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Basketball has been popular for a long time not only with the athletes, but also with the bettors. Therefore, it is only a logical consequence that betting tips on basketball events are written by experts from Bettingformat. The betting tips, which also include forecasts and team analyses, should point you to the most lucrative betting markets. This is a type of help, before and during the bet placement. On this page we discuss the benefits of the Basketball Bet Tips: which leagues we cover with tips, when you can find a basketball tip and what you should be aware of in a bet tip. You will soon realize that you can only benefit from this tool. Do you love to place basketball betting tips? Yes? Then these tips should be set as a default lecture.

For Basketball currently no betting tips available.

Past betting tips


26.03.2021 21:00 (CET)
FC Barcelona Lassa
Alba Berlin
80 : 67


13.02.2021 21:00 (CET)
Phoenix Suns
Philadelphia 76ers
120 : 111

Germany Basketball Bundesliga

31.01.2021 18:00 (CET)
FC Bayern Basketball
Crailsheim Merlins
Tip 1

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23.01.2021 01:30 (CET)
Philadelphia 76ers
Boston Celtics
122 : 110


31.12.2020 21:00 (CET)
Indiana Pacers
Cleveland Cavaliers
119 : 99


25.12.2020 20:30 (CET)
Milwaukee Bucks
Golden State Warriors
138 : 99

Content on this page

  • What is written in a basketball betting tip?
  • Basketball leagues
  • Time cap of the bet tip
  • How to get to the betting tips
  • What to look for in the basketball predictions?
  • Most popular bet types
  • Advantages of a basketball betting tips


Basketball Betting Tips


Basketball Bet Tips for NBA, WNBA, EuroLeague, Champions League, ABL, DBBL, .... etc. you can read here.

Basketball odds comparison


On this page you will find the most lucrative odds compared to basketball events.

Betting strategies and types of bets


Which betting strategies are suitable and what is important for each bet type is explained in more detail in the betting school.

How is a basketball betting tip created on Bettingformat?

The editorial team at Bettingformat is constantly involved in basketball events from various leagues. Some editors specialize in basketball betting tips. They follow the league events and compose suitable betting tips for certain encounters. For such, the respective teams and, of course, previous clashes are analyzed. After the possible betting markets have been quota compared, we will propose betting suggestions, so you can make a lucrative and hopefully profitable bet. You're probably wondering what types of bets are proposed? You wonder correctly, because these vary, depending on the sport. For basketball, we can currently only make a two-way bet. But we scour the bookmaker sites for possible betting options, such as over / under betting, score per team, game extension yes or no, odd or even game outcome, who leads at halftime and many more. If a bet tip appears suitable, we suggest it in the forecasts. Normally you will find two to three bets as a recommendation.

ABL Kapfenberg Klosterneuburg Wett Tipp Prognose Quotenvergleich Vorhersage Basketball Lucrative odds are offered to the game between Kapfenberg and Klosterneuburg by the bookmakers. Photo: GEPA pictures / Markus Oberlaender

Which basketball leagues are covered by forecasts?

Currently, six leagues have been added to Bettingformat. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, it is not possible to offer a bet tip for every league and event. Because of this, tips are written on the most exciting basketball games. Currently you can find game forecasts for the German Basketball Bundesliga and the EuroLeague. These are currently the most well-known and interesting leagues besides the NBA. However, it is a bit difficult to write many betting tips for the NBA, because the amount of games played by the Americans is enormous. Our goal, however, is to keep a tip at least one day or, if possible, several days online. Therefore you will not find too many analyses regarding the NBA. Again and again you can also read forecasts for the Austrian Basketball Bundesliga. Betting information on the Basketball Champions League will soon be available on Bettingformat. It is important for us of course, that more bet tips shall be written from the start of the playoffs or final rounds of a basketball league. Our goal from this point is to equip all games with a bet tip.

  • Basketball EuroLeague
  • Basketball Champions League
  • NBA - National Basketball Association
  • WNBA - Woman National Basketball Association
  • German Basketball Bundesliga
  • Austrian Basketball Bundesliga
  • World Cup

When can I find game format for basketball events on Wettformat?

This is a perfectly legitimate question. We have already mentioned that our goal is to keep a Bet Tip online for at least one day, ideally several days. We do not always succeed, as some teams play in two or three competitions, which we include in the predictions for an upcoming game. If a basketball betting tip is online too long, it is not really serious, because players can hurt themselves, the starting situation can be different, etc. Therefore, you can assume that a online bet tip usually has been written, on average, two days before a basketball game. Rarely, but every now and then, a bet tip is longer online. This can be the case for finals, for example. However, this is updated when something crucial has happened - an important player suddenly fails or something similar. Therefore, we advise you to read the bet tip again before a bet.

How do you get to the respective basketball betting tips?

As you can easily see in the picture, there is a zero next to each basketball league. This is because while we were writing this text, there are no betting tips currently displayed. However, the past betting tips will last for a while. If game predictions were put online, then you can see the number of respective analyses next to the league. For example, to get to a Basketball EuroLeague Bet Tip, you should click on Bet Tips and select the EuroLeague from the Bet Tips Basketball menu. If you would like to read all the analyses of upcoming games that were written about basketball, just click on Bet Tip Basketball. Another way you can call up the forecasts is to click on Analysis in a game's odds comparison. Then you go directly to the bet tip.

What to look for in the basketball predictions?

Of course, the betting tips are no guarantee. Although they were written by experts to the best of their knowledge and abilities, we do not have any influence on a game. We are not always compliant with bookmakers. That happens when, according to team analysis, another outcome would have to be considered. A Bet Tip written by us should offer assistance and thereby make it easier for you to place bets. With the suggested tips, you can be sure that you can make the most lucrative placement on the most common betting markets, as long as you are registered with the bookmaker. Since we update the betting tips when something important has happened in an upcoming game, we advise you to reread the analysis before placing a bet.

Thanks to the betting school you will be well informed about the betting opportunities.

Which betting tips are the most popular for basketball betting?

This question cannot be answered directly. We know from experience that especially with similarly strong teams a tip 1 or tip 2 is not the most reasonable betting variant. Of course, such bet may also be placed. It is sometimes more advisable to make an over or under bet, along with a placement on a certain minimum number of points per team. From time to time, a handicap tip is also lucrative compared with a placement on a half time or quarter win. An over / under bet per quarter or half time is also possible. You see, the offer is varied and the winning bet or point bet will be tipped.

What are the advantages of a basketball betting tip?

On one hand you will find a compact analysis of the competing teams and on the other we recommend you the most lucrative bet tips. This saves you time and brings you to best, highest profits. Another advantage is that we write the betting tips objectively and they cannot be influenced. Often, you show a tendency towards a certain team, hoping that an outsider or your own favourite team wins. We put a bet tip soberly and keep only to the analysis, statistics and the facts. Often a win-tip is not advantageous, but rather makes profitable an over / under bet or even a handicap bet? You can trust one thing: In our bet tips we give you the best advice.

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