2019 Men's Ice Hockey World Championship

For 2019 Men's Ice Hockey World Championship currently no betting tips available.

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2019 Men's Ice Hockey World Championship

25.05.2019 19:15 (CET)
Czech Republic
Tip 1

2019 Men's Ice Hockey World Championship

25.05.2019 15:15 (CET)
Tip 1

2019 Men's Ice Hockey World Championship

23.05.2019 20:15 (CET)
Czech Republic
Tip 1

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2019 Men's Ice Hockey World Championship

23.05.2019 20:15 (CET)
Tip 2

2019 Men's Ice Hockey World Championship

23.05.2019 16:15 (CET)
Tip 1

2019 Men's Ice Hockey World Championship

23.05.2019 16:15 (CET)
Tip 1

Top Betting Tips 2019 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship | Expert analysis, predictions and betting recommendations

Reading time: 3 Minutes
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Welcome to Bettingformat’s coverage of the 2019 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship! Every year, we see a steady increase in hockey’s popularity, and why not? - it is the fastest team-sport of all the major sporting categories. The athleticism and coordination required make hockey an incredibly difficult sport to play, especially at the world-class level. With 14 European teams and two North American teams competing for the title of World Champion, you can be sure there will be no shortage of exciting betting opportunities. Will perennial powerhouses Canada, Sweden and Russia crush the competition or will upstart nations like Austria or Latvia bring home medals? We’re excited to find out! Now is a great time to get a jump on the betting competition, so read on to learn how we make our betting tips, the format of the tournament and other information you’ll need to win big! The tournament is held in two Slovakian venues. Games start on May 10th and end on the 26th. Time is of the essence, so let’s get cracking!

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Content on this page

  • How we create betting tips
  • What should I keep in mind when betting on the games?
  • Advantages
  • Favorites
  • Types of bets
  • Special bets
  • Conclusion


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How does Bettingformat create betting tips for the IIHF Hockey World Championships?

Our in-house experts here at Bettingformat cover six different hockey leagues in both Europe and North America, so we didn’t have to push them very hard to cover the 2019 World Championship. The experts look at the statistics, compare the strengths and weaknesses of the teams involved and consider any injuries or team-strife that could make a game go one way or the other. Our specialists then present their findings to you along with their predictions and betting tips in a compact, yet detailed analysis. Along with their advice, our odds comparison feature ensures you’ll always see betting-lines from up to 70 bookies with the most lucrative offer always clearly indicated.

Eishockey WM 2019 Team Schweden Wett Tipp Team Sweden celebrates a goal en route to 2018 gold. Can they do it again in 2019? Photo: GEPA pictures/Bildbyran/Joel Marklund

What factors could influence my bets on the World Championships?

Timing. The tournament format is quite brisk (and too short, if we’re honest). There are 16 teams divided into two groups of eight (Groups A and B). In the preliminary round, each team faces off with the other seven teams in their group. This means, you’ll have 56 preliminary games (28 per group) to consider before the playoffs begin on May 23rd. Luckily, our odds comparison feature never sleeps, so you’ll always know the best price-to-payout ratios on offer from all the participating bookies. The top four teams from each group move on to the Quarterfinals. The top finisher from Group A will play against the fourth-placed team from Group B (A1 vs. B4, B1 vs. A4, etc.). Starting from the Quarterfinals, our analysts will move heaven and earth to provide you with analyses, predictions and betting tips. Check back with us regularly, because hockey moves fast both on and off the ice.

Find the best odds for the 2019 Hockey World Championship
Group A - Event location: Kosice Group B - Event location: Bratislava
Canada Sweden
USA Russia
Finland Czech Republic
Germany Switzerland
Slovakia Norway
Denmark Latvia
France Austria
Great Britain Italy

What are the advantages of Bettingformat’s betting tips?

The advantages we offer are self-evident. Our experts prepare concise, yet detailed analyses in which they preview the upcoming game as well as offer their expert results predictions. Our analysts take it one step further by carefully considering the betting odds being offered by a wide variety of bookmakers. The combination of our expertise and the continuously updated odds comparison feature gives Bettingformat a powerful one-two punch.

Who are the favorites going into this year’s Hockey World Championship?

That’s a great question! Sweden is back to defend their gold medal from last year. They’re no strangers to success in this tournament having bagged 47 medals and counting (11 gold, 19 silver and 17 bronze). Russia’s 27 gold medals are impressive, but 22 of those came during the Soviet Union era. Famously friendly Canada isn’t so nice on the ice, having claimed 26 gold medals in the tournament’s 82-season history. Winter-sport sanctuary Austria also thinks they have a squad that could make some noise this year, but their combined 2 bronze medals in 34 visits leaves us skeptical. One thing you can be sure of though, when two of these bruisers get together on the ice, the betting action will be just as intense as the drama unfolding on the ice.

What types of bet can I place on the IIFH Hockey World Championship?

Because the World Championships are a thrilling spectacle with broad international appeal, you can be sure that the betting markets will be an exciting bazaar of wagering opportunities. The old standbys of Tip 1, 2 and X (regular time only) are sure to satisfy a fair portion. If your taste is a bit more adventurous, we always enjoy the over / under bets on total points per period from both teams. These so-called special bets deserve a little more attention. We’ll briefly discuss a couple of them in the next section, but we strongly encourage you to follow the link directly below which will take you to our Betting Strategies page.

Learn the best betting strategies here

What kind of special bets work well for hockey games?

Bookmakers know that to keep their clientele happy, they must provide a cornucopia of betting options. Because some of these bets can have endless variations, Bettingformat does not currently provide an odds comparison for special bets. If you are interested in placing such wagers, we recommend you visit a few of our highly-ranked bookmakers and find the bet that smiles at you. That said, here’s a brief overview of a couple special bets fit nicely into hockey’s style of play:

  • Handicap Bet
    Handicapping is a crowd-pleaser and with good reason. When you place such a bet, you are essentially giving a team an advantage or (if you prefer) a disadvantage. These bets serve to spice up matches in which one team has a clear advantage over the other. When a game is going to be a blowout, the betting lines are boring to bookies and sports bettors alike. By giving the underdog a one or two goal lead, you’ve artificially lowered the favorite’s odds for success and thereby raised the betting odds.
  • Double Chance Bet
    When you play a Double Chance Bet, you are betting on two outcomes with one bet. This bet is particularly effective when there is no clear-cut favorite. In hockey, for example, you can bet on both 1 and X with a single bet. Your chances for success have skyrocketed from 1:3 to 2:3, but your profit margins will be considerably lower.

Are special bets worth the risk?

Yes! If you place clever bets, you can earn a nice payout and treat your friends to lunch. A word to the wise: because there are so many different types of special bets (which can even be applied to individual periods) that it’s possible that not every bookie will have every bet available. Be sure to check out a few different bookmakers to find the betting markets you prefer. Below you will find a link to our Bookmaker Review where you can find a detailed review of over 35 reputable bookmakers. You’ll also find enticing bonus information if you’re not already a customer with that particular bookie.


In our humble opinion, you should get in the habit of regularly checking our betting tips for the IIHF Hockey World Championship. Our experts’ predictions and analyses are data-driven and completely unbiased. In the unlikely event that one of our analysts feels the need to offer an editorial comment, you can be sure he or she will do so in the spirit of full transparency. It’s also advisable to stick with us because the more you read our expert analyses, the closer you yourself are to becoming an expert! Our advice is free and our odds comparison guarantees that you’ll always see the most lucrative betting-line available in real-time. As always, GOOD LUCK

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