WNBA Betting Tips


The betting tips section for the WNBA brings you up-to-date basketball tips on the premier League in women’s basketball. With our tips you predict accurately when teams such as Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, Phoenix, and New York, or Seattle play around the League. 34 games are played by each team, which with 12 teams makes 408 WNBA betting tips per season you get from us. We rely on knowledge from many years of experience in basketball and analyze our tips with a variety of statistics, the current condition of the teams and players, as well as supplemental insider knowledge that always comes to our ears. Thus, we ensure you a decisive advantage with our WNBA basketball betting tips.


Founded in 1996, the WNBA is one of the most popular basketball leagues with bettors. Also known as the Women’s National Basketball Association, this league offers 34 games, which is referred to as the regular season. This is followed by the Play-Offs, played out separately in three further rounds. The 4 best teams of the WNBA qualify for the Play-Offs, in which the first bracket plays against the fourth bracket, and then the number 2 slot plays against the number 3. The winners make up the Finals and compete for the Championship title in the final series. Now the playoffs are always a guarantee for heated games, for which we will post our best betting tips, as usual.

The clubs and the best betting tips for the WNBA

The clubs come exclusively from the United States. Also, a special feature of the league is that there is no promoted team and no team is relegated after the end of the season in the WNBA, so all the teams are preserved and new team members are allocated to the respective teams after the end of the season. That makes the league new and exciting again every year and consequently increases the betting possibilities, for which we always have the best WNBA basketball tips for you at hand. The Houston Comets are the champions in the WNBA with total of 4 established season titles.

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