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Welcome to Bettingformat’s betting tips for the Austrian Bundesliga. Here you’ll find our experts’ analyses, results predictions and betting recommendations. No matter if you’re a fan of Red Bull Salzburg or LASK Linz, we have the expertise you need to place winning bets. In this article, we will explain to you how we generate our betting tips, the types of bets you can place, what special bets are available to you and much more. Before we dive into the betting specifics, a little background history is beneficial. Austria has played organized football since at least 1890, with a national championship first coming about in 1911. The current iteration of the Bundesliga as we recognize it today took form in 1974. Twelve teams vie for the title of league champion whilst avoiding the stigma of relegation to the second tier. For licensing reasons, the Austrian Bundesliga is officially known as the tipico Bundesliga. Now that our history lesson is sorted, let’s get to the betting!

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Themen in diesem Artikel:
  1. How does Bettingformat create betting tips for the Austrian Bundesliga?
  2. Crucial information
  3. Favourites in the tipico Bundesliga
  4. Long-term bets
  5. Draw-no-bet, double chance and handicap bets
  6. Conclusion
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How does Bettingformat create betting tips for the Austrian Bundesliga?

The editors here at Bettingformat are self-confessed football fanatics. Our analysts are happy to watch football leagues from all over the world – Austria cheerfully included. Because of our experts’ vast experience in both sports-journalism and online wagering, we are able to provide you with sound advice for placing winning stakes on the Tipico Bundesliga. The in-house pros consider many factors when preparing a betting tip: the current form of the teams, head-to-head records, injuries and suspensions and much more besides. Our betting experts then distil this information into practical betting recommendations. Some of the typical suggestions you can expect to see are the over / under bet, half-time / full-time winner and both teams to score. When you see a match that smiles at you, simply click the green button that says ‘SHOW TIP’ and you’ll be whisked away to a treasure trove of betting tips.

Rapid Wien vs Salzburg Whilst the lads from Salzburg (in red) attack from all angles, Rapid Vienna still have the most titles | GEPA pictures/ Mario Buehner

What should I know before placing bets on the Austrian Bundesliga?

You should definitely know is the tipico Bundesliga is a fairly small enterprise. With only 12 teams taking part in the league, teams tend to know each other very well. For football fans this is wonderful - grudge matches are often the most exciting spectacles. Regardless which team is favoured on paper, when two teams who know and dislike each other square off, the perceived advantages fly out the window. To be fair, in recent history Red Bull Salzburg have separated themselves from the pack. As a result, they are the object of even more scorn from the other 11 teams in the league. On a more pragmatic level, it’s important to know which team is rounding into championship form and which teams are simply trying to stave off relegation. You’ll need to know which player has a nose for the goal and which goaltender could be mistaken for a brick wall. By regularly consulting with Bettingformat, you’ll be in the loop and poised to make lucrative wagers.

Have you considered the following? Because we have!

  • Current form
  • Home and away history
  • Top scorer
  • Injuries / Suspensions
  • David and Goliath factor
  • UEFA Cup positioning

Are there perennial favourites in the Austrian Bundesliga?

In recent years, Red Bull Salzburg have established themselves as kings of the pitch. Whilst that is wonderful for their prestige, the betting odds are correspondingly low. In the interest of profitable sports wagering, we direct your attention to other lively teams in the Austrian Bundesliga. Rapid, Austria, Graz and Linz are all viable candidates to dethrone Salzburg, or at least string together enough victories to make them your betting sweethearts. Interestingly, in our experience we’ve noticed that teams which claw out of the 2nd tier into the tipico Bundesliga often ride that wave of success to a UEFA Cup berth. We theorise this is down to that team firing on all cylinders and the Bundesliga mainstays being largely unfamiliar with the Johnny-come-lately.

Recent tipico Bundesliga league champions:

  • 2014-2018: Salzburg
  • 2013: Austria Wien / Vienna
  • 2012: Salzburg
  • 2011: SK Sturm / Graz
  • 2009-2010: Salzburg
  • 200ß: Rapid Wien / Vienna

Can I place long-term bets on the Austrian Bundesliga?

Long-term bets are exceedingly popular betting options for the tipico Bundesliga. The attraction is obvious – a small bet now can yield huge dividends at the season’s end. Long-term bets are limited only by a bookmaker’s imagination. Beyond the straightforward ultimate winner, you can also place wagers on top goal-scorer, most assists, which team will suffer the indignity of relegation and more than space allows. The earlier you place these bets, the higher your winnings. Don’t get too excited – sometimes a little patience will make your long-term bet more viable. You can learn more about long-term bets and other types of bets by visiting our Betting School.

Are special bets like draw-no-bet, double chance and handicapping available in Austria’s Bundesliga?

Most bookmakers will cheerfully accept wagers on so-called special bets. The three above are fairly common, so let’s look at them in closer detail.

  • Draw-no-bet:
    This form of betting is the least well-know of the three in our list. When you play a drawn-no-bet (or ‘draw-money back’ as it is sometimes called), a match draw results in your money being returned. Your team wins, you win. The match ends in a draw, your money is returned. The opposing team wins, you lose. All in all, it’s not a bad hedge.
  • Double chance bet:
    This is useful bet when you’re not terribly confident about the match outcome. Perhaps the two teams are quite comparable in terms of strength and you’re not quite sure which way to bet. With a double chance bet, you can turn a one-in-three probability into a two-in-three by betting on 1 + X, or X + 2.
  • Handicapping:
    This style of betting is great when one team holds a clear advantage over their opponent. You can give the underdog a one or two goal lead which the ‘superior’ team must make up during regular time.

What are some other special bets I can place on the Austrian Bundesliga?

The laundry list of betting markets offered by large betting providers can literally number in the hundreds. You can place bets on everything under the sun, if you so choose. You can wager on the number of red cards, the number of corner kicks within a certain time frame and so on. When the floodgates of live betting open, the selection becomes simply staggering. Before you plunge headlong into special bets, we strongly encourage you to visit our Betting School for a general refresher.

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Conclusion – the last word for the Austrian Bundesliga

While perhaps not as glamorous as Germany and Italy, Austria’s Bundesliga offers an abundant garden of thrilling betting opportunities. Regular visits to this page along with our odds comparison page for the tipico Bundesliga will put you in the best position to placing winning bets. Our expert advice is impartial, data-driven and absolutely free of charge. As always, GOOD LUCK!