In the world of sports betting, they are the clear number one: bets on favorites. Not surprisingly, the majority of wagers in the betting community involve, due to the high probability of success, bets on favorites. The idea is clear: Though this betting strategy does not produce immensely big or rapid winnings, using this tactic you will be able to steadily and quite effortlessly log profits. The concept sounds simple, though mistakes are frequently made: On the one hand, wagers on favorites are often too high and, on the other, tipsters resort to combo bets involving favorites that are too broad and, therefore, too risky. We want to show you how you can increase your chances of winning using this strategy and how you can also make big profits by betting on favorites.

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Topics covered in this article:
  1. When do we talk about bets on favorites?
  2. Which sports lend themselves to bets on favorites?
  3. What bets on favorites lend themselves to football?
  4. Strategy for individual bets on favorites
  5. Strategy for combo bets on favorites
  6. Tip: Live bets on favorites
  7. Results bets on favorites in away games

When do we talk about bets on favorites?

First of all, we need to clarify: What is a bet on a favorite? The clearer the favorite, the lower the odds. And the lower the odds, the “safer” the bet. So far, so good. Most sports tipsters agree that bets involving odds of no more than 1.50 may be described as bets on favorites. This is where the line is drawn because odds of 1.50 indicate a 66.67% probability of success. At least in theory, the bet will win in 2 out of 3 cases. All sports bets quoted odds under this number have an even higher probability of winning than 2/3.

Which sports lend themselves to bets on favorites?

Naturally, this question is difficult to answer since, regardless of the sport involved, there are many important circumstances and factors that will impact the result. Let us take football as an example of how bets on favorites (e.g. the odds of victory are 1.50) can be quite tricky. Regardless of the sport or event, important questions have to be answered:

  • Are important players injured?
  • Is the team playing at home or away?
  • How is the team’s form currently trending?
  • What type of competition is involved? Is it a league or cup match?

  • “Is anything at stake for the team?”

All of these essential questions have to be answered before placing any bet. Bets on favorites should never be placed without careful consideration. As for which sports lend themselves best to bets on favorites, we can apply the following rule of thumb:

  • 1) (Team-) sports where there are no draws or draws are highly improbable
    e.g. volleyball, tennis, winter sports
  • 2) Individual sports where the risks of injury or unexpected loss of a player are minimal, e.g. snooker, darts, table tennis

What bets on favorites lend themselves to football?

The fact that bets on favorites in football are generally riskier than in other sports such as volleyball or handball is obvious, since fewer goals are scored and a tie is thus more likely. That notwithstanding, we wish to show you the best strategies involving bets on favorites. We will show you the various advantages and disadvantages, potential benefits and risks. At this stage, we do not wish to go into those bets that primarily focus on minimizing risk, such as double chance or draw no bet.

Strategy for individual bets on favorites

Of course, you can also use this strategy for individual bets on favorites for other sports as well – it is by no means restricted to football. Let us assume you place 4 bets on favorites (at odds no higher than 1.50), wagering €10 in each case: Bets A, B and D win, whereas bet C loses:

  • Bet A. odds 1.40 | winnings 4 euros
  • Bet B. odds 1.50 | winnings 5 euros
  • Bet C. odds 1.30 | loss 10 euros
  • Bet D. odds 1.20 | winnings 2 euros
  • Net winnings 1 euro

Although you bet correctly on 3 out of 4 bets, only losing one, because of the low odds due to betting on wins by favorites, at the end of the day you only end up with 1 euro in profit. However, there is an advantage: If you had compiled these 4 bets into a combo bet, your bottom line would have been a loss. Due to the high safety factor, sports betting professionals wager almost exclusively on individual bets. Beyond that, it is also vital to define the so-called “value” of any bet! Make sure that the odds for a victory by a favorite are not set too low. If you decide to place a bet on the favorite, we strongly recommend comparing odds beforehand.

Strategy for combo bets on favorites

Likewise, this strategy is not confined to football bets, equally applicable to other types of sport. However, for our purposes we will remain with football for now. The most popular form of bet amongst hobby and professional tipsters by far: the combo bet, including a bet on a favorite. On average, a combo bet consists of three or four separate bets. In our example, we go with a combo of four bets – in each case, we bet on a victory by a clear favorite:

  • Bet A Burnley vs. Man City | Bet 2 | Odds 1.25
  • Bet B Man Utd vs. Huddersfield | Bet 1 | Odds 1.15
  • Bet C Juventus vs. Sassuolo | Bet 1 | Odds 1.20
  • Bet D Levante vs. Real Madrid | Bet 2 | Odds 1.20
  • Total odds 2.07

Tip: Live bets on favorites

A very simple strategy to rake in big profits from bets on favorites involves taking advantage of live bets. In football, though also in ice hockey, basketball and tennis, we first recommend biding your time. If a football match is still 0:0 after 20 to 30 minutes, you will be able to take advantage of higher odds. At that point in time, a win by the favorite is still most likely, while the odds at some point after kickoff are going to be clearly higher. In basketball, it is definitely worth waiting until the end of the first quarter.

The total odds for this combo bet are 2.07. If this combo bet is successful, we will be able to more than double our initial wager! However, we also use this example to demonstrate the hidden danger of such a bet: While this does involve bets on clear favorites – the likelihood of success is just 48.31%. It is more likely you will lose this bet than win it. For this reason, we recommend no more than a two-line combo bet – even if the bets do involve favorites.

Results bets on favorites in away games

Of course, we also want to present to you betting strategies involving favorites that also promise high winnings. One particularly lucrative option involves bets on favorites in away games. Here, too, we present to you an appropriate strategy for individual bets, followed by a strategy for trickier combo bets. Statistically, results of 0:1, 1:1, 1:2 and 0:2 are most probable for those matches involving a favorite in an away match. Notwithstanding, the odds are generally very respectable, as the following example shows – let us assume we will wager 5 euros per line:

  • Newcastle United vs. Manchester United
  • Bet A .0:1 | 6.75 | lost
  • Bet B. 1:1 | 7.50 | lost
  • Bet C. 1:2 | 9.00 | lost
  • Bet D. 0:2 | 7.25 | won
  • Total winnings = 5 x 7.25 – 20 = 16.25 euros

If we assume that Man United wins the match 2:0 – the winnings would be €16.25. The fact that the other three bets lose simply doesn’t matter. Using this strategy, our maximum winnings would be €25, while our maximum loss would be €20. For the purposes of our combo bet example, we now include a second match, for which we also make bets on four results. Taking into account all eight results bets, we can now look at all possible combinations. At this point, we should point out that two results bets on the same match cannot be combined, since this is how bookmakers are able to protect themselves. That said, we have here a total of 16 combo bets – each consisting of two tips. On each of these, we wager 1 euro.

  • Newcastle United vs. Manchester United
  • Bet A 0:1 | 6.75
  • Bet B 1:1 | 7.50
  • Bet C 1:2 | 9.00
  • Bet D 0:2 | 7.25
  • Hellas Verona vs. AS Roma
  • Bet E 0:1 | 9.50
  • Bet F 1:1 | 8.75
  • Bet G 1:2 | 9.25
  • Bet H 0:2 | 8.75
Combi Odd = Win Net profit
AE 64,13 48,13 euro
AF 59,06 43,06 euro
AG 62,44 46,44 euro
AH 59,06 43,06 euro
BE 71,25 55,25 euro
BF 65,63 49,63 euro
BG 69,38 53,38 euro
BH 65,63 49,63 euro
CE 85,50 69,50 euro
CF 78,75 62,75 euro
CG 83,25 67,25 euro
CH 78,75 62075 euro
DE 68,88 52,88 euro
DF 63,44 47,44 euro
DG 67,06 51,06 euro
DH 63,44 47,44 euro

As the table shows, a strategy involving bets on favorites can produce significant winnings. Our experience also suggests that this system is less risky than it might first appear. In the course of our test, we made a considerable profit over a period of several months.

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