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On this page you can find our bookmaker betting margin comparison. It is a new and unique feature to compare the margins of all bookmakers on a daily basis. We calculate the them on a daily basis with the available odds and we also separate them by type of sport. The betting margin is the percentage that keeps the bookmaker as winnings for himself. So the smaller this the percentage the better the bookmakers odds.

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What is a betting margin and how high should it be?

As we already mentioned the betting margin is the percentage that keep the bookmakers as winnings. So depending on the overall offer of the bookmaker we have to see how high the betting margin can be. We always recommend a number between two and seven percent. Two percent is an amazing margin that can only offer a few bookmakers. Pinnacle is always one of the best - the odds are by far the best on the market and the betting margin is never higher than three percent. The average is on five percent and some bookmakers also go up to eight percent. We recommend to not accept betting margins higher than five percent. Otherwise it is an unfair offer. As you can see it definitely makes sense to compare all bookmakers. The betting odd is number that calculates your winnings so the lower the betting margin the higher your winnings and in times when the betting tax hits your stakes it is important not to loose more with low odds.

Betting margin
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Bookie Betting margin Details
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96.92 %
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96.87 %
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94.00 %