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Welcome to Bettingformat’s betting tips for the UEFA EURO 2020 Qualifiers. Here you’ll find results predictions, betting recommendations and compact analyses for the high-interest matchups in the Qualifiers. Aside from being self-confessed football fanatics, our in-house analysts at Bettingformat draw from years of sports journalism and sports betting experience. As such, we are uniquely poised to offer you both insightful sports coverage and savvy betting tips. When you use this page in tandem with our EURO 2020 Odds Comparison page, you’ve got a one-two combination that’s an absolute knockout! This year’s qualification contains a few notable elements: Firstly, we would like to welcome Kosovo into UEFA family. Secondly, host nations do not receive an automatic bid into the Euro 2020; all teams must earn their tournament spots by dint of their on-field prowess. Finally, group play will commence and finish within the same calendar year. The 55 nations will be culled down to the top 20 come November 2019. The final 4 entrants will be determined via a Nations League play-off in March 2020. A football partisan might be riding high in June 2019 and feeling down in the dumps come October. Read on to learn how you can maximize your viewing AND wagering enjoyment for the quadrennial thrill-ride that is the UEFA EURO 2020.

For Euro 2020 currently no betting tips available.

Past betting tips

Euro 2020

12.11.2020 20:45 (CET)
2 : 1

Euro 2020

12.11.2020 20:45 (CET)
Northern Ireland
1 : 1

Euro 2020

12.11.2020 20:45 (CET)
1 : 1

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Euro 2020

12.11.2020 18:00 (CET)
0 : 1

Euro 2020

08.10.2020 20:45 (CET)
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Euro 2020

08.10.2020 20:45 (CET)
0 : 0

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  • How does Bettingformat create betting tips for the Euro 2020 Qualifiers?
  • What should I know before I place bets on the matches?
  • Betting favourites
  • Betting markets
  • Long-term bets
  • Special bets
  • Conclusion



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How does Bettingformat create betting tips for the Euro 2020 Qualifiers?

Our analysts here at Bettingformat prepare their predictions and recommendations in good faith based upon the best available information. Our experts consider a host of important factors when presenting their analyses. The analysts ponder the form of each team, injuries or suspensions and any divisive internal strife, to name just a few topics. Of course, since we’re talking about the European Championships, our experts pose the fundamental question ‘does this lot have a puncher’s chance in the tournament?’ It’s a great time to be a fan of football, so let’s keep cracking along.

Cristiano Ronaldo Euro 2016 Cristiano Ronaldo savouring the taste of Euro victory | Photo: GEPA pictures/ Panoramic/ JB Autissier

What should I know before I place bets on the matches?

Knowledge is power. The more you know, the better your overall chances to win big. Of course, you’ll want to supplement your research with our statistics and insights. It’s important to bear in mind the playing styles of the respective countries. Perhaps country X is a defensive stalwart whilst nation Y is an offensive juggernaut. Something’s got to give, but what? We’ve seen strong teams crumble due to internal conflict in tournaments past. Is a collapse for a perennial powerhouse currently brewing? These are exactly the queries you should keep in mind as you mull over your betting strategies. Thankfully, we’re here to contribute our impartial, data-driven two pence to clarify your thinking.

6 points to keep in mind:

  • Current form
  • Team composition
  • Injuries / Suspensions
  • Home and away tendencies
  • Mental toughness edge
  • Grudge matches

Regardless of how you arrive at your betting decision, it PAYS to refer to our Euro 2020 Odds Comparison page before you place your wager. It’s your money, so find the best return on your investment.

Euro 2020 Odds Comparison

Which teams are betting favourites in qualifying for Euro 2020?

That’s a terrific question. You’ve got a veritable murderers’ row of heavy hitters to choose from. Although we’d all like to move on from Russia’s ham-fisted World Cup, we cannot overlook the performances of both champion France and runner-up Croatia. Germany traditionally wear a brave face in pitched battle. We’d be in remiss if we didn’t point our England and Belgium rounded out the World Cup semi-finals. Keep in mind, betting favourites is decidedly different from winning favourites. Fun teams to bet would be The Netherlands, Spain, Poland and debutant Kosovo. Dark horses, over-achievers, long-shots, also-rans, national disappointments – the Qualifiers has everything to keep you on pins and needles until June 2020!

The following Table shows the countries which have fared best in the Euro Qualifiers:

Country European Championships Appearances
Germany 12
Russia 11
Spain 10
France 9
Italy 9
Netherlands 9
England 9

Which betting markets are available for the Euro 2020 Qualifiers?

The run-up to the Euro 2020 is a paradise for both tipsters and bookmakers alike. The only limitation on available betting markets is how long you’re willing look. We’ve already seen over 1,000 betting offers for a qualification game. Most people are content to play the standards – the victory bet (1 X 2), over / under, half-time / full-time score, both teams to score (BTTS) and so on. HOWEVER, if you so choose, you can jump straight through the looking glass and bet on EVERYTHING: Who will have the first throw in? How many corner kicks in the next 5 minutes? The mind boggles. The following list shows the tiniest snippet of betting markets available to you. If any of these seem unfamiliar to you, we invite you to visit our Betting School where you can find detailed explanations of the bets we’ve just listed and many more besides.

  • Victory Bet (1 X 2)
  • Over 2.5 goals
  • Over 3.5 goals
  • Over 4.5 goals
  • Winner first half
  • Double-chance (1X or X2)
  • Both teams to score (BTTS)
  • Under 2.5
  • Under 3.5
  • Under 4.5
  • Winner second half
  • Draw-no-bet
Learn more at the betting school

Can I place long-term bets on the Euro 2020 and the Qualifiers?

The answer is YES. You can place long-term wagers on a cornucopia of betting markets. You can predict outright winners from the groups, the overall winner of the Euro 2020 itself, top goal scorer, most red cards and on and on. While we adore long-term bets, we do not track and compare the odds on Bettingformat. If you’re keen to place such a bet, we encourage you to peruse a few bookmakers on our site. You’re sure to find something to your liking.

Which special bets are available for the Euro 2020 Qualifiers?

Special bets for the Qualifiers and beyond are LEGION. As we mentioned a moment ago, it’s not uncommon to find 1000+ betting markets for a football match. So ubiquitous are these bets, we are loath to call them special. Perhaps ‘unique bets’ rings more accurate. Call them what you will, they’re everywhere these days. In the interest of legibility, we limit betting tips to those bets which appeal to a broad betting base. We proffer our advice on the standard three way bet (1 X 2), the over / under of total goals and other realistic situations such as the double-chance bet if the teams are equally matched.

If you’re not sure about any of these terms, or would simply like to learn more betting terms and strategies, please enjoy the links below:

Conclusion – How our betting tips can help you win

Compact match analysis, results prediction, betting recommendation AND an overview of the best betting lines on offer from over 70 reputable bookmakers. We have thoroughly vetted all of the bookies on our site. You can read detailed reviews and often find new customer bonuses if you’re in the market for a new betting provider. The run-up to the Euro 2020 will be rife with exciting betting opportunities, and we’re here to help you cash in. Check back with us regularly and, as always, GOOD LUCK!

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