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1st German Bundesliga

21.05.2018 20:30
FC Holstein Kiel Logo FC Holstein Kiel
Wolfsburg Logo VfL Wolfsburg
both teams to score - yes

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On this site you find betting tips and forecasts for all sports that we have in our portfolio. It doesn't matter whether you prefer to bet on football, basketball, icehockey or tennis - you will find something on our site for sure! We don't only list the most lucrative odds of the best bookmakers on the market, but we also provide extensive and found opinions of our experts for all matches. Our experts all have great experience in the sports betting business. Our forecasts take into account important factors like tactical focus, constitution of roster or current form. Of course there are different aspects for every sport. As a result of our research we write corresponding betting tip forecasts for every single duel, which seem most promising for our team of writers and that you can use as an inspiration for your own tips.


Bundesliga betting tips

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Here you can find all expert betting tips for the German Bundesliga. All betting tips for the matches of Bayern Munich and Co.

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Which sports do we cover with our betting tip forecasts?

Apart from football, basketball and icehockey we also cover other popular sports like tennis or American football in our betting tipos and forecasts. Since different factors are important for all of these disciplines, our editors specialized accordingly and so they can fall back on necessary background knowledge for their forecasts. Week after week we choose the most interesting and most exciting matches in international sports, so that you get all relevant information for the major events in the world of sport ahead of time.

The focus of our betting tip forecasts clearly lies on king football and so you can find most predictions for this sport on our site. We expand on the most prestigious leagues and competitions in international football like the Chmapions League, Premier League, La Liga or the German Bundesliga. But we also provide betting tips for duels of the 2nd German Bundesliga or the English Chmapionship and so fans of lower class leagues also are right with us.

What kind of information is included in our betting tip forecasts?

In our betting tips we first examine the certain teams of the according matches and we take into account roster dynamic and tactical questions. From these as well as from looking at recent results we derive the current form of a team. Extensive statistics and video studies build the foundation of our forecasts. When evaluating this naked numbers, dates and facts the personal opinion of our experts is extremely important. They know how to evaluate important factors and so they are able to detect certain tendencies even before a match kicks off.

In the course of these betting tips our editors usually submit a couple of recommendations, so that you can take different options into consideration when placing your bets. At the end of each forecast we present the betting tip that seems most probable to our experts and right below it you can also find the best odds for it. This way you can gather information quickly and in an uncomplicated matter for the match of your choice and you will know immediately at which betting provider you may make the most profit when placing your bet.

What kinds of bets do we cover in our forecasts?

In our preliminary reports for the most important matches of the strongest leagues in the world our experts not only focus on the athletic component, but thea also take a look at exciting and promising betting opportunities. We consider pretty much all common forms of bets: Starting from betting classics like 1X2, or handicap we also take into account extravagant kinds like half time bets or draw no bet when needed. In our odds comparison, that can be found below every of our betting tips, you can find out who is the best bookmaker for your preferred betting form.

Depending on how our editors expect the match to go, it's not seldom the case that several betting opportunities are listed as most promising betting tip. For example the following options may be taken into account for a fictitious duel between a favourite and a defensivbely strong underdog: the conservative option would be a simple win bet on the favoured team, which usually doesn't make for high odds though. Since a strong defensive team probably won't focus on offense in this match either, but rather will focus on defense, we would recommend apart from the mentioned tip 1 placing a bet on less than 2.5 scored goals in the forecast to this match. A victory by the favourite without receiving a goal would be another option in such a constellation - depending on the strength and quality of the underdog.

How do you get to the betting tips of the certain sports?

If you want to filter our betting tips according to sports, youi can easily do that via the drop-down-field in our main navigation. There you can find a list of the particular disciplines and leagues, as well as the timing of our forecasts, where you can find info for matches today and for matches in the upcoming days. So you won't miss any match anymore and you can start with planning your next bets immediately, when consulting our extensive betting tips.

On the site of the respective sports you usually find our forecasts for select duels of the most popular leagues of the world a couple of days before the match kicks off - clearly displayed with the most important informations and data at one glance. By clicking on the respective match you will be forwarded to the betting tip, which doesn't only cover an extensive interpretation of the current state of both teams, but which also discusses the possible course of the match and the betting opportunities that come with it. When you have come to a conclusion after reading our forecast, you can look up the most lucrative odds for placing the bet of your choice right below.