Betting Tax

In sports betting, 5% of the bet are more and more often deducted as betting tax. We show you which bookmakers do not demand 5% from your bet. Our overview lists bookmakers with and without the usual 5% betting tax. Betting taxes are currently charged in some countries. Our overview covers Germany and Austria. However, not every bookmaker passes on the betting tax to its customers. The 5% deduction is quite a significant advantage, especially for sports betting fans who bet higher amounts. The 5% deduction is difficult to compensate with a regular odds advantage. This is why many bookmakers have chosen not to charge the customers. The tax is often calculated from a different base amount. The betting amount is most often used. However, some providers thax the profit. This page clearly summarizes all information on the betting tax.

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The subject of taxes cannot be ignored any longer when it comes to sports betting as the new Gambling Treaty mandates that bookmakers withhold a certain percentage as betting tax. This applies primarily to customers, i.e. the betting enthusiast. However, some bookmakers have decided to relieve the customer and pay the betting tax themselves. Every bookmaker decides for himself whether the betting tax is withheld or not. The important point is that the tax must be paid. Do not be misled by the advertisement of some bookmakers not to charge betting tax, as lower odds can be used to levy the tax from customers indirectly. This may not be the most elegant version, but is without doubt less recognizable than a direct deduction. This leads us to the different bases for calculating the betting tax. The tax is often deducted from the bet. A bet of € 100 automatically is changed to € 95 as 5% and therefore € 5 are deducted as betting tax. Another variant is that the tax is deducted only in the event of a win. In this case it is deducted from the entire win. Bettingformat lists all betting providers in the overview and tells you where you actually do not have to pay the betting tax and which Bookie tries to camouflage the tax.