English Football League Championship Betting Tips with Analysis and Predictions

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The English 2nd Football League - the Championship - is a league what is popular far beyond the British Isles borders. There are traditional clubs, former first division clubs and those who would like to become (again) the best. That's why you can also read selected betting tips for this division. Season of this league can be a long one as 24 clubs compete for Championship title, upgrade to the upper league or downgrade to lower one. We will know the answer to these questions latest after 46 matchdays. Since 1892, a Championship – tournament of in the “lower house” - has already been played. This competition has been operating as the English Football League Championship since 2004. It is one of the oldest football leagues in the world. In our extensive betting tips analysis, we would like to give you an insight into these Championship matches. The mode of this league is quickly explained: Each team plays against each opponent in a home and away match. After 46 matchdays, there are fixed two upgraded teams and four teams falling to the lower league. The teams, which occupy the places 3 to 6, make themselves the 3rd progressing team to the Premier League. Semi-finals and final matches took a place at Wembley Stadium. The Championship is an event that attracts the masses every year - even in our latitudes.

English Football League Championship

17.05.2021 19:00 (CET)
AFC Bournemouth
FC Brentford
both teams to score - yes

English Football League Championship

17.05.2021 21:15 (CET)
FC Barnsley
Swansea City
under 2.5 goals

Past betting tips

English Football League Championship

04.05.2021 20:15 (CET)
Luton Town
Rotherham United
0 : 0

English Football League Championship

27.04.2021 20:00 (CET)
FC Brentford
Rotherham United
1 : 0

English Football League Championship

16.04.2021 19:00 (CET)
FC Reading
Cardiff City
1 : 1

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English Football League Championship

15.04.2021 20:00 (CET)
Rotherham United
Coventry City FC
0 : 1

English Football League Championship

13.04.2021 19:00 (CET)
Sheffield Wednesday
Swansea City
0 : 2

English Football League Championship

13.04.2021 18:30 (CET)
Huddersfield Town
AFC Bournemouth
1 : 2

Content on this page

  • Creation of Championship Betting Tips
  • Worth knowing before a placing a bet
  • Tips on favourites
  • Betting markets for Championship
  • Long-time bets
  • Handicap bets, double chance bets and draw no bets
  • Special bets
  • Conclusion


To the odds comparison

On this page you will find the best odds for the Championship.

The betting school

Here you will find the most essential information about the types of bets!

How are the Championship betting tips created?

In this overview, you will first see all the matches of the Championship for which we already have the odds. If you find a button called "Show tip" in the Betting Tip section, you can read our Betting Tip Recommendations for that match. In that article, we will discuss exactly the specifics of this clash as well as the strengths and weaknesses of both teams. So, you get the best possible insight for your own betting tips. Our forecasts include the current form of both teams, injuries of important players, direct comparison and many other parameters. From all these data we try to make a prediction for this match including betting tips for the Championship.

What do you need to know before placing a bet on the Championship matches?

The Championship is one of the oldest football leagues in the world and one of the most prestigious. In this league, it all goes step by step. All 46 match days have to be played in one season. That means many “English weeks” and that the teams often play football match three times a week. In such a long season there are so many ups and downs. The level of the game in the second English league is quite balanced - a look at the team’s form curve is therefore particularly important. The table place itself does not have much to say if you want to place a tip on a Championship match. In our tip analysis, we also look at facts as which players may not be able to play in the next match - if key players fail (of course, this will affect the team's chances of winning) etc. In the course of a long Championship season, any player can have a small or big injury, as this league is considered one of the toughest and most competitive in the world.

Are there any favourite tips for the Championship?

Over the years, 142 different clubs have played in this league (with changing league name). Making a favorite that lasts for years is naturally difficult. Finally, the champion and vice-champion, plus a third team of the Championship rise to the first English league. Often, new teams are pushing in from below. And during the season, there are rising new favorites. Usually, the circle of these consists of the teams coming from the Premier League and some teams, who also want to come up to their level. The favourite circle in the Championship is traditionally large - in addition, fluctuations occur in the course of a long championship. So, the favourites in the Championship can change in the course of the game - with our betting tips you always stay up to date.

English Football Championship Queens Park Wett Tipp English Football Championship. Click on the picture and take a close look at the odds. Photo: GEPA pictures/AMA Sports/Catherine Ivill

Which betting markets are open for the Championship?

The betting options may not be in the Championship as big as in the English Premier League. But there is considerable number of betting variants you can bet on. We will mention these special bets in our forecasts, as we will explain below.

How are the long-term bets for the Championship?

Of course, if you want to bet with long-term bets for the Championship, you can do so anytime while the league begins. Usually you bet on the champion of the Championship. This is usually appropriate at the beginning of the Championship - but it can also be interesting during the season, when favourites to the title appear or good teams say goodbye to the Championship. Although we do not prepare these long-term bets on bettingformat.com, in our betting tip analysis we often ask who the favourite for the championship title is. Searching for the answer is pushing all betting fans from all over the world forward. You can of course set a long-term as far as this betting type is available and active. With a little skill and the right timing, you can score with this betting tip.

To types of bets

When are handicap bets, double chance bets and draw no bets interesting?

These 3 bets belong to the special bets that we also recommend for the Championship. Especially in expected close matches, these betting tips are worth money. If you want to know more about these betting opportunities, then we refer you to our Betting school where you can also get to know different betting strategies.

  • Handicap
    You can bet with a handicap in the Championship when an outsider meets one of the favorites. In such a big league this can happen relatively frequently. The underdog usually gets a lead of 1 or 2 goals in a handicap bet. The better team must make it through this imaginary loss in regular time to win the bet. HC bets are played to increase the odds for the big favorite.
  • Double chance
    Double Chance bets are called betting tips with 1/X, 1/2 and X/2 - you eliminate a betting tip of the 3-way bet. You can use such a bet when two roughly equal teams will meet. Also, a double chance is possible if you have a promising home or away outsider. Even if you speculate on a draw - or exclude it categorically - a double chance bet can be rewarding.
  • Draw no bet
    This bet can be explained as "draw - money back" or "draw = no bet". Basically, the draw no bet works like a double chance bet, the difference is that in case of draw you will get the stake back. Because of that, the possible profit is higher. Highly recommended is such a betting tip when there is an easy favorite.

Which special bets are offered for the Championship?

For the Championship we offer you various special bets. Three of the most important have already been for you summarized above. These are - as we mentioned - useful if a big favourite meets an outsider or if two teams play at the same level. We point out in our betting tips also on half-time bets, both teams score or on over/under bets. Is often bet with betting tip on the number of goals - more or less than 2.5, 3.5 or 4.5 goals - and is reflected in our analysis as well.

Conclusion - Championship Betting Tips

Our Betting Tips Recommendations for the matches of the English Championship are always exciting to read. Above all, if you want to place a Betting Tip on a match, it is highly recommended to read our analysis carefully. Maybe you'll find aspects that you have not yet noticed and found an exciting betting market, which can bring you nice winnings.

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