Ice Hockey Bet Tips - what do you need to know about it?

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Ice Hockey Betting Tips

Here you will find betting tips written by ice hockey experts.

It is likely to be known to many ice hockey fans that ice hockey may very well be the fastest team sport in the world. Since team sports enjoy great popularity with sports betting fans, we have of course provided ice hockey games with betting tips. It does not matter to us at Bettingformat, whether it is the NHL or the EBEL. Of course, we have also included the DEL 1 and DEL 2 in the betting tip program and a few other leagues, which we will describe a little later. Of course, such betting tips on ice hockey puzzles have the advantage that they are objectively written and are available to you free of charge. What exactly they contain, how they arise, we explain on this page as well as the offered betting markets and a few more things.

For Ice Hockey currently no betting tips available.

Past betting tips

DEL 1st Bundesliga

22.04.2021 19:30 (CET)
ERC Ingolstadt
EHC Red Bull München
Tip 1


19.04.2021 01:00 (CET)
Vancouver Canucks
Toronto Maple Leafs
Tip 2

DEL 1st Bundesliga

30.01.2021 17:30 (CET)
Nürnberg Ice Tigers
EHC Red Bull München
3 : 4

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DEL 1st Bundesliga

16.01.2021 17:30 (CET)
Schwenninger Wild Wings
EHC Red Bull München
Tip 1


13.09.2020 02:00 (CET)
Dallas Stars
Vegas Golden Knights
Tip 2


11.09.2020 02:00 (CET)
Dallas Stars
Vegas Golden Knights
Tip 2


Ice Hockey Odds Comparison

Here you get to the odds comparison page of the ice hockey leagues, which are deposited on Bettingformat with a comparison of odds.

Betting School


Become a betting expert. The betting school will explain you the most lucrative bet types and betting strategies.

How does the ice hockey tip on Wettformat look like?

This question, next to the league and betting market question, is probably the most important one. After all the Bettingformat provides the best tips for an ice hockey game and brings accurate expertise on an upcoming game. This will also introduce you to the most lucrative betting variants for an ice hockey match. For a so-called bet tip the competitors are compared with each other and judged by the results of the direct encounters and scores. Likewise, at the home and away strength of the teams is influenced by many tiny factors. For the betting tips, the editors take the odds to the respective hockey games and compare them with the team analysis. If both are compliant, the betting variants are offered.

NHL Vegas Golden Knights Eishockey Wett Tipps NHL, Vegas Golden Knights, also for NHL games we offer you betting tips. Exciting odds are guaranteed. To the odds comparison. Photo: GEPA pictures / Sipa Press / Pool Photo

Which ice hockey leagues are covered by betting tips?

Since NHL is one of the strongest ice hockey leagues, such games will of course be given a bet tip. In addition, 31 teams are represented in the NHL, seven of whom are from Canada and 24 from the USA. In the regular season 82 games are played before it goes into the playoffs. More information about the NHL can be found on the NHL Betting Tip Page. Games from the DEL 1 and the second German ice hockey league will be also provided with betting tips. In both leagues 14 teams compete against each other. Also in these leagues a basic round is played, before it comes to the playoffs. It goes without saying that the Champions Hockey League and the Erste Bank Eishockey Liga as well as the Alps Hockey League can also be found at Bettingformat and respective games are provided with betting tips. As a piece of advice, we can help you along the way, so that you regularly get to know the ice hockey betting tips, because it can happen that other leagues are also included in the betting tips program, such as the Ice Hockey World Championships or EM, etc. If you would like to know more about a league, we advise you to visit the respective Betting Tip League page or corresponding odds comparison page. In these we describe the league as well as the game mode more precisely.

When is a Hockey Bet Tip available on Bettingformat?

Basically, our goal is to have a bet tip ready for two days on Bettingformat. Writing a betting tip two days before the start of a game is always an ideal time, because the team strength and their statistics are correct along with the results of past encounters. Betting tips for finals and alike are regularly adapted by us and may be available a little bit earlier; after all, it is our concern that you are always up to date.

How do you find the betting tips on Bettingformat?

To get the latest betting tips for the ice hockey games, you need to click on betting tips as shown in the picture. Then you select the Ice Hockey Bet Tips. Either you see all the tips collected together or you select by league. You can see behind every league or behind betting tips ice hockey a number in brace. This is the number of bet tips found for ice hockey or for your league.

  • 1. Click on Bet Tips.
  • 2. Choose Bet Tips Ice Hockey.
  • 3. Click on the desired Ice Hockey League and you will be redirected to the Bet Tips.

What to look for in a hockey betting tip?

First and foremost, a hockey betting tip should make it easier for you to place a bet - to help you in your decision-making. A betting tip written by the Bettingformat editors was designed objectively and written down unbiased. It happens, of course, that occasionally personal opinions are included in the text, but it is also pointed out. Should you ask yourself the question of when it is worthwhile to read a hockey betting tip, then we can only tell you: always, but the latest moment should be before a bet placement.

Become an ice hockey betting expert through the betting school

Which betting tips are the most popular in ice hockey?

The classic three-way bet, so Tip 1, Tip X and Tip 2, is also a very popular hockey bet, as well as the over / under bet. Increasingly, placing is also given on a double chance or on a handicap bet. These betting markets can also be applied to the respective thirds. In addition, you can also transfer an over / under bet to a team. Exactly such betting methods can be found in the betting tips and forecasts of an ice hockey party. That both teams meet, that can actually always be assumed in ice hockey. You should know, however, that all betting tips usually refer to the regular time. If a tip applies to the entire possible season, so Overtime incl. Penalty shootout, it is explicitly noted. Most of the times this is a handicap win bet.

  • The most popular betting variants:
    Tip 1 or Tip X or Tip 2
    Handicap winner
    Double chance
    Over / Under game
    Over / Under team
    Over / Under third
    Winner after third
    Both teams meet yes / no
    Which team scores the 1st goal

What are the advantages of hockey betting tips?

We have already mentioned on this page what positive benefits you can gain from a hockey betting tip. Ergo, you will not contradict us if we say it's just a win for you. Finally, you can rely on the objectivity and that the most lucrative betting variants are proposed to you. All in all, it is worth taking a look at a hockey betting tip, because what tip you give into at the end and which bookie you use in the end is ultimately up to you.

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