bets are particularly interesting when a Premier League team meets in the FA Cup a third- or fourth- division or even lower- playing club. Then the underclass club gets credited one or two goals advantage before the match. The big club then has to win 2:0 if you want to win a handicap bet +1.

Double chance bet
A double chance bet pays off if two equal teams play against each other. In this case, a winning bet appears as no so secure. With a double chance you can reduce the risk, you make of a 3-way bet almost a 2-way bet. With this betting type, you can play 1/X, X/2 or even 1/2. Of course, you will not get such good odds as with 1, 2, X bet. If two equal teams are playing, the odds are still 1.50 or higher even with a double chance.

Draw no bet
A draw no bet is recommended if two relatively equal strong teams meet and you want to bet bit worse one. If the match ends in a draw, you will get your money back. But if you have won the bet, you can look forward to a relatively high winning. Similar to a double chance, draw no bet minimizes your risk, but you do not have to count with such high deductions when you win.

FA Cup Sieger Per Mertesacker and his team (Arsenal) won the FA Cup. Photo: GEPA pictures / AMA sports / Catherine Ivill

Are the special bets on the FA Cup worth of it?

Special bets in the FA Cup are often betting markets that are only offered in this one game and are tailored specifically to this game. That could be betting tips on what team scores, does team A scores - yes or no, will be team B behind and at the end wins and similar betting variants. Such betting tips can be very interesting in the English cup competition. One team keeps coming, the other is eliminated. This provides additional thrills - and a betting tip on a special bet increases it naturally.

Get more information about longterm bets here

Conclusion on betting tips on the FA Cup matches

The FA Cup is one of the most prestigious football competitions in the world, which fascinates the bettors all over the world. Especially after the turn of the year, when England's biggest teams start, the competition picks up at speed. Then you can rely on bettingformat.com and on our betting tips, predictions for the individual matches.

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