Welcome to the Alps Hockey League Betting Tips Page! You’ve come to the right place for all things AHL. Okay, all things Alpine except yodeling. The AHL is a young league, having only started during the 2016/17 season. While the league may be in its infancy, its future certainly does look bright. We’ve got 17 teams spread across three mountainous countries. Eight teams hail from Italy, seven teams call Austria home and two teams from Slovenia round out the muster. The terrain might be treacherous, but it’s always flat on the ice! Here you will find our predictions and analyses for the key matchups, betting suggestions and much more. Whether you live and die by the successes of SG Cortina or you’re a casual fan of WSV the Sterzing Broncos we’ve got the desire to help you improve your betting chances. One thing to keep in mind regarding our predictions- our current betting tips for the AHL apply only to the regular season, overtimes and penalty shootouts are likewise excluded from our prognostications.

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  1. How we create the predictions
  2. AHL season
  3. Key teams
  4. Bets
  5. Special bets
  6. Conclusion
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How does Bettingformat make results predictions for AHL games?

We here at Bettingformat are die-hard hockey fans. We love the speed, power and creativity of this fast-moving team sport. We’ve enjoyed watching this league develop since its inception in the 2016/17 season. We find it particularly interesting that the teams come from three different countries, allowing for three teams to claim the title of national champion en route to their bid to be league champion.

Our experts make their predictions by considering the strengths and weaknesses of the teams, scrutinizing the head-to-head clashes and crunching the raw data. Once they’ve done that, they report their findings to you along with a suggested betting strategy. On average, our experts like to offer you two or three wagering variations. Sometimes our advice runs contrary to the general consensus of the bookmakers. It’s a risky proposition, but at the end of the day, that’s what gambling is!

RB Hockey Juniors VEU Feldkirchen AHL Alps Hockey League Wett Tipp Eishockey Quotenvergleich © GEPA pictures Red Bull Juniors and VEU Feldkirchen. Photo: GEPA pictures/Jasmin Walter

How is the AHL structured?

As we previously mentioned, the AHL is comprised of 17 teams from three hilly countries. Each team plays each other once at home and once as the visiting team, for a total of 32 games per club. Add that up, and you’ve got yourself 272 total games. The fun doesn’t stop there, because within each country the teams play between two and 12 more games depending on the number of teams in that country. By January, a national champion has been determined from each land. No time to yodel just yet, there’s still the matter of league champion to settle. That means we’re talking playoffs!

The top four finishers receive an automatic berth into the quarterfinals as a reward for their successful season. On the other side of that, you’ve got 16 teams looking to earn those final four spots. This round of 16 is played as a best-of-three. The quarterfinals are best-of-seven, the semis are best-of-five and as is fitting, the finals are played best-of-seven. Owing to the sheer volume of games, we cannot provide betting analyses and tips for every AHL game, but as the season moves into the playoffs, we will make every effort to predict the games and offer betting advice.

Who are the favorites in the AHL?

As the AHL is such a young league, it is impossible to proclaim on team or another a mainstay. Fifteen of the 17 teams have been with the league since its creation in 2016. Certainly, the Red Bull Hockey Juniors and ED KAC II are forces to be reckoned with. The pedigree of Red Bull’s farm system cannot be underestimated, with the first division Red Bull team being represented in the Hockey Champions League. For those in the know, VEU Feldkirch, EC Kitzbühel and Asiago Hockey can bring the thunder on occasion. The smart bet in this case we be to have a long look at the teams which have qualified for the quarterfinals and lay your stake there.

  • Champions:

    Ritten Sport
    Asiago Hockey
    HK Olimpija
  • Runners-up:

    Asiago Hockey
    Ritten Buam
    HC Pustertal

What are the betting opportunities for the AHL?

The betting action for the Alps Hockey League is currently not very expansive. Of course, the standard 1 X 2 bets are always an option along with the over / under wagers. Handicapping the playoff games is always an exciting proposition. At the time of this writing, no bookies were accepting special bets. If you don’t know what that means, please follow the link to the betting school where you will find ample information about all things betting related.

Are long-term bets on the AHL possible?

We were unable to find any bookmakers accepting long-term bets for the AHL. You might be able to find individual bookies taking such bets. To do this, we recommend you visit the top five bookmakers commonly associated with AHL bets.

Do exotic betting formats such as handicap, double chance and draw-no-bet exist in the Alps Hockey League?

As previously mentioned, handicapping bets can be fun and profitable, especially during the playoffs. In our research, we did not find any opportunities to place Double Chance or Draw-no-Bet wagers on AHL games. If such bets do become available in the future, we will be sure to let you know. Below you will find a brief explanation of how handicap bets work, but we would refer you once more to our betting school.

  • Handicap: When you handicap a bet, you are effectively adjusting the odds by ‘giving’ a team a certain advantage or disadvantage. Sounds complicated, right? Hang in there and let us give you an example! You decide to place a handicap 1 : 0 wager. This means you’ve ‘given’ the home team a one goal advantage before the game even starts. Suppose the final score of the game is 2 : 2. Rats, a draw. But wait, thanks to your clever strategy, the betting result of the game for you is 3 : 2. While there are lots of ways handicapping a match can be a lucrative prospect, in the case of the AHL it’s best to handicap a winner. By placing such a bet in the AHL, the entirety of the game, including overtime and any penalty shootouts apply to the bet. Handicap bets can keep your wager in contention until the final horn sounds.


It is our advice that you get in the habit of reading through our betting tips and analyses for the AHL. Our research is impartial and data driven. From time to time, the expert may interject his or her opinion regarding the outcome of a particular game (we are still human, after all). In such a situation, he or she will be sure to announce the editorial aside. When all is said and done, we certainly hope that we have been of service to you. And, as always GOOD LUCK!

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