Ice Hockey DEL-2 Betting Tips with Analyses and Predictions

The DEL-2 is the second-highest tier of professional hockey in Germany. Naturally we will provide you with betting tips, an overview of the various types of bets you can place on hockey matches, our predicted results for the matches along with our expert analysis of each team. Sit back and strap in as we break down everything you need to know about DEL-2! Like its more luminous counterpart, the DEL-2 features 14 teams vying for the title of champion. The season is also formatted identically, all teams face each other four times; twice in the friendly confines of their home arena and twice in the other team’s hornets’ nest. The teams hail from all corners of Germany: the Dresden Ice Lions, the Heilbronn Falcons and the Kassel Huskies just to name a few. You can rest assured that we will provide you with sound betting tips for DEL-2 matches so you can get a leg-up on the betting markets. Read on as we explain how bets are placed, the gains you can earn from placing different types of bets and which teams are favored to take it all the way. Please keep in mind that all betting tips presented herewith apply only to regular season play. If a bet goes beyond that in scope, we’ll be sure to let you know!

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DEL-2 Bundesliga
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How are DEL-2 betting tips generated?

In order to bring you actionable betting tips on DEL-2 hockey games, our experts study the teams looking for weakness and strengths, they ruminate on the home and away records, they evaluate the head-to-head clashes and they interpret the data to inform their decisions. Along with their expertise, they also consider what our gambling odds assessment tool has complied for the betting lines from over 70 bookmakers.

How does the format of the DEL-2 season affect my betting chances?

At the outset, this may not seem like a terribly important factor, but bear with us here and let’s talk about it. During the regular season, the 14 teams play each other a total of 4 times, twice at home and twice as visitors. That’s a total of 52 chances for them to get to know each other and set up potential mismatches down the line. After the regular season has concluded, the top 6 finishers are automatically moved along into the quarterfinals. Seeds 7 through 10 must settle it among themselves who gets to take those last two spots in the quarters. This play-in round is decided by best-of-three. All subsequent rounds are played in a best-of-seven format. If all possible games are played, then we are looking at 54 additional rounds for your enjoyment.

  • Thanks for sharing that. Now, how does that affect my betting?
    Right, sorry for the digression, we do love to think about playoff seeding… The betting lines change over the course of the season for a number of reasons and much more so during the playoffs. Remember, the higher-seeded gets four games at home. Every now and then, one team simply doesn’t perform as well at home, or another team is particularly good on the road, with this in mind, you can expect to see a wide range of betting possibilities.

Who are the favorites to win it all in DEL-2?

The DEL-2 is defined by parity, which makes any assertion about a clear-cut favorite impossible. Mainstays like EC Bad Nauheim, the Bietigheim Steelers, the Crimmitschau Ice Pirates and the Lusatian Foxes have their eyes firmly fixed on the ultimate prize. Don’t rule out sleepers who would love nothing more than to pounce from the shadows and take the title home. With so many teams poised to crack into the quarterfinals, you’d do well to check back with us for our matchup analysis.

DEL2 Betting Tip DEL2 Betting Tip

Which types of bets are on offer for DEL-2 games?

There is a wide bounty of betting options for DIL-2 games. While the total number of betting markets is ultimately decided by the number of bookmakers participating, we have seen betting markets numbering as high as 37. Currently, we at Bettingformat can provide odds comparisons only for three-way bets, that is to say, 1, X and 2. We would be in remiss if we didn’t propose other forms of betting. We think bets like the over / under, total points per game or period, handicapping and so forth are exciting bets with the potential for a huge payout. We will address some of these special bets shortly.

Are long-term bets in DEL-2 accepted?

Strangely enough, we were unable to find any bookmakers accepting long-term bets on DEL-2. Such a bet is, in and of itself, a normal proposition. We will keep our eyes peeled and when we find a bookmaker taking long-term bets on DEL-2 we will let you know. From our side, we tend not to give betting advice on an overall winner owing to a lack of supporting data, but by all means check back with our betting news to gather up more information.

What about special bets like handicapping, double odds or draw-no-bet?

Generally speaking, betting options like those above work well in DEL-2. These so-called special bets can be very lucrative and downright exciting to watch unfold. We will point out to you when an opportunity to place such a bet comes along. We encourage the reader to refer to our betting guide where all of these bets are fully explained and further supported by practical examples.


It is our sincere advice that those who wish to place bets on DEL-2 games should get in the habit of regularly checking back with Bettingformat to stay up to date and informed. Our analysis is free, objective, impartial and did we mention it’s free? Read and utilize our betting tips, find the bookie giving you the best odds, place your bet and as always GOOD LUCK!