UEFA Europa League Betting Tips with Analysis and Predictions

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The UEFA Europa League gets a lot of attention here at Bettingformat. After all, this is a tournament with dozens of teams joining at different times and for different reasons. Qualification for the Europa League is complicated and even boring for people who don’t like soccer. That’s okay, because we love soccer and you love soccer! We're not worried about the confusing format and we are excited to bring you our analyses and predictions. The betting action in the Europa League gets even more exciting in the knock-out rounds when teams have to win or go home. Our experts think about many factors that could help one team win the match-up and advance in the tournament. The Europa League Championship game is played at a neutral stadium and the winner of that game gets the glory. With so many teams and games, our experts can help you survive the jungle of betting options. We will also show you the odds from over 70 bookmakers, so you can find the best bet for the perfect price.

For UEFA Europa League currently no betting tips available.

Past betting tips

UEFA Europa League

15.04.2021 21:00 (CET)
Slavia Prague
FC Arsenal
0 : 4

UEFA Europa League

15.04.2021 21:00 (CET)
AS Roma
Ajax Amsterdam
1 : 1

UEFA Europa League

15.04.2021 21:00 (CET)
FC Villarreal
Dinamo Zagreb
2 : 1

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UEFA Europa League

15.04.2021 21:00 (CET)
Manchester United
FC Granada
2 : 0

UEFA Europa League

08.04.2021 21:00 (CET)
Ajax Amsterdam
AS Roma
1 : 2

UEFA Europa League

08.04.2021 21:00 (CET)
FC Granada
Manchester United
0 : 2

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  • How does Bettingformat create betting tips for the Europa League?
  • Europa League Format
  • Favorites
  • Betting on UEFA Europa League
  • Conclusion

Here's how we create betting tips for the Europa League:


You have questions about the Europa League, we have the answers. On this page you will find information about the tournament, which teams are the favorites, the types of bets you can place and much more.


Our experts analyze the strengths and weakness of the competition. The experts consider the current form of each team and report their findings to you.

Betting Tips and Predictions

Our experts recommend the best bet for you. Our odds comparison feature guarantees you will always find the best betting offer from over 70 reputable bookmakers.

How does Bettingformat create betting tips for the Europa League?

Our job is to provide you with betting tips you can use for your next wager on the Europa League. Our experts analyze the statistics, crunch the numbers and consider the X-factors that give one team an advantage over the opponent. The analysts also have the important job of reminding everybody that suddenly several teams that used to be in the Champions League Tournament are now in the Europa League. The teams from the Champions League usually are very strong and their arrival will have a strong impact on the betting lines offered by the bookmakers.
Our advice to you is:

  • Read the expert analysis, consider the betting suggestions and the predictions, check the odds comparison and PLACE YOUR BET!
    The bookie offering the best price-to-payout option is always clearly presented to you. Betting lines change all the time and our odds comparison feature reflects those changes.
Eintracht Frankfurt Europa League Wett Tipp Eintracht Frankfurt, Danny da Costa. To the odds comparison. Photo: GEPA pictures/Roger Petche

How does the UEFA Europa League work?

First and most importantly, the UEFA Europa League is a soccer tournament open to all UEFA Cup winners. Currently there are 55 UEFA leagues in operation, so we already have a lot of teams eligible to participate. Cup winners from tiny countries like Andorra have the chance to shock the world and beat powerful opponents from the Bundesliga and the Premier League. It won’t be easy, but technically they have the chance. In total, about 200 teams will participate in the Europa League one way or another. You are right to notice that 200 is larger than 55. Where do the other teams come from? What about the Champions League? These are excellent questions and UEFA has a very complicated system called the ranking coefficient that determines which teams are invited to play. Basically, UEFA considers the soccer strength of a whole country from its smallest leagues to most powerful franchises. Countries with a long history of strong performance like German and Spain will have more teams in the tournament. Eventually the field of teams is narrowed down to 48 teams divided into 12 groups. A team will play the other three teams in the group once at home and once at the opponent’s stadium. The winner of the group is decided by points. Because UEFA likes to make things complicated, tie-breakers are also complex. First, UEFA counts goals in direct competition, then goal difference head-to-head and so on until UEFA has to compare the five-year club classification of the two teams. With so many teams coming and going, an analysis of every game is impossible. You can always check the betting lines on the matches so you know you’re getting the best price for your next bet.

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  • Round 2 Knock Out
    The 48 teams from group play now total just 24 when, all of a sudden, 8 teams from the Champions League decide to crash the party. These 16 games are some of the most exciting from a fan’s perspective because UEFA makes sure none of these are rematches. The teams will play each other in the home and away format. Play continues like this until we reach the championship game which is a winner-take-all game at a neutral stadium.
  • How do the experts make betting recommendations for Europa League games?
    Our experts have a lot to think about when it comes to UEFA Europa League. The beauty and the charm of the tournament is the large number of lesser-known teams. Because some of these teams are a bit obscure, the analysts use even more statistical information to form their predictions. The experts crunch the numbers to learn how a team from a warmer country performs in a colder environment and vice versa. They even discuss the playing surfaces of the two stadiums because that might impact the outcome.

Who are the favorites in the Europa League?

It’s hard to ignore the chance that a team from Spain could win the title. English teams used to not give their best effort to win, but they have been playing with renewed energy recently. We recommend that you read our betting tips and predictions and check the odds comparison feature on a regular basis to make sure you can place your best bet.

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What are the betting opportunities for UEFA Europa League games?

As you can see from the photo above, there are literally hundreds of possible bets that you can place. Okay, 943 is on the high side, but bookmakers clearly know that people want to stake wagers all sorts of ways. Our experts will give their opinions on many betting variations such as the standard 1 / X / 2 bet, half-time winner, over / under bets and much more. If you are unsure about what types of bets are available, be sure to visit our Betting School where you will find a useful glossary of betting terms and strategies.

Are long-term bets available for Europa League games?

Of course! Most bookies are happy to take a long-term bet. Placing a bet on the right team at the right time can win you a lot of money. Bettingformat offers odds comparisons only on matches and not on long-term bets. If you are interested in placing a long-term bet, we recommend you visit four or five reputable bookmakers to find the bet you like.

Are special bets like Handicapping, Double Chance or Draw-no-Bet available for Europa League games?

Special bets can be enjoyable and financially rewarding, especially on Europa League games. Again, we refer you to Betting School where you can learn much more about these and other betting options.

  • Are special bets worth placing?
    In our expert opinion, special bets are definitely worth your attention. Because special bets can be very specific, we have chosen not to apply our odds comparison to them. We would rather provide a practical odds comparison for the matches themselves. From time to time, our experts will make a special-bet recommendation, so check back with us frequently so you don’t miss anything.


If you regularly place bets on Europa League games, we believe that you should check back frequently to get our experts’ picks and analyses. Our reports are based on hard data and the author is impartial. Our predictions and tips are generated in good faith and are not to be considered a guarantee. Unless otherwise stated, all tips and predictions apply only to regulation-time in soccer matches.
As always, GOOD LUCK

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