England Premier League

England Premier League

15.05.2021 21:00 (CET)
Brighton & Hove Albion
West Ham United
draw no bet tip 2

England Premier League

16.05.2021 15:05 (CET)
Tottenham Hotspur
Wolverhampton Wanderers FC
over 2.5 goals

Past betting tips

England Premier League

14.05.2021 21:00 (CET)
Newcastle United
Manchester City
3 : 4

England Premier League

13.05.2021 21:15 (CET)
Manchester United
FC Liverpool
2 : 4

England Premier League

13.05.2021 19:00 (CET)
Aston Villa
FC Everton
0 : 0

England Premier League

12.05.2021 21:15 (CET)
FC Chelsea
FC Arsenal
0 : 1

England Premier League

11.05.2021 21:15 (CET)
FC Southampton
Crystal Palace FC
3 : 1

England Premier League

11.05.2021 19:00 (CET)
Manchester United
Leicester City
1 : 2

Premier League Betting Tips

This section lists all betting tips for Barclays Premier League. The Premier League is the top division in English football, which is one of the most popular football leagues for betting. Our betting experts publish the best betting tips for each match of the Premier League. We can provide you with top betting tips for each game of this league because of intensive statistical research, insider tips, and extensive know-how in English football. In addition to the Premier League tips we also provide the best odds for each tip. It helps you secure the best betting odds to be even more successful. You will find Premier League tips for the matches of Manchester United, FC Liverpool, FC Chelsea, FC Arsenal, FC Everton, and many other top teams in English football.

On which teams should you place bets in the Premier League?

The English Premier League is probably one of the financially most powerful leagues in the world. Maybe even THE financially most powerful league at all. Enormous sums of money are spent each year in order to lure superstars from all over the world to the highest league in England. An important financial factor in England is TV money. Asia in particular is crazy about the Barclays Premier League. The clubs receive more than two billion Euros in proceeds each year. The transfer fees that are paid by English clubs are astronomical and therefore the players' salaries are very high as well. As a consequence betting manipulation is pretty much impossible. So betting fans can rely on the games being played fair. Although even "smaller" clubs have enormous financial resources, there are also "big players" in England like Manchester United, the current record champion of England. They have been joined by a couple of other clubs in the past, who made it to the top of the league thanks to very potent sponsors. Nowadays the second club from Manchester is also among the favorites. Manchester City was able to step out of the shadow of its city rival and they are aiming at the title year in and year out. The next big club among the league's top teams is FC Liverpool. The traditional club was able to compete with the financially strong clubs again in the last couple of years and they are also fighting for the top spots in the league. The champion of 2017, Chelsea London, also proved in the last couple of years that they are able to attack at the top. FC Chelsea has an expensive and strong team every year and they keep setting the tone in the league. In the late 90s and early 2000s Arsenal London also was one of the top favorites for the Premier League title and they also had great spurts internationally. Despite being in good financial shape, Arsenal usually has a (too) young team, that is competing well each year, but that doesn't make it to the top of the league. Tottenham has worked its way up the latter in the last couple of years. They keep fighting for Champions League spots and they even became vice champion in 2017. So you also have to count with the third club from London at any time.

What are good tips for the Premier League?

In international comparison it turned out that most bets are placed on games of the Premier League. If the above mentioned teams of the league face each other, the chances for making profit for betters is pretty high. The odds for direct duels of the big clubs are usually higher than 2,00. It doesn't matter whether you bet on the home team, a draw or a victory by the visiting team. According to statistics the host-eleven wins 47,10% of their games. A lot of goals are scored in Premier League games. In 2016/2017 the teams of the first English league scored an incredible 1064 goals, which is an average of 2,8 goals per game. So it can be recommended to bet over 2,5 goals at Premier League duels. You can expect odds of 2,00 or more for a bet like this. If you want to bet on a home win by the league's top teams and get good odds at the same time, you have the possibility of placing a handicap bet. If you, for example, bet handicap 0:1 on the home team, that would only have odds of 1,30 at a normal tip 1, the odds can go up to 1,80 or 1,90. If you want to be safe and only place a single tip on a favorite, you can only increase your profit by increasing the stakes. For a home game from ManU against a possible relegation team, for example, the odds won't be higher than 1,20. If you bet €100 on a home win, however, profit would be respectable €20. The chances that the home team, Manchester United in this case, doesn't win this duel are very slim, which is why this bet can be recommended as well. Whoever is  very sure can also place a result bet. The bookies usually have pretty high odds for those bets, since the chances of guessing the exact result are pretty low. There are still players, who like to take that offer. There are teams that keep finishing games with the same result during a season. The odds for a result tip are actually always higher than those for a three way bet. In the past eight years there have been four different Premier League champions. Usually it's a top club, who can lift the trophy at the end of the season. If you guess the correct champion before the season, you can receive very good odds for that. In 2016 the winner of the title was a big surprise and was called Leicester City. Coach Claudio Ranieri's team turned the league upside down. Nobody believed that it was possible for them to finish in front of the top clubs. But the foxes from Leicester pulled of the impossible and won game after game. For very brave tippers their courage paid off. Most bookies had odds of 5000,00. This means that if you bet one Euro on Leicester becoming Premier League champion, you received an incredible €5000. Therefore you should choose well before you put your money on a certain team.

Which bets can you place at England's derbies?

The English Premier League has a disproportionate number of derbies each year. The derbies that we examine carefully, are usually ones between two very big traditional clubs, that can both be find in the top region of the ranking. Therefore these duels are usually very close and exciting. In the following we chose some derbies that we want to examine further.

What are good tips for the Manchester derby?

One of the hottest duels is the Manchester city derby. When the Red Devils from Manchester City plays against the Citizens from Manchester City the city is in an exceptional state. Since Sheikh Mansour took over Manchester City both teams are on eye level. The biggest successes of the Citizens in the last couple of years were the championship titles in 2012 and 2014. The duels between the two teams are always on the highest level and always sold out. There usually isn't a favorite in this duel. Most of the times bookies give very good odds for a win by the visiting team. A home win usually still has good odds too with 1,80 or higher. AN over tip also is a good idea at the Manchester derby and you can expect odds of 2,00 from the bookies in that case. Probably the biggest London city derby, namely Chelsea versus Arsenal, is a similar case. The team that gets to host the duel usually has odds of 2,00 for a home win and the visiting team has odds of 3,00 or more. In the last couple of years FC Chelsea finished in front of the Gunners, how FC Arsenal is also called. Therefore the Blues can be favored a little bit in direct duels.

What can be recommended for the Merseyside Derby?

Another derby is the so-called Merseyside Derby between FC Liverpool and FC Everton. This is a highly explosive duel. The derby gets his name from both clubs being situated in the county Merseyside. Even though FC Everton manages to get good results at times, FC Liverpool is the clear favorite in this duel. In these duels all Everton fans or betting fans, who like to tip high odds, can make good money. Bookies usually give odds of 4,00 or more on home wins for Everton. So if you like risk, this is a good bet for you. At a double chance, which means that you bet on either a draw or win for Everton, you still receive odds of 2,00 most of the time. In the last couple of years Liverpool usually won the direct duels or they ended in a draw. But everybody knows that a derby has its own laws and therefore you should never underestimate the underdog Everton.

Which tips should you place at the London Derby?

Another explosive duel is also a London Derby. The reign of the North of London is at stake in this derby. We are talking about Tottenham Hotspurs versus FC Arsenal London. Both teams are on eye level and in the last couple of years the results were very close and the winner never won with more than a margin of one goal. There have been a lot of draws in this direct duel in the past. This fact makes tippers all over the world alert, because a draw usually has good odds. Bookies give odds of 3,00 or more for a draw.

What should be taking into account when betting on the North West Derby?

The last duel that we examine is the North West Derby. In this derby Manchester United plays against FC Liverpool. We examine this duel, because it's not only a very emotional game, but also a duel between two of the biggest and most traditional clubs from England. In total United was able to win more derbies than the opponent from Liverpool. Liverpool caught up in the last couple of years though and nowadays the duels are fought on eye level. In this derby you can risk to play tip X, just like in the duel between Arsenal and Tottenham.

What can be said in summary about tips in the Barclays Premier League?

The duels in England's highest league are fought very passionately and aggressively, despite million investments. In the last couple of years the money torrent ahs caused some kind of two class society, in which the anyway rich clubs become even richer. The clubs in the lower region of the ranking aren't poor either, but they can't compete with the top clubs financially. This means for betting fans that the big teams need to be favored in direct duels and that you can get good odds by placing special bets (over/under, handicap,...). Leicester still proved that surprises are possible, even in a million league like the Premier League.

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