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The American Football Betting Tips are now an integral part of Bettingformat. The sport has experienced a veritable boom in Europe in recent years and has become increasingly popular. Since this occurrence, also the bookmakers realized this fact and their focus is increasingly on it. We at Bettingformat feel obliged to support you in this matter. Among other things, we help with our bet tips on the American NFL and the Austrian AFL. Here you will find analyses and forecasts for the upcoming top games, and we recommend you afterwards the most lucrative bet tips for the selected game.

For American Football currently no betting tips available.

Past betting tips


08.02.2021 00:30 (CET)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Kansas City Chiefs
Tip 2


25.01.2021 00:40 (CET)
Kansas City Chiefs
Buffalo Bills
Tip 2


24.01.2021 21:05 (CET)
Green Bay Packers
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Tip 1

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17.01.2021 21:05 (CET)
Kansas City Chiefs
Cleveland Browns
Tip 1


10.01.2021 19:05 (CET)
Tennessee Titans
Baltimore Ravens
Tip 2


25.12.2020 22:30 (CET)
New Orleans Saints
Minnesota Vikings
Tip 1

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  • Worth knowing about our American Football page
  • How is an American Football Betting Tip made?
  • Which betting variants should you particularly pay attention to?
  • Which games will you find on Wettformat?
  • The fastest way to the American Football Bet Tips:
  • What do the betting tips bring you at the end of the day?


American Football

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Here you will find forecasts, analyses and the best bet tips for the NFL and AFL.

American Football Odds Comparison

Get to odds comparison with just one click, here you will find the best odds for all upcoming games.

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Learn about various American football betting strategies

Worth knowing about our American Football page

American football is enjoying increasing popularity throughout Europe. Not only are the domestic leagues under observation, but also the best football league in the world - the NFL. The hype that has emerged in recent years is not over yet. This knowledge has forced the European bookmakers to offer more and more games on increasing amount of betting markets. We at Bettingformat have specialized in the domestic AFL and the American NFL. While the AFL starts in the spring and ends in August, the NFL will not start until September and will have ended in February with the Super Bowl. For many of these games, we create our own forecast and analysis where we help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of a team. After a detailed search, we offer you various bet tips which we think might be useful. To understand this one should get to know the rules of American football. The games in American football consist of 4 quarters each with 12 minutes and the team that wins the most points in the end wins. In order to study the rules more closely, we recommend you to take a look at our betting school, where you will also find various types of bets and betting strategies for American football.

Bet tips on the biggest sporting event in the world, the Super Bowl are very popular! GEPA pictures / Sipa Press

How is an American Football Betting Tip made?

We at Bettingformat are proven experts in our field and offer you, for each bet tip, reputable and well-researched information on the upcoming game. In a short introduction we will explain what you will find in the analysis and when the game will take place. Afterwards, both teams will be thoroughly researched and the most important and relevant information will be included in the analysis. These include, among other things, the previous season, the squad, the direct duels against each other or the latest updates to injuries or barriers. After this compact forecast, you should be well prepared for a suitable bet tip. If you are not sure which tip is most suitable, you can also read our recommendation. In this you usually find up to 2 or 3 suggestions with different odds.

Which betting variants should you particularly pay attention to?

As with all sports, the betting markets differ from each other in American football. Of course, there are also similar variants as the over / under bet or the normal winning bet. However, you also have variations in this sport that you will not find anywhere else like: how many touchdowns are scored, or betting on each quarter individually. The types that are best suited for you can be seen in all our analysis to the upcoming games. Since a football game always consists of 4 quarters, it is particularly popular to bet on them, or even on the two halves. Because statistically, it often happens that the team throwing the first touchdown, even at the end of the game decides about the outcome. Sometimes, as it is of course in any sport, the tip on the favourites may pay off. Also, when you look more closely at the offensive and defensive lines, you often see if it will be a rather pointy or low scoring game. You can find more interesting facts in our different types of bets.

Which games will you find on Wettformat?

Since the two leagues of the AFL and the NFL do not cross, we can concentrate on both leagues and have little overlap. Week after week, the NFL's most important games are forecasted, giving it a relatively wide choice. In the playoff games, of course, we are trying as to analyse many games as possible that end with the biggest sporting event in the world - the Super Bowl. In the AFL, however, isolated top games are rather researched by us to support you. Since the AFL does not enjoy the same status as the NFL, the focus is more on the latter.

  • Start of the NFL: September
  • Start of the AFL: March
  • End of the NFL: February
  • End of AFL: July

The fastest way to the American Football Bet Tips:

To get to our Bet Tips page for American Football as fast as possible we have provided you with a graphic to help you. Follow these few steps and you will be on the right side for American Football betting tips in just a few seconds. Of course you can decide which league you want to choose.

What do the betting tips bring you at the end of the day?

Our main goal at Bettingformat is to help you turn your best tips into cash. For every player and user of a sportsbook site it is a primary goal to win their tips. To increase this chance, it is highly recommended to read our forecast carefully, because we do the work for you and this is only possible with a lot of effort. Thanks to the experience our experts bring, you will find all the important facts and figures for the upcoming game in a compact text. Even for newbies, these betting tips are often very helpful, especially if you cannot find yourself well in the different types of bets and betting variants in American football. We try to make every text as understandable as possible and explain individual terms over and over again. If you read through one of our analyses, you will get a chance to win a lot of money.

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