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With our betting news we will keep you updated on the latest and best bookmaker offers. We will inform you about the most recent deposit bonus offers or match specific promotions like cashbacks, special bets or boosted odds. Our betting experts check all of our listed bookmakers on a daily basis so that you will never miss an offer. We want you to make the most of your bets and special offers can help a lot. Especially when it comes to the European Championship or World Championship but also for the start of the new football season or very exciting matches, many bookmakers offer special bets or special odds that are only available for a limited time. This is why you should never miss our betting news. It’s definitely worth having a look on a daily basis.

25€ live bet for free if you place a bet before the match

Bet365 Wettanbieter Logo

Germany – Italy – live bet offer. If you place a bet before the mentioned match and you get an additional 25€ live bet offer for the Germany – Italy match for free! The amount of the free live bet is the same amount of deposit you have made before. The maximum amount is 25€. So if you bet with an amount of 25€ you get 25€ for the live bet. Isn’t this a great offer?

Get your 100 Euro sportsbonus now!

bet-at-home Wettanbieter Logo

You want to experience the world of sport betting? Bet at home makes this easy for you. Not only for new customers also for already registered customers you get a 100€ sportsbonus. What you have to do for it? If you don’t have already an account sign-up now or log in to your already existing account make your deposit and honour your bonus at the account administration. Type in the bonuscode “FIRST” and it’s done! After that 50% of your deposit goes straight to your account. The maximum amount of that bonus is at 100€.

Get your 200€ new-customer-bonus now!

Intertops Wettanbieter Logo

You already have a passion for gambling but you do not have the right bookmaker for the KO phase of the EURO? Then sign-up now at and get your new customer bonus. Create your account, make your deposit and order your bonuscode at the live chat. The special thing about this offer you can decide on your won which offer fits for you the best. You can choose between these offers:

Bonuscode Rookie 200 – you get a 200% bonus on your first deposit, up to 50€

Bonuscode Rookie 100 – you get a 100% bonus on your first deposit, up to 100€

Bonuscode Rookie 50 - you get a 50% bonus on your first deposit, up to 200€

Sign-up now and start betting!

Double bonus at 18bet

18bet Logo

At 18bet you can combine two bonus offers fort he EURO. One 100% up to 50€ (Bonuscode: WSB100) and one 150% up to 30€ (Bonuscode: WSB150). These two offers are available for the first two deposits. Which offer you use at first is up to you.

Trust in Gareth Bale and win!

Mybet Wettanbieter Logo

He is the star of the welsh team. Of course we talk about Real-player Gareth Bale. You already know that he will also score against Russia and his team will win? Then place your bet at the Gareth Bale special bet at

Bet now on the final and get rich

Betvictor Wettanbieter Logo

Sign-up at Betvictor until the kick-off of the final match of the EURO. Bet on the first goal scorer of the final and the right time of the first goal and with a little bit luck you can win up to 1 Million Euros. The winnings will be divided up over all winners.

Get your 100 Euro new customer bonus

Bet365 Wettanbieter Logo

You are looking for an sumptuous bet budget for the rest of the EURO? Then sign-up at and get a 100% bonus as a new customer on your first deposit. The maximum amount is 100€.

Bet now and get your new customer bonus

Betvictor Wettanbieter Logo

Sign-up now for free at, place your bet and enjoy a 40€ new customer bonus. The offer is available at a minimum deposit of 10 Euros and on your first bet.

Bet without any risk

Bwin Logo

The first step is always the hardest. But not at Bwin. Sign-up now and place your first bet immediately. If you do not win then you get your deposit back within two days.

Get your 100% bonus

Netbet Wettanbieter Logo

You want to bet fast and easily but you do not have enough money for it? Then sign-up now at and get your 100% bonus on your first deposit and get up to 100€ additional deposit.

Get your EURO bonus now


Now the EURO can fully start. Get your welcome bonus at tipico before the KO-phase is starting. Deposit at least 10€ and with the 100% bonus und can get up to 100€ additional.

sign-up now andget your bonus

Bet3000 Wettanbieter Logo

Betting on sports can be so easy. Get your welcome bonus now at bet3000. What you have to do? Sign-up today at and make your first deposit via PayPal a get up to 50€.

Get your new customer bonus now

Ironbet Logo

Get yourself the great new customer bonus from Ironbet. What you have to do? Sign-up now quickly at, pay your deposit and lets go. Ironbet doubles your deposit and enables you a bonus up to 100€.

5.00 Odd Victory Germany against Northern Ireland

William Hill Wettanbieter Logo

Bet 10€ and win 50€! William Hill is raising their Odds for the victory of Germany up to 5.00 then 1.28. That’s a bonus of 400% and up to 50€. If Germany loses the match you get your money back. So it’s a bet without any risk and a high chance to win at William Hill. This offer is only available in Germany.


Bwin Logo

It doesn’t matter if it is a live bet or a prematch bet at Bwin. You decide when your bet will get paid out. Assuming you are not sure any more if your bet will work out until the full time of play you can stop your bet with the CASH OUT immediately.

Boring match – money back!

Bet365 Wettanbieter Logo

With a boring match bet365 means a match without any goals. If you play a bet at bet365 before a EURO match and the match ends with a score of 0:0 you get your stake back. This offer is valid for the bet for the first scorer, the last scorer, scorer for an individual time and half time result/ end result and the exact result.

Penalty refund!

Bet365 Wettanbieter Logo

Who doesn’t know this situation? A bet gets lost through a penalty kick! But not at bet365! If you place a bet on the winner of the EURO 2016 and your team loses at the penalty kick then you get your stake of this bet back. So one thing is sure there is no penalty defeat for you in this EURO 2016.

Bet on the first scorer and make a tidy sum!

Intertops Wettanbieter Logo

It’s the ideal bet for people who have the courage to take risks. If you win the “who scores the first goal bet” and the same player scores another goal you get your net profit doubled. If the same player even scores a third goal you get the threefold net profit.

The most flexible bonus of all time

Interwetten logo

If you sign-up today at und get a 150€ bonus for the whole offers. It doesn’t matter which product you choose you can honour you bonus everywhere. All you have to do is sign-up at and charge your account and you can start immediately.

Get your EURO starting bonus now

Mybet Wettanbieter Logo

You are still looking for the right betting agency for your EURO bet? Than sign-up now at You can pay a various amount of money and you get 100% of this amount as a bonus. For example: At a minimum amount of 5 Euros you woul get a 10€ betting budget.

Up to 25€ back at a late goal!

Bwin Logo

Place a bet on the exact result and when the goal is scored after the 87th minute then you get back up to 25€ from your deposit as a FreeBet!

Pay 10€ and bet with 30€!

Netbet Wettanbieter Logo

Just in time for the EURO 2016 Netbet is offering a bonus for all new registered users. It is very simple: If you pay in 10€ you can bet with an amount of 30€. A 10€ bonus and a 10€ Freebet!

200 Euro Sportsbonus

bet-at-home Wettanbieter Logo

An unbeatable offer for all bet lovers! Until the end of the group stage of the EURO 2016 including the 22nd of June 2016 you can get yourself up to 200€ for your betting account. What you have to do for it? Sign- up now at, charge yout betting account and fill in your bonus-code and start betting.

16.06.2016 – Promoquota 6.00 on the victory of Germany

William Hill Wettanbieter Logo

William Hill is raising their Betting quota for the match Germany against Poland tonight at 9 p.m.. For all new members who are joining William Hill through they offer a quota of 6.00. Click on the link below and use the Promotion Code: GER6 when signing-up. Then bet on Germany with the regular quota. If Germany wins the match there are pay outs as free bets til the quota of 6.00. The maximum bet is 10€. If you use this offer you can’t use the normal 100% William Hill Bonus anymore.

William Hill is back in Germany !

William Hill Wettanbieter Logo

One of the most famous betting agencies is back in Germany: William Hill. After they haven’t offered any bets in Germany for a while they are back just in time for the EURO 2016. Appropriate they are offering the 100% Bonus again up to 100€!

A match without any goals in France means 100€ back!

Intertops Wettanbieter Logo

Starting with the EURO 2016 Intertops has started a Cashback campaign. Of course everyone wants to see goals at a match but if the ball does not find his way into the goal you get at least your money back. Following the slogan “Boring match – money back” and this with an deposit up to 100€.

25% up to 250€ EURO – Bonus

Interwetten logo

For all existing members from Interwetten, they offer a EURO reload bonus. Interwetten increases your deposit to 25% and this up to 250€. This offer only is available until the end of the first day of play of the EURO 2016 which means until the 10th of June 2016.

France quota 2.00

Mybet Wettanbieter Logo

For the first EURO Match of France Mybet offers a strong quota of 2.00. The offer is only available for members who sign- up now and it only works with a maximum deposit of 20€. So you can win a maximum of 40€. Even when it’s limited it is a real strong offer because it is a safe bet.