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In the betting tips and predictions of the Basketball Champions League (BCL) on bettingformat.com you will find the suitable betting variants, as well as tips and team, analyzes for each Champions League match. For this reason, we analyze BCL matches of AEK Athens, Iberostar Tenerife, AS Monaco, Banvit Bandirma and many more. The Basketball Champions League started their very first season in 2016/17. It is next to the EuroLeague one of the most important and strongest basketball league in Europe. Teams from over 42 nations take part. Between 32 and 48 teams with many national champions qualify each year for this basketball competition for European clubs. For the most exciting Champions League matches betting tips are written and these are published on bettingformat.com. On this page, we'll explain to you how to make a bet for the BCL, what you should know about the Basketball Champions League if there are teams that we can always predict, which betting options are available if special bets will pay off… and much more. In any case, as BCL fan you can already be happy that there are many matches to bet on. For more than eight months, more than 300 matches will be played. Before we go into detail, we point out that all betting tips refer to the regular playing time. Should we recommend an overtime bet, it will be discussed explicitly in the Betting Tips and Predictions.

For Champions League currently no betting tips available.

Past betting tips

Champions League

03.05.2019 21:15 (CET)
CB Canarias
Antwerp Giants
70 : 54

Champions League

03.05.2019 18:30 (CET)
Virtus Bologna
Brose Bamberg
67 : 50

Champions League

03.04.2019 20:00 (CET)
Antwerp Giants
BC Nizhny Novgorod
66 : 61

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Champions League

03.04.2019 18:30 (CET)
AEK Athens
Brose Bamberg
69 : 67

Champions League

27.03.2019 20:00 (CET)
Brose Bamberg
AEK Athens
Tip 2

Champions League

27.03.2019 19:30 (CET)
Hapoel Jerusalem BC
CB Canarias
Tip 1

Content on this page

  • Creation of forecasts and betting tips
  • Worth knowledge about the bet placement
  • BCL teams
  • Types of bets
  • Long-term bets
  • Handicap, Double Chance, Draw no bet
  • Special bets
  • Summary


BCL Odds Comparison

Here you can find the most lucrative odds for the BCL games.

The Betting School

Become a betting expert. Find explanations for every type of bet and get to know all the betting strategies.

How are the BCL Betting Tips on bettingformat.com created?

This question is answered quickly, but sometimes it is a challenge for the editors. First of all, we compare competing teams. Experts analyze the teams, look at direct comparisons and make a prognosis. Possible betting variants are subject of odds comparison. We will then write down the most lucrative types of bets in the betting tips.

Worth knowing before placing bet on the Basketball Champions League

First, let’s tell that the BCL looks like this: After qualification, the regular season starts in October. The teams are split into four groups, with each team having 14 matches to complete. The four best teams then compete in the playoffs. Eight teams reach the quarterfinals. The semi-finals and the final will take place on a weekend in May. Unfortunately, we can not promise that we will bring you betting tip for every BCL match of the regular season. Unfortunately, we cannot also promise that every single playoff game will include a betting tip. From the quarter-finals each Champions League match should have available betting tip with a forecast. The preview of a playoff or final match is always something special. The teams are equal with a similar strength. Little things can decide about everything in a match. Exactly such details try to find our bettingformat.com experts. Rebounds are as important in basketball as the hit rate. Does the “home” advantage play a major role or is a team strong “away”? We also answer such questions in our forecasts. We also know from experience that some teams are leaders, but against certain opponents for whatever reason, never or rarely have a chance. We also describe that in the BCL Betting Tips. Basically, you can count on betting tips of BCL, because tips have always been written with the best knowledge and belief for you, to offer you the most lucrative betting options.

Single and standard bets - which one is the best for you?

Does the BCL have teams that are suitable for a safe betting tip?

There is no such thing as a safe betting tip. After all, there are different factors what play also role such as spectators for example. It also depends on the daily squad of a team. With teams from Spain, Greece, and Turkey everybody is usually counting. Among them, there are clubs, as we have already mentioned in the introduction. Russia often assembles strong teams, as do France. The great thing about the BCL is that even teams from Germany or other countries can provide surprises. For example, the Giants from Ludwigsburg proceed to the final matches in 2018 and finished fourth. If you like, you could tag from 26 teams those who would be automatically qualified for the regular season as favorites. Because these have already proven themselves through strong performance.

Basketball Champions League Athen Quotenvergleich Find the most lucrative odds here. Photo: GEPA pictures/Intime
Season Winner Finalist Third Fourth
2016/17 Iberostar Teneriffa Banvit Bandirma AS Monaco Umana Reyer Venedig
2017/18 AEK Athen AS Monaco UCAM Murcia MHP Riesen Ludwiegsburg

Which betting opportunities can be expected in BCL matches?

Of course, we try to equip bettingformat.com with the most lucrative betting tips. A tip 1 or tip 2 is likely to be the best known, as well as an over/under bet on the total number of points reached in the game. Another betting tip offered by the experts in the Basketball Champions League is the over/under bet of one team. So, Team 1 scores over or under xx points. These betting options can also be applied to every half or quarter. The special bets we explain in a separate part of the text. You can create a tip on an even or odd match outcome. Such a recommendation, however, you will rarely get from us. Because the chances of winning such a bet are 50:50.

Can we place a long-term bet?

Of course, you can also place a long-term bet. The fact that we refer to long-term bets in our betting tips is not common, because our analyses, forecasts and betting tips are mainly connected with the one specific basketball Champions League match. You probably know that long-term bets generally refer to bets that can be placed on pre-games. So, if you bet on a match that takes place in a couple of days, you have made a long-term bet. However, many long-term bets refer to a bet on a possible cup winner, group winner or possible champion. We rarely analyze this type of bets in our betting tips. If you question us about an ideal time to make such a bet, we would say that the odds at the beginning of the season are the best, but the risk is the highest. At least, this is the case of the Basketball Champions League.

Which strategies to choose?

Is “handicap”, “double chance” and “draw no bet” profitable?

These so-called special bets are offered by the bookmakers only partially. The double chance or Draw no bet as betting tip we found in our research provided for Champions league only rarely. The handicap bet is actually almost always offered. In this article, we offer you just a few words to explain these three betting options. For more detailed expertise, please visit our Betting school.

  • Betting Tip – Handicap
    A handicap bet is interesting if the odds on a simple win bet are not particularly lucrative. Accordingly, a team of a Basketball Champion League game is particularly favoured. A handicap tries to balance the odds. So, the favorite will start match with minus points or the underdog with plus points. However, this betting option can be used even if both teams are equal.
  • Betting Tip – Double Chance
    As the name suggests, you can have two ways to win this bet tip. This betting variant pays off only if both teams play at same level. Then, of course, it can happen that it comes to a draw. You win your bet in case of a victory of your team or in a case of a draw. If you think that the outsider wins, this variant can also be applied.
  • Betting Tip – Draw no bet
    If two competing teams in a basketball Champion league match are equally strong, this betting option is a good choice. Problem is that this betting method is not that popular among bookies. You will find this betting option only rarely in our betting tips for matches of Basketball Champions league. In short, you win in a draw no bet if your team was successful and the team won the match and in case of draw, you will get the wager back.

Are special bets on a basketball Champions League matches lucrative?

It always depends on which teams are facing each other. Both, in the regular season and also in the playoffs, handicap bets can pay off (see previous passage). If a team has the role of a favourite, a tip 1 or tip 2 is offered on a certain quarter. These betting methods are considered as special bets. The 3-way bet for regular time is also part of this betting type. However, this is only very rarely. If a special bet is a betting tip, you can find it in the respective forecast.

Conclusion - betting tips for matches of the Basketball Champions League

The betting tips and predictions for each of the Basketball Champion League matches are helpful. Texts are written by experts and with the odds comparison (an additional tool) you can receive the most lucrative betting suggestions from us. The Basketball Champions League is one of the most interesting and exciting basketball leagues in Europe. Dealing with this league and placing bets on matches will probably make some bettor's heart beating faster. Consequently, it has to be said that it pays off to take a look at the current betting tips because you never know if there is a very lucrative outsider betting tip. For you it is a benefit in any case: We are not biased when writing the betting tips, and we write quite objectively. A user is not always objective and the odds can tricky sometimes.

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